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By: Koorosh Afshar


The mullahs of the Islamic Republic have, at several times, shown their thirst for carnage in the past 25 years of ruling over Iran . They have a long history of plotting suicide attacks and waging wars internationally and silencing any opposing voice domestically. Having brutalized the Iranian nation all throughout these years, having kept most of the people under the poverty line, one shouldn’t be astonished on how these “men of Allah” have had absolutely no problem finding recruits and sending poor souls after the so-called promised paradise through shedding the blood of other humans. If you are an Iranian, it wouldn’t be very strange for you to have at least one dear and near lost at the bloody hands of these shopkeepers of religion. The infamousness of the Shiite clerics of Iran is not a new story to be told over again, as they are already known to the world as the “bad guys”. 


The reason for writing this article is, however, not retelling the same old story, but an untold one, I am sure you haven’t heard yet. 


Almost a month ago the Supreme leader, Ayattollah Ali Khameneh’ee’s appointed judge in the province of “Mazandaran”, in the South of the Caspian sea , sentenced “Atefeh Rajabi” a 16-year-old girl to death for committing adultery. The poor girl, deprived of even the very basic motherly love, was hanged in the public before the dismayed eyes of a people who have long forgotten that they were no more living than “Atefeh” was now. Just before she was hanged, “Atefeh” had willed everything she possessed to the poor girls like herself. A short time later, it was revealed that the Islamic judge and a few of his men had raped this little girl before hanging her.


The tragedy of “Atefeh” was still inflicting its heavy and painful burden on the Iranians’ conscience that a report came out proclaiming that another girl, 13-year-old “Zheela”, was sentenced to “stoning to death” by another Islamic judge in the city of “Marivan”, Western Iran. This poor child is sentenced to death because she has been impregnated by her 15-year-old brother. 


I am deeply astounded by the level of some of your politicians’ credulity speaking of peace and a “better tomorrow” while they see that Islamic fundamentalism is literally marring the fresh minds of future parents of our world. Can’t they see what is happening to “Zheela”? Couldn’t they see what happened in “Beslan”? Can’t they see us? Having been brought up in an “Islamiorated” society where seeing coffins and wild mobs in our streets was an everyday experience I don’t really know how many years should pass before we will be able to gain our mental health back.


If the world cannot save little “Zheela” from these brutal Islamic militants, then how could your politicians speak of disarming them from their nuclear weapons?


Saving her is undoubtedly the right thing to do.


Let us not forget that “It may not always be easy, convenient, or politically correct to stand for truth and right, but it is the right thing to do - Always.”



- Koorosh Afshar is a pseudonym for a university student in Tehran , his name has been changed for his protection.

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