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Who should have the last laugh?   

By Syed Kamran Mirza

US 2004 Presidential election is the central piece of talk everywhere in the US and around the world. Yes, George Bush is leading in the national polls again after the completion of three debates. Survey finds debates did not significantly change voters’ views of candidates. On October 18-19, 2004 polls in the various US media shows Bush is leading from 3-8 points except just one in which John Kerry was leading with 2 points only. 

In the early 2003, I was arguing with some friends in a family gossip table that, Bush will win 2004 election. And my opinion was on the basis of the fact that 2004 election will be unique in a sense that this will be the only election in the American history where voters’ mindset will be motivated by the issue of ‘terrorism and security’ and not by the economy which was the central issue in every past elections. My friends, of course, strongly disagreed with me. 

As we all know that neither George Bush nor John Kerry has any ‘magic bullet’ to change the economy overnight, one thing we all know that when comes the question of ‘terrorism and national security’ Kerry does not come even close to Bush. In the polls—Bush remains ahead of Kerry by 25-35 points in case of terrorism issue.  John Kerry being the ever known ‘flip-flopper’ can not gain the trust of the American public when it comes to terrorism fever in the minds of peace-loving Americans. Even those jihadi Islamic terrorists love to see Bush lose the election, because nobody knows better than them (terrorists) what type of mortal blow Bush has inflicted upon them by his famous ‘preemptive attacks’ during the last three years.  Therefore, for the moral booster of the Islamic jihadi Terrorists—Kerry must win, and Bush must lose the election, so that Islamic terrorists can have the last laugh from the outcome of US . Certainly, Kerry’s victory will give a big boost to those Islamic terrorists. On the other hand, Bush’s victory will totally demoralize those Islamic terrorists for ever.

This is why Islamic terrorists are desperately killing innocent civilians (by their famous suicide car bombings) in Iraq and their only hope is that increased terrorism might help defeat president Bush and elect John Kerry, who will give them plenty of time to regroup and recuperate only to come back with renews strength to give another final blow to the core of infidel America. This time they might strike with nuclear bombs to kill millions and render the land inhabitable for centuries to come.  

So voters it is your choice! Russian president Vladimir Putin also expressed the same notion that terrorists in Iraq are desperately killing civilians only to defeat Bush in this election 2004. 

Dr. Ali Sina has rightly said-“Bush may not be the ideal candidate, but considering the dangerous times in which we live and the alternative, he is the only candidate. Save America and save the world. Senator Kerry has repeatedly said: “ America needs a strong leader”. I agree with him wholeheartedly and that is why I ask the American not to vote for him ( http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/sina41011.htm).”


Like Dr. Sina I also believe that this war on terrorism should be fought on two fronts—defeat militant Islamic terrorists militarily and defeat the ideology of Islam itself, ideologically. And to achieve that, we the Americans need a President like George Bush and not someone likes John Kerry who thinks—terrorism is a nuisance like prostitution which will not go away but rather should be mitigated through law enforcement.   


Now, may I ask the readers of this write-up the most important question of the time? Who you think should have the last laugh from the result of this crucial presidential election of 2004? Do you want that Islamic terrorists get the moral boost and the last laugh from the victory of John Kerry as the American flip-flopper President, or do you want to see terrorists discomfited, crestfallen and abated by the victory of a strong and decisive leader like the President Bush? Please keep this in your mind when you go to cast your valuable votes on November 2, 2004. 


October 20, 2004 .


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