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Americans should be wary of CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, NABIC, etc.



By Mizanur Rahman Milon


This article is all about the onslaught of Islamic organizations against the secular nation of America.  Since I am from Bangladesh, I would like to start this essay by citing how Islamism had spread in my motherland in short three decades.  Bangladesh is no ordinary country by any stretch of imagination.  About 130 million people are packed like sardines in a tiny land as big as the state of Wisconsin.  Bangladesh’s political history is turbulent.  The founding father was assassinated in August 1975 to make room for Islamization.  The axis of military and Islamists veered the nation towards fundamentalism.  And the nation is now paying a heavy price.  Things are not tranquil at all in the backwaters of Bangladesh.  The minorities are being butchered in open daylight.     


Unless you have been hibernating somewhere else, you should know that a fascist Islamic fundamentalist party by the name Jamat-i-Islami [JI] is ruling the 130 million Bangladeshis as a coalition partner of Neo-Muslim League Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP.  The party JI is a branch of world Islamic parties.  They are essentially an Al Qaeda-like organization with clear agenda of the global Islamism.  These parties are like the communist parties of yesteryears.  The communists wanted to spread the mantra Marxism throughout the globe.  Any enlightened mind knows that all the Marxist-communists think themselves as the comrades.  A communist in South America considers himself as a comrade of say an Indian – who does not share the same language, culture and background.  Likewise, an Islamist thinks himself as a brother of another Islamist notwithstanding the difference they have in their language, culture and background. 


The Islamists consider themselves as brothers under a unified Muslim Ummah [community].  Nationality, language, social customs, etc., are objectionable to them.  One may read the propaganda of NABIC, which is a mouthpiece of global Islamism done under the banner of certain expatriate Bangladeshis, against nationality and language in their web site.  The Islamic fundamentalists would not have caused any trouble against modern civilization have they not opted for capturing power through their global organizations like the communists.  In order to attain the goal of exporting puritanical form of Islam and brutal laws of Islam all over the globe, the global Islamists formed many political parties and alliances in all the Muslim countries of the world.  In non-Muslim countries such as in USA, they cannot form political parties under legal framework. However, the global Islamists are smarter than the communists and they are clever enough to fool many westerners.  They have created a huge number of Islamic organizations such as NABIC, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, and others to create the framework for spreading the barbaric Islamic rules in the West.  In Canada, the Islamic organizations even fooled the Canadian government and got permission to use Sha’ria laws against Muslim women.  Think about it!  Barbaric Sha’ria Laws against women in a North American country!


One should never consider that the Islamic organizations are non-political!  The global mission of their prophet was to bring the world under Islam banner and a repressive Sha’ria.  Like communists, they are united under the umbrella of Ummah.  Unlike communists, they are, however, very clever.  Cleverer than the communists.  The communists wanted to establish a manmade rule.  The Islamists want to establish Islamic rule they claim to be of divine origin.  The communists did not believe or care about an afterlife.  The Islamists believe firmly in a golden and eternal afterlife.  This is the reason why they want to die for Islam and for Ummah.  They are more inimical to the West than the communists, pure and simple!


You will find however many commonalities among the Islamists and communists.  Both of these groups do not like highly educated thinkers and scholars.  They forbid rational thinking.  Take the examples for the case of China and Iran.  In China, the Maoist regime killed many scholars and rational thinkers in the name of Cultural Revolution in the early 1960s.  In Iran, the killer regime of Ayatollah Khomeini killed millions of rational thinkers and scholars right after the Islamic revolution. The communist China stopped higher education for many decades in the name of Cultural Revolution.  They set up institutes everywhere to study Marxism and Maoism.  Mao’s Red Book was like a Bible to his countrymen.  School kids were required to memorize some of the sayings of Mao.  Talk about indoctrination!  Likewise, the Iranian fundamentalist government closed the universities for three years and spread religious schools to create more and more Ayatollahs through religious education.  Now see what is happening over there?  In Iran, the uncouth Mullahs are in control of all the areas of the government.  You will find the Iranian nuclear scientists under full control of Mullahs and Ayatollahs.  The Mullahs are the bosses while the scientists are like workers.  The similar scenario was prevailing in many communist regimes.  This is why, the thinkers and intellectuals try hard to find a way out of the control of these rogue regimes. 


