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Were they not saying: “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance”? 

By Syed Kamran Mirza

March 25, 2006

Abdur Rahman, 41 an Afghan man is facing possible death penalty from Allah’s draconian law called Islamic Shariaat. What was his crime? He voluntarily converted from Islam to Christianity; that was his only crime. Islam does not allow people to choose their religion of choice. Because, Islamic Allah (God) accept only Islam as the religion of all mankind. Islam never recognizes or respects any other religions, period. Islam never tolerates any other religion but Islam. Not only that, Islam actually controls mind, body and life of every Muslim by 100%. Muslims are like robot or zombie and having being a perfect Muslim (Muslim by the book) they lose the quality of normal human.

According to Allah’s decree (4:89) in Holy Quran—this poor Afghan should be killed Islamically by beheading, or by stoning by hundreds of enthusiastic super-zealous pious Muslims—by singing the Islamic holy slogans: “Allah-hu-Akabar”—Allah the Great. Prophet of Islam himself killed apostates and Islam never allows any human to accept religion of their own choice. Islam only allow one religion and that is called Islam. Quranic verses clearly dictated believers of Islam to kill the apostates. Here is what Holy Quran says about the apostates: 

Quran-4:89—(Yusuf Ali): “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and kill them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;-”  

So please don’t blame Afghanic Islam; there is no such thing called “Afghanic Islam” or “Afghan Islamic rule”, as some western reporters are stating erroneously. There is only one Islam and one Islamic rule that is universal for all Islamic countries wherever this barbaric Sharia laws are implemented.

(Poor Abdul Rahman, arrested by Afghan police)

Pure Islam of 7th century practiced by Prophet Muhammad does not recognize any sort of human rights. In fact, Islam does not have any kind of human rights at all. Islam only recognizes Allah’s rights and Prophet’s rights; that’s it. Quran does not talk about any kind of human rights; Quran only talks about Allah’s rights or rights of pious Muslims.

Millions of conversion from one religion to other is a common phenomenon throughout the world. If thousands of Christians or Hindus do convert to Islam, it’s o.k. to every Muslim. They will hail them with heartiest welcome and will loudly cheer—“Allah the Great!!!” But problem starts when any Muslim does convert to other religion. He must be killed. This single case is a glaring example of Islam’s dire intolerance towards other religion. Afghan pious Muslims are furious to poor Abdur Rahman because he left Islam for Christianity. Afghan clerics demanded: “Kill Christian convert, Karzai will be 'pulled into pieces' if Abdul Rahman spared. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die”. This is really peaceful and tolerant religion, indeed!

But so what? Go ask any western educated Muslims (living in the infidel lands with western comfort) about Islamic tolerance. Undoubtedly the majority of them will proudly say that Islam is a religion of peace and ample tolerance. Go ask any Islamic mullah from CAIR, ICNA or ISNA about peaceful tolerant Islam. They all will say the same slogan which they have memorized so efficiently to fool the western gullible (idiots). 

All these years, we have been telling western readers with tons of authentic evidences (from Quran and Ahadiths) that Islam is a dangerous, inhuman, terribly intolerant and violent religion. But at the same time, all those hypocritical Islamists were busy refuting our claim by saying: “Islam bashers are not telling the truth about Islam, they are citing bad translation, distortions of peaceful Quranic verses etc. etc.” And western gullible (idiots) seems to believe those cunning Islamists more than they believe us (a few apostates), who are desperately telling the truth about Islam by risking their own life. 

My questions are: where are all those western living Islamic pundits? How they can explain this Islamic barbarism destined to happen with this innocent Afghan convert?

Why are they completely silent now? Where are those big mouths of CAIR (Ibrahim Hooper. Nihad Awad gong) and why they are not talking now? Were they not telling American gullible public that Islam means peace and tolerance? After 9/11 these Islamic pundits of CAIR/ICNA/ISNA were busy fooling American publics days and nights by their mouthful of lies about Islam. 

Why western media are so silent (relatively) about this heinous act of Islam in Afghanistan now? So far, reaction to this incredible human rights violation by Islamic Shariaat (real Islam) from the west has been low to moderate, and I am not satisfied by their low-key response. American Medias are broadcasting this horrific news like any other ordinary news; just a news! No appropriate reactions or inquisitiveness or angry questions coming out of any western reporters. As if nothing happened. Just a month ago western media were hysteric to the ‘famous monkey dancing’ of Peaceful Muslims worldwide on the Danish Cartoon issue. There should have been created a hue and cry in the west by this kind of uncivilized act of Islam. Of course, at last, President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have uttered some strong words which may save the life of this poor Afghan. But reaction could be more strong and vigorous from the western leaders and publics. Why President Bush and Condoleezza Rice do not ask Afghans their angry questions about Islamic intolerance? 

Why CNN, FOX NEWS, MNBC etc. do not call all those Islamic pundits from CAIR/ICNA/ISNA and grill them up very hard with genuine questions? Let them explain this beautiful super-tolerant scenario of Afghanistan in front of the American public. Where are those soft-spoken western apologists like Karen Armstrong, John Esposito and James Zogby’s big mouth? American media should grill them all. American media should force Ibrahim Hooper and Nihad Awad to admit that, Islam was never a tolerant religion in the past, and Islam will never be a peaceful religion again. Islam needs to be discarded for good. Islam is barbaric and medieval Arab Bedouin’s life style in the garb of religion. 







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