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if you do come back to Islam, there will be one more benefit for you - you will no longer be an apostate and you will no longer receive death threats and the like, you will be able to walk in freedom without fear of persecution or death and i'm sure you can imagine how liberating that is!

Now this part is very interesting. So if I return to Islam I will no more receive death threats. This surely proves that Islam is a true religion. How could anyone not be swayed by such convincing argument?  

Muslims genuinely believe that appeal to force or ad baculum is a logical argument. They believe that if they kill innocent people and show brutal force it is the proof that Allah has been behind them. In the mind of the Muslims, might is right. As unbelievable as it may sound to others, Muslims' faith in Islam grows when they see acts of terrorism perpetrated by their fellow co-religionists against innocent people. They truly believe that Allah must be behind the terrorists for a few of them mange to cause so much harm. 

Muslims speak the language of force and they understand that language only. 

Force is the language spoken by savage animals. But how humans and savage animals can communicate? Since animals do not understand human logic, humans must use brutal force to subdue the vicious animals. Sadly since Muslims are unable to communicate with humans in a human language, and as we see in these letters written by Muslims, violence is the only language they speak, the rest of mankind has no other option but to contain this brutal Islamic violence with violence. 

No Sir; submitting to brutal force is not liberating. It is slavery; it is dhimitude; it is humiliation.  


Unfortunately, i have a feeling that your nights are haunted and like anyone with a serial disorder, you come back to your drug (of Islam-bashing) day after day for deluded comfort...Please help yourself...

My nights are not haunted for my own safety. They are haunted by the realization of what is going to befall to us humans. When I see this much violence and terror and know that this is not going to end but in a big bang where millions would perish, I feel impelled to do what I can do. I do not say that I and other concerned humans who like me have joined the war against Evil will succeed to stop this madness but we must try.


 i am sure this life of fawning upon your sponsors, asking for donations (much like a beggar in its admission of need, but much unlike a beggar in that he serves to feed his stomach while you, possibly, and i hope it is not true, do it to feed yourself, your ego, and a rather unworthy cause), partying with fellow apostates and ex-muslims (if there are any such nights), constantly looking over your shoulder (figuratively and literally) and the constant niggling doubt of 'it might just be true' in your mind is not doing you any good at all... Please help yourself...

First of all I do not have any nagging doubts about Islam being true. I know for certainly that it is not. If Islam were true at least one person from amongst 1.2 billion Muslims would have been able to refute my claim against it. If Islam were true you would not be writing such a self incriminating letter, asking me to revert to Islam or look over my shoulders because Muslim thugs are after me. All it takes to prove that Islam is true is one logical argument. In the absence of such proof, Muslims resort to threats and insults. But ad baculum and ad hominem are not proofs. Despite the threats of violence and despite the insults that Muslims hurl at their critiques Islam remains a fallacy.    

As for donations, actually a beggar makes much more money than what I receive through donations. But I did not start this for money. This is my vocation. Yes, sometimes things get though, but now my life has meaning. You can say I am feeding my ego, but I see it as fulfilling the purpose of my life.  

Life has its ups and downs. I am not perturbed by poverty nor will I rejoice in riches. We can take nothing from this world. What counts is what we leave behind. I am pleased for what I am leaving behind. I leave no hatred behind, no pain and no sorrow. I leave love and understanding. It's not much but they will grow even after I am gone.   


I read one of the Debates earlier and someone asked you whether you were atheist or not, which is a very crucial point to determine if anyone is to debate with you about Islam in the first place. I think your answer was that the question was better answered some other time and that for the purposes of that debate, the assumption to be made is that you believe that God exists... I am just curious - are you? I think that if you are, debate with you would be pointless... I think that you are, for you don't display many characteristics of one who believes in God...

My goal is not to prove that God exists or it does not exist. That is irrelevant to my discussion of Islam. What I want to show to the world is that Islam is not just a false doctrine but it is a threat to the peace of mankind. People who believe in God do not become terrorists. But those who believe in Islam are becoming terrorists. I am against Islam not God or religion. I am against hate, not faith.  


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