Leaving Islam




My realization, at last 

By Jamal Hasan

The other day I was reading a news story in the Washington Post on Iranian Mullahs' conniving new tactic to continue power grabbing irreversible. Then I read a news story in a Pakistani paper, the subject of which was Pakistani court's decalaration of Mehndi to be unIslamic. 

For the last several years, I have been watching the metamorphosis of once liberal Bangladeshis home and abroad. I used to be very frustrated to see that hardly anybody in the community cared about  Muslim Pakistani Allah's soldiers' rape on Bangladesh in 1971. As the events are unfolding, the rising tide of Islamization in Bangladesh is not facing any popular opposition. An influential section of the population of the country of Allah Hafez is not unhappy with the neo-Islamist transformation, it seems. A sizable population appeared to abhor Hindu India , Infidel West and embrace brotherly Muslim countries.

I realized at last one simple fact. Who am I to dictate what course Bangladesh should take or what the Bangladeshis ought to think in the socio-cultural milieu? If Bangladeshi people love to see razakar killer mullahs in the country's seat of power, who am I to gripe? My ultimate realization gave birth to a new sense of pragmatism. My new thinking says, let the Muslim people of the Third World countries live like true Muslims. Let them go back progressively to the path of seventh century utopia. Let them achieve their ultimate nirvana.

As a part of the Western world, my main objective would be to stop the proliferation of Islamism on the Western soil. I will be all for stricter  border controls, so that USA does not become another Netherlands in the near future.

Let Muslims living in the Muslim majority countries be purer Muslims with each passing day. We have no right to intervene and impose our Western decadent democratic values and modernism on their necks.


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