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No Valentine's Love in Islam

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


Muslim females are Xing out Valentineís Day because it furthers vulgarity.

Muslim males however may have several wives and several "temporary wives" they use as sex slaves. That of course is morality maximum. The "temporary wives" live with their parents and the male has no financial obligation to them whatsoever. Thatís why they are sex slaves.

Muslim females are so brainwashed in Islam that they yield to the masochistic, which adds another neurotic dimension to the killing cult. However, all this is typical of cults. Reason is not a top priority. Nor is morality.

Therefore when other parts of the world celebrate Valentineís Day, each year the Muslim females protest with their own boycott. Muslim males of course join in with glee.

It does not take a psychiatric degree to figure out that when females are so oppressed that they react with further submission. The understanding of legalistic Muslims is that females are conceived with ten curses. These curses are defined as exposing oneís genitals in public. If the Muslim female marries, one curse is lifted but the others remain. Therefore, it had been better if the female had never been conceived.

As she lives on Earth, she must garb herself from head to foot, covering her eyes with a see-through shield. Therefore, her identity and self-importance are never known. Her beauty is never seen. She is nothing, worse than dung.

If she shows her ankles, a Muslim male may cane her. If she shames the clan in some way, even if imagined by a male, she can be murderedóbullet through her head or her throat slit. Therefore, when it comes to love, it is no wonder that Muslims have no understanding of love and romance, of tenderness and care.

It reminds me of the Iraqi who voted in the election but told a reporter he had no idea what a democracy is. He had never experienced it; consequently, he could not get hold of it. He voted in a democratic way but really he had no feel for what he was doing. Thatís what is frightening about New Iraq. We may end up with an entire nation not understanding democracy because of the entrenched dictatorial mindset of Islam.

Islam is a dictatorship with demonic Mohammedís imagined deity, Allah, calling the shots. The Koran is laden with killing and maiming verses, all followed to the letter due to demand Allah demanding it. Allah rules. Males rule. Clerics rule. Females and children are slaves to the despotism. Males have a chance at eternity with the forever orgy. Females go to hell.

Therefore, it is understandable that women turn increasingly neurotic, hence their abhorrence of Valentineís Day. That celebration defines all that they never have, never experience. They therefore respond with a distaste for that Day and all it represents.

There is a particular group called "Daughters of Faith" who vehemently fight against Valentineís Day because it leads to obscenity. They claim that the Day opposes their "faith." These females fight to the teeth, even invading shops that sell Valentineís Day cards and gifts. From the loot, they make a fire, burning everything they confiscated.

It is another exposure of Muslimís extreme provincialism. That is why they cannot integrate with civility. They have been so culturally sheltered, brainwashed into believing they have the full truth on all things, that they cannot assimilate with anything other than Islam. They are creatures of demonic habit because they have been taught from the demonic Koran how to slay and maim.

There are those who email me saying that I am not understanding Islam. However, I wonder if they are simply another part of the Islamic propaganda machine, attempting to convince others and me that there really are "moderates" and "secularists."

If they can convince me that I am incorrect, then I might pull back and not expose Islam as a killing cult. If they can get me to question my own research on Islam, then another voice exposing Islam would be closed down. But I donít believe them for I have read the Koran, read Mohammedís biography and now see daily in the news what the killing cultists are doing to dissolve civilization.

Therefore, if you are Muslims reader, donít bother emailing me unless you come to the awakening that you are a part of a demonic conclave out to annihilate the planet in the name of Satan.

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Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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