The characteristics of the Islamic fundamentalists and the communists match very closely.  However, they have a bit difference in their attitude toward each other.  The Islamists do not want to keep a single communist alive within their territory.  The communists are a bit milder in the case of the Islamic fundamentalists.  The communists possess hatred against the capitalist West.  This is why, in Iran, the communists supported the fundamentalists for their rage against America.  But after the fundamentalists consolidated their power in the aftermath of Shah of Iran’s removal from Teheran, they killed almost all the communists in Iran.  Some communists of Iran even fled and came to the capitalist USA to save their dear lives.  Some of the Iranian communists found a welcoming safe haven in the USA – the great leader of the capitalist world.


As for the Bangladeshi fundamentalist party JI, I want to remind the intelligent readers that these Islamic fundamentalists are connected to the web of Islamic organizations all over the world like the communists. Their subsidiary organizations like CAIR, NABIC, ISNA, ICNA, and others are working in tandem in the name of civil rights organizations to achieve the same goal of the Islamic fundamentalists.  It hardly escapes one’s scrutiny that the communists created similar subsidiary organizations to create grounds for communist revolution and subsequent takeover in many countries all over the world.  The Islamic fundamentalists are doing the same in the western countries.  In the aftermath of 9-11, the government of USA became very alert of fundamentalist organizations’ work; thus, they banned many subsidiary Islamic organizations – which were found to be connected with the Islamic terrorists and fundamentalists.  I would go this far to assert that many shrewd Islamists are working in many so-called civil rights Islamic organizations in USA and other western countries.  Some of these organizations had the audacity to harbor many fundamentalist killers.  One such killer fundamentalist of Al-Badr death squad of JI in erstwhile East Pakistan is M. Ashrafuzzaman Khan.  He was given an official position in the Islamic organization ICNA just to whitewash his sinful past.  Mr. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was the leader of a roving death squad that abducted and killed scores of Bengali intellectuals from Dhaka University staff quarter in the first two weeks of December 1971 when Bengalis were fighting a war to rid Pakistani military from the occupied land.  In that bloody conflict the Islamic fundamentalists sided with the Pakistanis because they thought Islam would be better served in South Asia if Pakistan remained intact.  But they were soundly defeated in 1971.  The Islamists were demoralized in the early goings of Bangladesh.  They however connived with the military to overthrow a legitimate government and to usher in fundamentalism in Bangladesh.  They grew like a cancer and now they are virtually controlling Bangladesh politically from behind.   


The Bangladeshi American secularists are intently watching all the moves of JI of Bangladesh.  They are seriously aware of the heinous motive of the Islamists.  The office-bearers of the myriad Islamic organizations in the U.S. should be investigated.  If I am not wrong, the U. S. Immigration still investigates for links of any applicant wanting to visit America to any communist organizations.  The Immigration department of the West should investigate the links of the applicants to any Islamic organizations.  The West should prevent infiltration of Islamic fundamentalists in their countries as a preventive measure.  They must preserve the values of religious tolerance and pluralism in their countries that has been developed over the years.  The Islamists would destroy these long-cherished values once they become majority or if they could indoctrinate many unsuspecting citizens such as minorities.  It took close to two hundred years of works by the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many more liberals to foster the spirit of secularism (separation of Church and state) in America.  All this achievements can be lost if Islamists could make inroads in America to propagate hateful messages skillfully and with tricksts. Therefore, caveat emptor!


Mizanur Rahman Milon writes from Arlington, Virginia, USA






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