Leaving Islam




 Alarming sign in Bangladesh 

 By Jamal Hasan

Two of my friends came back from Bangladesh . They gave a very similar account of the mindset of many educated Bangladeshis. The common trend is they are staunchly anti-American, anti-Indian, anti-Hindu and anti-Jewish. Many of the young university going students, especially from Jahangirnagar University , Chittagong University and Rajshahi University  are falling prey to militant Islamist youth group Islamic Chhatra Shibir's political ploy. Those days of liberal moderate Muslim country of the 1970's are gone. Young educated Bangladeshis have the audacity to say, "Today we have not captured the state power- when we get the power, we will definitely kill the infidels". 

Khaleda Zia administration is patronizing the militant Islamists. On the facade, the sycophants and die-hard supporters of the Islamist coalition do not pose as bearded head-shaking Talibanists. But they cold-bloodedly and calculatively are implementing the blue print of a grand design. Primarily they will eliminate all the secular, non-religious Bengali intellectuals and polticians and secondarily they will strengthen the foundation of Islamist conglomerates. In USA and in most Western countries there is no dearth of Bangladeshi Islamists. Many eforums can be testament to their activities. The expatriate Bangladeshi Islamists are nothing but eyes and ears of Islamist killers in Bangladesh . Any law enforcement official of USA would be amazed to see the extent of networking between USA based Bangladeshi Islamists and their comrades back home. 

Today, US State Department is making a grave mistake. Unlike USA 's action in Pakistan , so far USA 's role in Bangladesh is nothing short of patronization and appeasement. Because of USA 's failure to be more heavy-handedness, Khaleda Zia, a liliput compared to her one-time role model General Pervez Musharraf, got immense power. She has become berserk to eliminate any sign of modernist and liberal thoughts in the poverty stricken over populous country. Some critics of USA 's policy in South Asia say, may be Uncle Sam is waiting for another 9/11- this time initiated by Bangladeshi Islamists. The problem would be if it really happens,the fallout would be very nasty. The repercussion would not be good for secular and liberal Muslims living in the Western land. 

It is high time to think about immigration reform, so that Islamists of any country do not get easy access to penetrate in this land of great opportunity. 







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