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By Sher Khan

Once upon a time there was an elephant and four blind men. They were not born blind and they have seen most of the things of this world but an elephant. One day they met an Elephant. The first blind man, feeling of the tusk cried, an elephant is very like a spear! The second took the trunk and immediately screamed; an elephant is just like a snake! The third touched the broad and sturdy side of the elephant. He declared an elephant looks like a wall! The fourth seized the tail and claimed an elephant is like a rope.

The parable of blind men and an elephant perfectly illustrates the method of interpreting a subject matter when people are blind and/or ignorant. Often Muslims blame other Muslims for not understanding real Islam. Each and every Muslim believes his own version of Islam and definitely their understanding is better than others. Knowledge is a powerful force that strongly influences a person. Typically religious knowledge is ancient in nature and overshadows a person’s mind to making him blindfolded. A person with Quranic knowledge tends to go back in Stone Age whereas a person with scientific knowledge foresees the future.


Real Muslims conceive Islam as a way of life. They like to live a life that was practiced by the people of 7th century. Their mind is clogged with Quranic dictation and Mohammad’s lifestyle. They happily follow this primeval culture engulfed in brutal and barbaric behaviors. These fundamentalists deliberately ignore the fundamental questions about right and wrong or fairness. Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri claimed 9/11 attacks were a Jewish plot and calling the Columbia space shuttle disaster, “Punishment from Allah” because Christians, Jewish and Hindu astronauts were aboard. It’s just another fine example of how religious knowledge can make a person ignorant.

These Islamists used to be specialists in swords and spears when science was in its infancy. In modern days they plot suicide bombing and carry a few grenades like pocket change. They are the Real Muslims and easily recognizable. They look like Billy goats because of their beard. (Don’t blame me. Famous Iranian  scholar Ar-Razi called Mohammad in this name.) Anyway, these Mullahs wear baggy type pants and their tiny brain is covered with a cap or a turbine. This group of Muslims follows the book of Quran literally and does not hesitate to kill Kafirs. Producer and Director of horror movie “Friday the 13th” may learn a thing or two from these Islamists.

They are not interested in this earthly life. They will do whatever it takes to reserve a seat in their hallucinated heaven. The suicide bombers and Imams (Muslim priest) fall in this category. They have an excellent knowledge of the Quran and Ahadith. They stay away from theological wars and confine themselves in the twilight zone of Islam. Beheading and raping Kafirs are their favorite hobbies. They are dangerous but honestly follow Islamic rules. These Mullahs do not compromise with Islamic laws. Islam prohibits eating pork, drinking wine and accepting interest from invested money. These Mullahs will blow themselves up if they have to eat pork. Forget about drinking and accepting interest. Usually a real Muslim keeps four wives and produces a few dozen of children. When Mohammad was half more than a century old, he married 9 years old child Ayesha. They don’t see anything wrong in this picture and maintain an aggressive “So What?” attitude.



Apparently our Modern Muslim scholars are trying to reform Islam and represent Islam as a peaceful religion. It’s a great news and their effort should be commended except for the hidden agenda that they nurture. All religions have gone through some type of reformation to meet the challenge of civilization. Christianity faced serious obstacle a few centuries ago. Most of the western countries have kicked out Church form the state. Now Church has no business with the government. Even in India, government has passed several laws to hinder religious dominance. One fine example is  “Sotidaho”. In this barbaric practice, A Hindu woman would sacrifice her life when she loses her husband. Also sacrificing a human body to one of those comical gods or goddesses has been banned. In comparison to these examples, no Islamic county has the courage to pass any law that would stop the brutal dictation of Quran.

Is it possible to reform Islam? Hypothetically, Yes. Realistically, NO! Quran, the holey book of Islam is the root of all disasters. Without changing the Quran, it’s impossible to reform Islam. No Muslim will dare to edit or change those weird verses of the Quran. Even the most liberal Muslim will jump from an aircraft without using a parachute if he is asked to change the Quran. These so-called modern scholars are pretending to reform Islam but it’s only a camouflage. Actually they are the under cover agents of real Islam. They are doing a much better job than James Bond 007. Modern Muslim scholars vehemently object all inhumane teachings of the Quran. Whenever an ex-Muslim or a non-Muslim confronts them with those ugly verses, they start huffing and puffing. But they don’t dare to challenge real Islamists instead they hide their tails in between their legs and run faster than the cartoon character “Roadrunner”.

