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Regarding Islam and terrorism and violence and what-nots:

You know it's not true... do a count on the numbers -  I think that less have died because of Islam than anything else really. i think less are dying because of Islam than anything else right now...when have people not died?

Is not true? You yourself said I should watch over my shoulder and now you deny Islam means terrorism? Is this not hypocrisy?  Werenít you the person who boasted that Islam is true because I have to live in fear of being killed by a Muslim? Isnít that terrorism? I donít know of anything more damaging to human brain than Islam.  


violence comes as a result of inciteful rhetoric - much like it could come to you because of your inciteful rhetoric - and that is something you would not deny given your stand on Islam...

Here you go again! Are you saying that you are entitled to use violence because what I say is "inciting rhetoric"? I am using words not violence. All you have to do is to counter my arguments with logics. You are unable to do that and violence is your only alternative. What is the difference between a Muslim and a ferocious animal? The animal does not understand logics and he resorts to violence. The Muslim does not understand logics and he resorts to violence. What is the difference?  

You are proving again that Muslims are not humans. They do not understand logics. The only thing they understand is violence. They speak the language of violence and respond only to that language. Humans prefer not to use violence but sometimes there is no other option.


Even states and governments resorts to violence... and your paradigm of a secular-religious dichotomy cannot hold true in Islam, which is an all-encompassing way of life... just consider it as the ultimate democracy...

Ultimate democracy? So ultimate tyranny means ultimate democracy? Donít be ridiculous! It is like saying when something is completely black, it is like being completely white. The irrationality of the Muslim mind is beyond comprehension.   

International Law allows for violence does it not? Should Islam or Muslims resort to violence? Yes, if the situation permits, if the Quran allows for it, if Sunnah does attest to it, with faith and belief in Allah. The law of self-defence is an example of violence condoned by the secular world - you could even exonerate yourself from the punishment of death with such a defence, even if you had killed a person in the first place, even if you did not murder in self-defence but had the right lawyers on your side and the right created evidence. What is so objectionable about violence unless it is ill-advised and illegal under the laws of our Ruler Allah???


Islamic violence has nothing to do with self defense. Jihad is offensive attack on non-Muslims. All the wars of Muhammad were offensive. Muslims have been the aggressors throughout the history. Speaking against an ideology is not oppression. I am not oppressing Muslims. I am exercising my God given freedom of speech. You donít have to read what I write if you don't like it. Yet you canít tolerate my right to freedom and  since you canít silence me through logics, you decide terror and violence are justified.  

It is time that the foolish non-Muslims wake up and realize that they are under attack and start defending themselves before they are completely annihilated. Islam is the embodiment of evil and you are a testimony to that. Muslims do not want dialogue. They do not understand the meaning of co-existence. The only co-existence they understand is slavery where they are the masters and the rest are the tributaries.  

Your Allah is Satan. We canít afford submitting to Satan and its brainwashed bloodsucking followers. It is time to confront you. If you are unable to live with other humans, if all you seek is to destroy us, then we have no other option but to destroy you first. You are proving to be like snakes and scorpions. We canít co-exist with you. You have made it clear that we have no other option but to crush your heads and smash you under our boots or you will sting us and kill us.  

I call upon those Muslims who still are deluded and think Islam means peace to read what you wrote and read what all other defenders of this cult write and decide. Are you part of the humanity or are you part of this cult of death? Stop this filibustering game and make your mind now. The truth is manifest like the sun. Islam is evil. Abdul Basheer spells this evil out so eloquently. It is time that you make your mind and decide which side you want to stand. Are you with us? Are you with humans? Are you on the side of the truth, justice and goodness? Or are you a brainwashed zombie programmed to hate and to kill?


That being said though, i have to say i do not agree with suicide in any form or torture in any form.

If you cannot find it in yourself to come back to Islam, at least stop bashing it, try earn your livelihood in a more honurable manner and stop bashing Islam, be good to your fellow man, give to the poor and needy, get some exercise, talk less lest you lie, eat healthy food, think and ponder upon life like a newborn baby would going into childhood and then adulthood and you might just stumble upon the unequivocal truth, there is only

One God, one of his names that He Has revealed to us is Allah, some chose to recognise him and bear witness that there is no God but God and bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger...some don't believe because they are misguided, some don't belive because they Cannot believe (a subset is people who have never and will never encounter Islam, a subset is people who cannot understand Islam because according to scientific pronouncements, they are mentally incapacitated, another is people over whose eyes Allah has placed a veil - i hope you do not become like that)...

Who are you to teach me how to live? You are a brainwashed follower of a psychopath. You are a man who is programmed to killed, who is filled with hate, who has not inhaled a breath of humanity. How dare you talk about ďfellow manĒ when the only thing that occupies your mindless brain is to kill your fellow man? ďGiving to the poor?Ē Have you forgotten that your prophet raided innocent people and stole everything they had and reduced them into total poverty? This ďgiving to the poorĒ in Islam is nothing but a cheap slogan and a false propaganda. Who are you to talk about poor when your cult has brought noting but poverty and misery upon people? The Kuffar have created wealth for everyone and even the poor among them is taken care of with state sponsored welfare. What Islam has done for the poor? It only has increased their number.  

ďStumble upon the unequivocal truthĒ? What truth? There is no truth in Islam. Islam is lies upon lies. If there was a grain of truth in it, at least one person would have been able to come forth and respond to my challenge. There are 1.2 billion Muslims and not even one of them can answer my questions. All you can do is issue threats, cause terror and spread fears and this is what you call truth? 

If there is a veil it is over your eyes. It is you people who have seals on your hearts, who canít see and canít understand. You canít claim victory simply by beating your chest and by bravado. Any gorilla can do that. Bring forth your logic. Respond to my charges. Prove me wrong. That is the way truth can be demonstrated not by threats of violence and by instilling the fear of a monstrous deity.  


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