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Q04: You are asking people to mock Islam. By making fun of it and insulting its dogmas and principles you think good and intelligent people will start to be ashamed of being Muslims and will abandon this religion. However, the cartoons published by Jyllands Posten were only very mild, and yet the reaction of the Muslims worldwide was the opposite. They reacted in unison, in some countries even violent, killing tens of Christians and their faith seems to become even stronger. How do you explain that?  

Why do you think they reacted so violently?  It is because you pressed their sore spot. If you are strong you can take a punch and not flinch, but if you have a sore spot, a nudge on that sore spot will make you scream. Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponentís weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him.

Muhammad was a narcissist and Muslims, by having entered into his bubble universe have become narcissists by extension. More precisely, they are reverse narcissists. A commonly used term for reverse narcissist is co-dependent.  

The biggest preoccupation of the narcissist is the preservation of his image. But the reverse narcissists do not have self image. The narcissist destroys the self image of his co-dependants and gives them his own image to cling to. He destroys their identity and selfhood and makes them believe that their glory and greatness is in their submission and obedience to him. He makes them swallow that without him they are nothing. That they are like specks of dust floating in the air, invisible and insignificant, but they can light up and become visible if they come under his light. That is how the narcissist controls his co-dependants. 

The first thing Islam does is to destroy the self image of the believers. It convinces them that without Islam they are worthless creatures only fit for hellfire. It tells them that their culture is jahelyyah (ignorance) and their ancestral religion was taaghoti (satanic). They are made to despise their identity and selfhood and seek their glory in their submission to Islam and slavery to its deity who was Muhammadís own alter ego. Islam has taken everything from its wretched believers. They are robbed from their identity and self pride. All they have now is Islam. That is why Islam for Muslims is more than just a religion. It is their identity. When you criticize Islam, they perceive it as an attack on their identity and cringe with pain. They take that not only as an insult but also as an assault on their person.  Like a corned animal they become vicious and fight back with all their might Ė a fight of survival. That is why you see such a violent reaction to a few silly cartoons.    

Why we must continue the campaign of humiliation and ridicule? Itís because we must destroy that false image of Islam to which the Muslims cling for their identity. That idol must be smashed. When that false image is destroyed there would be nothing left to cling to and only then the Muslims will be able to find themselves and recover their lost selfhood. The co-dependant must see that his narcissist, the object of his adoration, is not that great but a fraud, a loser, a clown. This can't be done through logical argumentations alone. By trying to disprove the claims of a fruitcake with philosophical and logical expostulations and remonstrations you give him importance. Muhammad was an idiot, a psychopath, a crackpot. He needs to be laughed at not disproved. What is there to disprove about splitting the moon, climbing the seventh heaven riding on the back of a horse with human face and meeting dead prophets who tell him to bargain with God to reduce the number of prayers from 50 to 5 times per day? Is God stupider than his prophets? The entire Quran is a big joke. If it  was not so violent, it would be the biggest comic book ever written. 

All the dead prophets lining to meet Mo arriving on top of Buraq 

Muhammad was a jackass. People who believe in him are stupid. Let us call a spade as spade. These people must be laughed at. They, and their screwball prophet have to be ridiculed not respected. Let them cringe, let them wince, let them agonize. We must demolish this fetish and break the shackles of these wretched people. They must be set free and the only way to do that is to demolish their fetish.    

Once Muhammad is ridiculed, once this talisman is destroyed, Muslims will be liberated and they will leave Islam. When that happens they'll thank you. 

It is not difficult to destroy Islam. Islam is the pumped up ego of a megalomaniac psychopath. Muhammad was a narcissist madman. Just as a huge balloon can be deflated by a small needle, all it takes to make Islam explode is to ridicule its loony inventor and its brainless followers.     

Shame works! I have seen it work many times. It worked for me. It was not just the truth but also the savagery of the Muslims that made me want to distance myself from Islam. I was ashamed of Islam; I was embarrassed of what Muhammad had done and what Muslims were doing. I thought to myself, what would I say if people find out the truth about Muhammadís perversions and ask me, how can you follow a pedophile? What is your opinion about the ridiculous scientific and logical blunders of the Quran? Wouldn't that be embarrassing? Wouldn't I look like a fool? Shame works on those who have the sense of shame. Those are the ones we want to rescue. Shame does not work on those who have no shame. Those we don't want anyway. Let the fools remain Muslims. We want to salvage intelligent and good people who call themselves Muslims by error.  

I know the Muslim psychology. It is all pomposity and bravado. I give you my word that if Islam is ridiculed publicly and systematically, it will be defeated. Shame is a great motivator as well as deterrent. Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is serious stuff not a laughing matter.   


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