Anything in the Quran that looks ugly is considered Out-of-Context. Their explanations are contrary to Mullahs’ reckoning. These modern scholars write tons of Qu-fi (Quranic Fiction) books to portray a peaceful Islam. They have found miracles in the number 19 and working on the number 69 to discover the impact on Mohammed’s personal life on his wives. They feel embarrassed of Ayesha-Mohammad situation and try to increase Ayesha’s age deceitfully. One may think if these modern scholars are truthful to what they preach they must have conflict with Mullahs. Should not they declare an all out “Jihad” against those Mullahs and ask them to stop misinterpreting Islamic teachings. Sadly, they don’t because they know Mullahs are absolutely right. These Muslim scholars do not hesitate to visit the same mosques that Mullahs rule and pray right behind those bigots. Had they believed what they write they would have created their own mosque and made their own Muslim community. These Modern scholars do not practice what they preach. Actually it’s a good teamwork between Fundamentalists and hypocrite scholars. These hypocrite scholars only create a smokescreen to deceive western countries and innocent moderate Muslims.



A group of Half-Muslims is the follower of Real Muslims. They pray five times a day robotically recite the Quran without understanding it. People from non-Arab countries like India , Bangladesh and Africa are this type of people. They memorize the Quran like a parrot but do not understand Arabic. However, Qu-Fi books written by hypocrite scholars inspire them to believe Islam as a scientific religion. Any deviation from this concept is either a conspiracy of the Jews or people misunderstood the meaning. Eating pork or drinking wine is strictly avoided. They do not mind accepting interest of invested money and seek forgiveness from Allah for this act.

Women of this group use headscarf within the community but freely take it off when going to work. Non-Arab Muslims are often discriminated openly when staying in Arab countries. A few months back, six non-Arab Muslims were killed and burnt by a Sheikh just because they dared to enter in his garden. Ironically, these half-Muslims do not mind this type of inhumane behavior. When living in a foreign country this half-Muslims pledge to become a citizen but their heart and soul reside in the Middle East despite the fact that their root belongs to another country. They shade tears when Middle East is in trouble and wish destruction of all Kafir countries including the host country where they live in.


A group of Mini-Muslims is desperately holding the tail of Islamic elephant and expects to get a rare seat in the heaven. Majority of Muslims is of this type. Occasionally they visit a mosque to attend the Friday prayer otherwise they are not fond of exercising five times a day. There are three common things that all groups of Muslims give credence to. First, they all respect shrewd and ruthless emperor Mohammad and his imaginary idol Allah. Secondly, they would never eat pork. Thirdly, they believe Islam is the solution of everything. Mini-Muslims have faith in these three fundamentals and they also believe all Muslims will go to heaven. Inspired by this incentive, our Mini-Muslims do not like to leave Islam.

This group of Muslims does not mind drinking a few beers or a shot of Whisky. They do not follow any of those Islamic laws. Never read the Quran or Ahadith. However, they create a fertile land for hoaxes that are created by hypocrite scholars. Other three groups of Muslims do not consider this group as Muslims. Especially those Real Muslims hate these types of so-called Muslims. Apparently Mini-Muslims look harmless and they really are kind people. Problem starts when they become old and become religious. Some of them change to Half-Muslim and some even downgrade themselves to Mullahs.


Good news is majority of Muslims are either Half-Muslims or Mini-Muslims. Naturally they are not a direct threat to mankind as opposed to Real Muslims and Hypocrite Muslim scholars. Bad news is Saudi Arabia and Middle-East countries are pumping billions of petro-dollars to promote real Islam through Madrasas (Islamic School) and feeding hypocrite scholars. Hypocrite scholars create an innocent image of Islam to keep half and mini Muslims under Islamic flag. Mullahs take next step to brainwash this people and convert them to Real Muslims. Can you imagine of all Muslims of this world becoming Real Muslims? We are talking about a billion active suicide bombers! Ain’t that scary? 

To give a happy ending, the activity of emerging ex-Muslims must be mentioned. This group of people is not blind or blindfolded. They see the whole elephant. In fact they see Islam as a devastating wild elephant. This movement is getting momentum everyday and a surprising snowball effect is not too far.


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