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A defiant yet brutal face of Islamic fascism: a Third World scenario 

Most of the authoritarian doctrines have one thing in common. That is, the end justifies the means. Thus, fascism, Nazism, and communism are the "non-divinely" inspired doctrines where humanistic and moralistic values are halted to attain the assumed larger objective. In such totalitarian predicaments, process of extinction of nonconformists may be conducted with extreme prejudice.
Genocide of a great magnitude is thought to be justifiable because the "others" seemed to be a threat to the expansion of dogma. Nazi superiority complex led to the hatred to the Jews and the dogma cherished the need to annihilate an entire people. In such a totalitarian dogma, average citizens unknowingly fall prey to brainwashing where the sense of right and wrong get blurred. 

Islamic fascism is not a new development in the contemporary world. The totalitarian nature of this political idea is indebted to the Wahhabistic idea in the Arabian Peninsula that culminated only a few centuries ago. In a traditionalist political Islamism, fascistic nature is inherent. In governance of a society, the line between secular and sacred is almost nonexistent. The total subjugation to a powerful elite, who claims to be arbiters of god's wish, is the common scenario. Millions of people like dumb and driven cattle lose the sense of morality and humanity to appease god's gatekeepers or the protagonists of Islamic fascism. 

Islamic fascism in the Indian subcontinent was basically a localized political development. Deobandi students and Abul A'la Maududi were the pioneers of a movement where interpretation of Islamic norms and jurisprudence was made in the line of existing Wahhabism borrowed from the Arab land. Today's greatest threat to human civilization, the al-Qaeda, and the Talibans got their main inspiration from Wahhabite philosophy. 

In Bangladesh and Pakistan, Jamaat-i-Islami had been historically a leading protégé of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabism. The Saudi monarch was satisfied with the contribution of this fundamentalist party in enhancing the Wahhabist agenda. Although the Jamaatis are the blood brothers of the Talibans or al-Qaeda, they have not turned into as ambitious as the latter. On the surface, it seems they have not resorted to undermining western interest globally. Not everybody would agree to such notion. Khalid Duran has extensively written about Jamaatis' sympathetic ties to the Talibans in the Pakistani theater. The Jamaatis, though surprisingly, refrained from committing violent acts against USA and western nations. This does not make them to be innocentlambs. Maybe, this could be their tactical maneuver. Nonetheless, some disturbing events need more vigorous scrutiny. The presently ruling BNP-Jamaat-i-Islami alliance is helping the cause of Islamism in Bangladesh. The new regime that won a landslide victory in a controversial election held in October of last year is putting its favorites in different sectors of the country's governing body. A newly elected cleric, the Khatib of the grand mosque of Bangladesh recently urged his fellow countrymen to confront USA and US President George Bush. This, he uttered in an Eid-ul-Fitr congregation where Bangladeshi President and quite a few state ministers were even present. 

If the tragedy of September 11 did not occur, the free world would not have been bogged down to confront the global menace of Wahhabism inspired al-Qaeda. Today, the battle line is drawn where the victory of west's military action is helping the ideological battle against an evil philosophy. Globally, the victory against Talibans still leaves some questions unanswered. That is, if Islamic fascists of indigenous variety do not show any global agenda, how to deal with them when they espouse brutal and fascist acts within the confines of nation states? This question has more significance as countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are facing the danger of falling preys to the Jamaati-i-Islami's evil design. Pakistan, due to immense pressure from her Superpower ally has cornered the fundamentalist party to a great length. Even then, the danger remains. This party has enough sympathizers not only in the rank and file but also in the army hierarchy. In Bangladesh, the right of the center Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) draws its power from the fundamentalists  who are blessed with having two ministers in the national government. The painful reality is, these Islamic fascists, leaders of the Jamaat-i-Islami of Bangladesh were directly involved in the genocide in the country during its war of liberation in 1971. 

At one time while the Soviet army was engaged in Afghan soil, the Talibans were friends of the West. So were the Jamaatis. During 1971, in a bipolar world, USA was involved in a turf war with the Soviets when Pakistani army juntas allied with the Islamic fascists conducted a dirty war against the people of Bangladesh. After the war, a number of the ringleaders of the Islamic fascists fled the country to Arabian Peninsula. Ironically, some of them ended up in the western nations. The Bangladeshi war criminals settled in UK and USA are test cases where the western nations ignore their presence as they are assumed to be not directly tied to Osama bin Laden or his terrorist al-Qaeda network. They have bloodied their hands to uphold the cause of Islamic fascism, but the killings were done in a Third World hinterland like Bangladesh. Today, it can safely be said that the perpetrators of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon attack and the fundamentalist killers of 1971's Bangladesh are graduates from the same school. They are the torchbearers of an inhuman dogma where dignity of human lives has no value. For readers'  attention, let us have a brief overview of two notorious Bangladeshi war criminals who will always be remembered by the victims as forces of evil.






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