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Aren't you satisfied? Then leave!


By Stefania. A.


Muslims who live in Western countries love to compare themselves to the Jews of the Nazi era. They portray themselves as innocent victims of a racist and discriminatory society; victims of a moral, social, political and religious holocaust, caused by media and politicians (right wing parties). They feel discriminated at work and are suffer from a sort of social alienation. They expect our governments to grant them full recognition of their rights and treat them al par with other religious minorities (i.e Jews, Buddhist). It's fair to say these other religious minorities have never created troubles, neither to the state nor to the citizens. They do not cause direct damage to the society. As a matter of fact, they add some spirituality to an otherwise materialistic Western society. Buddhism is an example of a magnificent philosophy that unlike Islam preaches love and respect towards all Human Beings and above all, doesn't claim any superiority over other beliefs. On the other hand the Quran, the Bible and the Torah contain unacceptable teachings, such as polygamy, capital punishment, stoning, apostasy, etc. While Christians and Jews abrogated these inhumane teachings, Muslims are firmly anchored to the seventh century, causing damages to the whole society. 

Muslim countries are a clear example of this concept. It is thanks to the oil that the rich states of the Arabian Gulf can enjoy the luxury and have the appearance of modern countries. If it wasn't for the black gold they would be just as poor and backward as other Islamic States. Islam suppresses both science and art. But what Muslims do in order to integrate in Western countries?  

Muslims complain of a conspiracy against them orchestrated by the media and the politicians and also accuse their hosts of racism. They incessantly repeat “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance”, and all they wish is to live in peace and respect the law. They accuse the media of distorting the pure Islamic image by broadcasting misconceived reports and leading questions. Of course, they would denounce terrorism and claim that the terrorists are not true Muslim and the countries that support the terrorists are not true Muslims states either. And that the terrorists profess a deviant creed that has nothing to do with the real Islam, founded by the noble Muhammad.  

Muslims here in Italy , claim that in order to fight the spread of this negative phenomenon, they need to return to the true Islam based on the Quran and the Sunna. They accuse us of Islamophobia, and are sarcastic of the Western’s fear of the slamization of Italy , France or England . Obviously they claim that imposing Shar'ia law on Italy or Europe is the last of their thoughts. They assert that is just an allegation made by the Western materialistic and corrupted religious people. Effectively these assurances tranquillise the people who, lets say it, have other problems to deal with. Obviously nothing could be further from the truth.

Shar'ia law is obligatory on all the Muslims. A Muslim who does not recognise the Islamic law goes against the fundamental principles of his religion and he could be sentenced to death.  

These explanations are solely intended to tranquillise the Italians and the Europeans. At this moment, while they are steal weak they need to strengthen their footholds so they. They desperately need the Western countries to survive and build a future for themselves and their offspring and this they won’t be able to do if they openly challenge our laws and our values. Those who did it also paid the price. For example the Imam of a Mosque in Rome who urged all Muslims to sustain the Jahad or the Imam of Carmagnola who also incited violence; were both expelled from Italy .  

Now, the question that begs an answer is: how can they respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on which the constitutions of the Western countries are based, when all the Islamic Countries refused to recognise it on the ground that it is contrary to Islamic principles?  

The Islamic countries issued their own parallel Declaration; it is called “The Islamic Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. This so called declaration of Human Rights, is not devised to actually protect the human rights but to protect Islam, the belief, not the people and to discriminate against all individuals who don't believe in Allah and Muhammad.  

How could Muslims respect the secular constitutions of their Western host countries that are based on the separation between state and church, when in Islam religion and politics are inseparable? 

Obviously as long as the Muslims are in minority they will have no other alternative but to respect the laws of the country in which they reside; but what will happen when they'll become a majority?  

Muslims have the highest birth rate in the world. An Italian-Muslim representative of the Italian Islamic Association claimed with pride that since Italians’ birth rate is the lowest in the world and that of the Muslims in Italy is very high, within 20 or 25 years, Muslims will be the majority. What will happen if Muslims begin to hold public offices? As long as they are just a few; two, three or ten, this won’t affect our laws, customs and traditions; but what if they become the majority? What will happen to Italy ?  

Furthermore Italy lacks of border controls and every month we are invaded by poor clandestine people from Islamic countries.  

Now you can travel from Italy to Switzerland , or vice versa, by train without being checked. This provides an easy way for terrorist infiltration as well as child abduction by estranged Muslim fathers. But it's not politically correct to say such things. If you do, you are labelled as racist and xenophobe by your own people, by the so called "pacifists" (read communists). For these imbeciles, the only way to reject globalisation and to despise the U.S and the right parties is to join force with Muslims, even when we talk about fundamentalist Islam. These people don't really understand what will happen if Islam spreads in our country.  

We have to recognise the freedom and the rights Westerners enjoy. Sure it’s not a perfect system, nothing is perfect, but at least we have rights! We enjoy the freedom of thought and expression; we can change religion without being killed; we have the right to handle our sexual life without being stoned or flogged; homosexual have their rights and so forth. If those imbecile Italian communists and anarchists can shout anti-American, anti-globalisation, anti-Jews, anti-police slogans; if they can carry Palestinian and Iraqi flags, it's because the Western Constitutions protect and allow the freedom of speech and thought. Even Muslims should be grateful to our kuffar countries. They should thank our governments for letting them live here even thou they despise our way of life, our culture, our religion or religiosity. Does Islam allow the same rights?

I despise the Shar'ia law. I refuse to recognise it. It goes against all fundamental rights, it drags people and countries to a total degradation of their political, moral, economical system. Therefore I would never dream to live in Saudi Arabia or similar States. But let’s suppose I had to, I would never criticise their government or religion in their countries. I would never ask for rights that I know go against Islam. I would never wear a short skirt, I would never date a man, I would never proselytise. So, who invited the Muslims to come to Italy , France , Great Britain or U.S if they despise the laws and the values of these countries? Surely we didn't force them? Then, why they criticise our religion, our culture, our customs and our laws in our countries?  How dare they impose their idiotic religious teaching upon us? How dare they criticise other people beliefs? How dare they call us pigs, monkeys and Kuffar in our countries when they profess a religion of hate, violence and intolerance?

We must stop repeating not all Muslims are terrorists, most of them are moderate Muslims, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, that they respect all religions and are looking for a multiracial interfaith dialogue. These are lies!  Did these so called moderate Muslims ever condemn those savage terrorists? Did they condemn the slaughtering of innocent people? No they didn’t. They just say those acts stain the purest, peaceful, religion in the world: Islam! They claim those horrible acts were perpetrated by Americans or paid Jews agents! And Italian communists foolishly back these crazy conspiracy theories. What hypocrisy!  Do they want to live in our country? Then they must accept our way of life and our values. They must respect other people and religions. If they refuse, let them go back to their countries. They will be protected by their Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, they will be free to profess their "wonderful" religion; women will be allowed to wear veils, men to marry more wives. Why immigrate to Western, corrupted and immoral countries with deviant religions, when Islam lets them have such a perfect society? It's not Politically Correct to say these things? I don't give a damn! It's my country, and I have the right to protect my self, my children, my people and my culture from a cult that as nothing to do with peace, tolerance and love. Can you blame me?  

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