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If you believe in God, is He One or two or three or many in your view? If He is One, what are his Attributes? If Love is one of them, would He show us the Way? If He is God would he have a son (from amongst His creations) or would he restrict succour only to a chosen few or a chosen race? If He does show us the Way, what could be better than an unadulterated (last) Book of Revelation and a Last Messenger? If he were to give us all the answers, where is the strife? where is the striving? If he didn't give us you, how would we know how lucky we are to be believers?

If God exists, s/he must be the god of love and reason. Whether there is one God or many it is irrelevant. What is important are its attributes. A true God canít be vengeful. A true father would not torture sadistically his children for disobeying him. Even if punishment were necessary, it should be proportionate to the offense and should never exceed it. How can a real God torture people so savagely, for eternity, for using their brain and not agreeing with the stupid things that someone claiming to be his prophet say?  How could he send someone without any credential and demand people to believe or burn them for eternity? Is this god you are talking about a psychopath?

In Islam we have a deity that demands people to believe in him. Yet he fails to provide a single proof that shows he is the real God. On the contrary, his messenger behaves like a marauding gangster. He assassinates his opponents, including women for criticizing him. He raids civilians with no warning and cowardly massacres unarmed people or beheads them when they surrender with no fight. He captures women and children as slaves and sells them. He rapes young women captured in his raids the very day he kills their loved ones. He gives absolutely no logical arguments to convince his critics that what he says is true but he uses threats and violence to force his religion down the throat of the people. How can this man be a messenger of God? How can the god that this man promotes be the real God?  

We see Jesus, nailed to his cross, breathing his last breaths and calling upon his God begging forgiveness for his executioners. If I want to believe in a god, that is the kind of god I want to believe. If I decide to follow a man; that is the kind of man I want to follow. Muhammad, far from it, invites his opponents to a mutual cursing tournament to determine who is telling the truth. (Q.3.61)  In one occasion, he cursed his enemies for a full month. Bukhari 4,52,69 Of course his god was helpless doing any harm to those whom he cursed so he had to take care of them like any criminal would do - with violence. The funny part of this story is that he ďrevealedĒ a verse that was not from Allah but a message from the Muslims who were killed. That verse said, ďInform our people that we have met our Lord. He is pleased with us and He has made us pleased". Later he realized he had goofed and as the hadith says ďThere was reveled about those who were killed at Bir-Mauna a Quranic Verse we used to recite, but it was cancelled later on  

This should answer those who say "the Qur'an has never changed."  This is one of the admitted changes. The other one are the famous Satanic Verses which were also omitted. At least these two were recognized by Muhammad and are reported in the hadith, but there are many more.

So, as you see, the point is not whether God exists or not. The point is that Allah is not God and if he exists he must be Satan. There is no love in the message of the Qur'an. It is all about violence, threats and terror. 

You said God must love mankind and that is why he wants to guide them. Show me that love in the Qur'an! Qur'an is a textbook of hate and a manual of terror. 

Then again, if Allah wants to guide mankind out of love, why he punishes those who do not want to be guided? It just makes no sense. It is like I give you a gift out of love but if you reject it I become so offended that I kill you and chop your body in pieces. What Allah does to people is even worse. There is a limit to how much we humans can torture each other. At the end there is death and relief from torture. But according to Muhammad there is no end to how much Allah would torture people. He keeps renewing the skin just to burn them again. Can possibly the maker of this universe be so sadistic? Allah is not God. Allah is the alter ego of Muhammad, his sockpuppet. When Muhammad talks about this vengeful sadistic Allah, he is unveiling the dark recesses of his own soul. God would not do that sort of things to people, otherwise he would not be worthy of worship. It is better that we all burn in hell than submit to such diabolical deity and feed his ego.  

I am a human being. I love humanity and I want to do my part to make life better from my kind. So I started this site and try to guide people to what I believe to be the right path. I do it out of love. Some people like what I write and some donít. I do not hate those who do not like what I say. I am not offended by rejection and certainly I do not go after them trying to get my revenge. But what if I did? What if I became furious if people rejected me and I went after them and punished them? Wonít you say I am insane? Suppose I am the dictator and above the law and no one can question my authority. What would you think of me if I went after those who reject my guidance, put them in jail, tortured them and kill them? Even if my teachings were the best, do you think I still deserve respect if I canít tolerate people disagreeing with me?

This is exactly what Muhammad did. What he said was absurd. If Allah exists and he really loves people, he would not torture people. You donít have to be Einstein to see that. If God really loves people and wants to guide them, he wonít put them in hellfire for rejecting him. Only a psychopath narcissist would do such thing. God canít be a psychopath. Muhammad described HIMSELF not god. he was a psychopath. 

In one hadith we read Muhammad saying: "I was about to order for collecting fire-wood (fuel) and then order Someone to pronounce the Adhan for the prayer and then order someone to lead the prayer then I would go from behind and burn the houses of men who did not present themselves for the (compulsory congregational) prayer." Bukhari 1, 11, 617

This is psychopathic. This man could not tolerate disagreement. 

Dr. Sam Vaknin is a psychologist specializing in Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) He writes:  "The narcissist perceives every disagreement - let alone criticism - as nothing short of a THREAT. He reacts defensively. He becomes indignant, aggressive and cold." [source]

Muhammad invented his god in accordance to his own psychopathic personality disorder. And now all his ummah are showing the same psychopathic trait.  

Dr. Sam Vaknin writes:  

Narcissism is contagious. The narcissism creates a "bubble universe", similar to a cult. In this bubble, special rules apply.
These rules do not always correspond to outer reality.
Using complex defense mechanisms, such as projective identification, the narcissist forces his victims - spouse, mate, friend, colleague - to "play a role" assigned to him by "God" - the narcissist.
The narcissist rewards compliance with his script and punishes any deviation from it with severe abuse.
In other words, the narcissist CONDITIONS people around him, using intimidation, positive and negative reinforcements and feedback, ambient abuse ("gaslighting"), covert, or controlling abuse, and overt, classical abuse.
Thus conditioned, the narcissist's victims gradually come to assimilate the narcissist's way of thinking (follies a-deux) and his modus operandi - his methods.
You can abandon the narcissist - but the narcissist never abandons you.
He is there, deep inside your traumatic memories, lurking, waiting to act out. You have been modified, very much like an alien snatching

Muslims have been infected by Muhammad's narcissistic personality disorder. They too behave just like him. They demand obedience and compliance, they are offended if their invitation is rejected. They, not only wish you burn in hell for not agreeing with them, they actually terror you because you said no to them. The narcissistic personality disorder of Muhammad is now reflected in all the Muslims. They canít get rid of it, because as Dr. Vaknin says, narcissism is contagious.    

A loving God would explain things clearly so people can understand. He would send someone who would set an example of love and forgiveness. The God of Muhammad does not explain anything. Yet he demands submission and blind faith and threatens those who disagree with hellfire.  

Allah is so helpless to deal with his enemies that he canít harm them himself, so he relies on his brainwashed zombies to go after his opponents and assassinate them. I have been exposing your Allah for six years and trashing him all over the Internet. Why he canít do anything to me? Why is he so helpless to harm me? Why he relies on his brain damaged followers to find me and to kill me? Isn't this enough proof that Allah's power is only in deception? He fools you to kill for him because he is unable to do anything. If you stop believing in him he becomes completely helpless.  Why? ...It's because he does not exist. He was an invention of Muhammad and was used by him as a tool of manipulation and domination.

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