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The Muslim Trigger

Pete Fisher

Most people have already heard about the NCU Chapel Hill incident where a Muslim student drove a vehicle into a crowd. His reason was to avenge the way Americans are treating Muslims. Here is a guy who was raised here for the most part, using all of our freedoms and education, and in the future would have had a lucrative career in his chosen field. And due to his religious beliefs, he threw it all away to gain whatever it is he thought he was getting by attacking innocent people. 

This is the state of mind most Liberals and much of our government does not understand yet. Most liberals tend towards the atheistic side and have little understanding of religious matters to begin with. Most politicians in my thinking have already sold their souls for power and money and until religious actions affect their positions and assets, they will not understand either. 

What the government and media have not yet grasped is the ideology that continually drives violence within Islam. They are in a frame of mind that will choose Islam over all things. Like the Borg in the Star Trek series, they walk in one mind, and in one agenda with the end result being that all others will be assimilated and eventually the entire universe will become as they are. Consuming all technology and resources until the final conquest of all civilizations. But there is one distinct difference here. Even in Star Trek, the Borg were easily identified, and never used the media or organizations to slip in among their enemies and use propaganda to sway public opinion before striking. They were up front and honest with their intentions.  

With Islam it is not so easy, due to the organized way they try to show the world they are peaceful and desire to live in peace with all men. They are taught from Mohammed himself to lie if need be in order to create a false sense of security before they kill or subdue innocent targets.  

They walk in our midst for years, as did this student with smiles on their faces and talking to people over the years about the peaceful ways of Islam. They eat with us, accept our hospitality, play with our children, and live a fairly normal life. Until the day they decide to attack, we see them as normal citizens happy to be living free of the Islamic laws that oppressed them or their parents before they moved. And a day comes when something that is said or done triggers the impulse in them as a memory can trigger an ex-soldier, and the results are almost always deadly. And even if the results are not, the intentions most certainly are. Like soldiers in combat, Muslims have a trigger that can be tripped by various reasons. They are taught in the Koran and Hadiths that Islam and Mohammed are to be protected and thrust upon humanity at all costs. Life means nothing if it is a non-Muslim life in their thinking.  

The Muslims who claim these ideologies are spread through the mass poverty and oppression of Muslims never seem to take into account that most terrorists are college educated, and many in Western institutions. Many come from wealthy families as Bin Laden, and some were doctors such as Ayman al-Zawahiri. The young Muslim who rammed his vehicle into a crowd had a degree in Psychology. He had the means to go to college, and he had the higher education to plan his attack. So I do not buy into this Muslim theory that these people attack due to poverty or ignorance.

And here we are in America , living next door to people who have shown the ability and will to attack at any time for whatever reason they deem necessary. How can we continue to trust a mindset that has shown time and again their intention to destroy what we have? I see CAIR always trying to show how we in America discriminate against Muslims, and that only a few of them act like this. Even if CAIR is correct, and I disagree with them, it takes only a few to cause massive damage as seen in NYC on 9-11, and even now in this incident. We saw a Muslim soldier throw a grenade into a tent in Iraq because he was trying to protect Muslims. His oath to America to protect this nation and fight for its ideals was a lie. His loyalty to Islam was much stronger than his loyalty to the nation he lived in and fought for. And so it is with most Muslims, if not all in my thinking. I would dare say that all Muslims would eventually turn on those around them if the circumstances were right. And even if I am wrong, how can we tell the difference? Even the Muslims who decry some of these acts cannot tell who is who. They worship with them, pray with them, eat with them, and claim they have no clue as to who these people are. Yet when we begin looking closer, they cry discrimination and profiling. 

Islam has an agenda, whether the government and media ignore that fact. They desire the extermination of the Jews, and the rest of the world after that. They think Islam is truly the last message of their god to all humanity, even if it condones lying and murder to further the cause. Even the Nazis wore uniforms and identified themselves to the world when they set out for conquest. But Muslims assimilate into society and no one knows if or when they will attack. But their goal is conquest, no doubt about that. It is not simply another religion trying to proselyte. It is an evil that intends to conquer at all costs, with no conscience as to how and who they kill to obtain it. 

Though many may not subscribe to this consciously, I believe the Muslim Trigger can be tripped at anytime for almost any reason. They send their own children into crowded places with bombs strapped to them, showing the world that not even their own flesh and blood are above the goals of Mohammed. They are soaked with ideas of Paradise that allow them sexual excesses not allowed here on Earth. And I have always wondered, how can Allah despise sex here, but surround himself with it in Paradise ? But Muslims believe this to the point they will send their own to murder and rejoice after the evil is done. 

Currently it is not PC to profile Muslims. Europe and North America have once again extended their hand to these Mohammedans and the media extols the virtues of Islam while intentionally ignoring the global violence perpetrated by these same people. And I begin to fear for my nation and my culture. History has always shown that when governments fail, people take matters into their own hands. And we have been a patient nation in this respect. But I have to wonder, with all of the militias, and armed citizens, how much longer this patience will last until ordinary people begin to mimic the actions of Muslims worldwide here on our own soil, and turn the tables. 

And Muslims need to know this, that to us Islam is a cult, a religion, and a culture alien to our own. Islam is not compatible with the freedoms and regard for life that is evident to the West.  

If the wolves in your flock are not weeded out, the Infidels may do your gardening for you. 

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Chronwatch.com Blessedcause.com, Michnews.com, mensnewsdaily.com, The Rant.us, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.  

Pete can be contacted at: [email protected]  







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