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Keshto Patel

Leaving Muslim stock, there were not very many earthlings who knew the exact meaning of a Fatwa or a religious edict under Islam, till the famous (or infamous for that matter) Salman Rushdie episode kicked in on the international scale. This time the Fatwa had a made in Iran stamp and the proud manufacturer of this product was no one but one Islamic fundamentalist fanatic of international repute by the name of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini whose literature still causes many decibels of noise pollution in today's Iran through the mosque loudspeakers. 

Fatwas can be termed as a two sides of a coin, or better said, a slice of bread with butter on one side and nothing on the other. Fatwas are genuine religious edicts of their Imams who try to convey adherents of Islam what is wrong or right as per Islam. Under Islamic jurisprudence every Muslim must follow the Fatwa or religious edict for the great cause of Islam in their ritual life. 

But Fatwas are benign and malign based on who it is directed at, basically there are harmful and harmless Fatwas depending on who is a target of such religious edict.  

In case of Rushdie Salman, who on default became an apostate by engaging in an act of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad in his international best seller book satanic verses which shot him to a celebrity fame but also took a toll on him by forcing him to forego his normal way of life by confining himself within four walls most of the time, thanks only to one malign Fatwa that was issued against him to have him decimated at contact.

On the other hand there are million of Muslims who receive benign Fatwas day in day out and seek the Islamic tenets as laid down by their warrior prophet Muhammad to live a life as per those guidelines as lived by Prophet as described in Kuran and Hadeeths (Sunna) and as interpreted by Grand Muftis of Islam who are the Professors of allegedly true Islam who oversee Madarsas and Umma in connivance with political big wigs of Jeddah and or Islamabad. 

Imams issue Fatwas, as for example, that Muslims must eat with their right hand, they should not mingle with Kafars because it would dilute Islam, that they should encourage Dawa to bring forth Kafars under Islam's big roof and try to convert them, that they should not eat Mayonnaise because it contains tallow which is of swine origin. All these Fatwas are harmless for Muslim brothers  - a slice of bread with no butter. 

Here comes a kicker, a slice of bread with butter that is only reserved against kafars, This is a side of slice which attracts Fedayeens with malign Fatwas who in their dedicated life to Islam, want to achieve the last of the paradise, the ultimate, Houris and rivers of wine as promised by Kuran which induces them to kill or get killed under the name of all merciful Allah and meet with him in Jannat (paradise) by way of doing Jehad, by killing kafars of this beautiful earth - Exclusive property of Allah.

 Remember Rushdie was declared apostate, a non Muslim, hence the Fatwa fell on him, it did not fall on better deserving candidates of allegedly peaceful Islam like Osama bin Laden or Ommar mian simply because they are the best Muslims who are only doing what is required of them to do by Allah, decimate the infidels, should they not submit to him.


Ladies and gentleman; Please don't get deceived by a phony mini Fatwa of unknown character that originated from Spain, it was a tool just to fool white man as to think that those Muslims were with them and not Jehadis to save their own selves with lesser backlash from Spanish society. It is called Tiqiyyah or deception to fool gullible Kafars. 

I say this is Phony Fatwa because you know as well I, including high Priests of Islam at Riyadh or Jeddah that this Fatwa cannot be carried out, who in his right mind would believe that Osama would be killed by a Muslim? Who would bell the cat like scenario pops up with above situation. The chances of such ridiculous Fatwas to kill Osama is minus zero. 

Malign Fatwas are reserved for kafars stupid! That's the law of the Islamic lands as lived by Hazrat Muhammad and as prescribed by Mullahs of today in the ears of Muslims at every Friday sermon. 

Those laymen must note one interesting trend that there are 57 Muslim nations (source OIC) from where the Fatwas may be manufactured, but they can be carried out anywhere internationally a la van Gogh or on any other potential Kafar Keshtos of the world.

As I write this article, luckily look at what has come forward as a news to bolster my views on this kind of Islamic menace of coercive nature: A Yoga Guru threatened by Muslim hoodlums and believe me these things are routine in India where meek Hindus are overpowered by Muslim Mafia either from India or from Islamabad a la Dawood.

Also read here:  

India is, for all practical purpose, a democracy with soft belly which has been ripped open by Islamic sword that is bleeding it at every sunshine, and the bizarre thing is that our politicians are constantly trying to preserve the status quo on this sordid saga of national in-security matter which can make or break Hindus of India. Country like India is besieged with Islamic Mafia who rule the roost with the help of rented Hindus who have no principles or conscious.

Islam has Mafia like vice on its followers with monopoly on jehad and code of silence, hence I would recommend the local authorities to do various sting operations on all the mosques and find out the unmasked face of it to their surprise. Determination phase must start now before itís too late, for it is Kafars who are at stake, not Mir Jafars of Islam.

Stop Fatwa regime, before it stops you.

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