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Muslims Kill Christians in Sudan 

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Itís another see-through on the part of Muslim zealots who give their souls to Allahís dictate to kill all non-Muslims. Moderate Muslims who do not comply are considered traitors and open to death. Obviously Christians are a prime target of those wedded to the Koranís dictums to do away with non-Muslims global.

In Sudan the slaughter goes on to lengths that are most difficult to report. Blood oozes into the ground. Houses are burnt. Churches are leveled. Women are raped. Children left without families are among those baited for the slice through. There is no prejudice when it comes to the Muslim blade. It cuts through all who stand in the way of Allah's mission.

According to persecution.org, it is estimated that 19% of the Sudanese population are Christians. They live mostly in the South or the Nuba mountain range in the central regions. Muslims have attacked Christians with increased intensity for the past 14 years.

The Popular Defense Force (PDF) fills the devilís cup with the most fanatical Muslim killers. Itís believed that even the government aids the fighters by supplying them with weaponry. Thatís to "increase their effectiveness in conducting slave and cattle raids against non-Muslim peoples in the South," according to persecution.org.

More and more the knowledgeable world is coming to understand that Islam is not a peace religion. Itís the only world religion that espouses killing off everyone who does not regard Allah as deity. Buddhism and Hinduism do not set forth the slaughter of non-adherents. Jews and Christians do not seek to obliterate all those not in agreement with their faiths. With that, Islam does intend to clear the Earth of non-Muslims.

Sudan is a perfect showcase of such intentional annihilation. Itís been going on long enough and bloody enough for the world to shudder. That brought the United Nations to act recently to urge the Sudanese government to stop the murder fling. However, even the governmental leaders confessed to media they felt helpless. All the more that is understandable if certain governmental agencies are accomplices to the militias. And so the maddening, confused beat goes on.

Of course, religious freedom supposedly is guaranteed by governmental decree. So much for the paper that itís written on. The truth is that blade cuts through flesh day in and day out with escaping Sudanese Christians fleeing the country ó but no place to go, no food to eat, no shelter to call home. With religious freedom supposedly a staple, Islam continues to be baptized as the one and only religion. Purposeful contradictions abound.

According to persecution.org, Christians have to face "forced conversions to Islam as a part of government policy, churches are often closed, destroyed or not allowed to be built, Christians home groups are considered to be a public disturbance. Bible teachers are considered to be the leaders of these public disturbances and are arrested. Open preaching is prohibited and punishable by beating or a jail sentence. Many Islamic principles are accepted as customs, such as giving the testimony of a Christian man half the weight of that given to a Muslim man. Christians are under constant pressure to convert to Islam. Christians are commonly discriminated against in the workplace and rarely receive promotions."

God help the Sudanese Christians!






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