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Kerry Campaign Financed by Terrorists

by: Andy Wilcoxson 


John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, is being given money by an Albanian terrorist organization known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA or UCK in Albanian). 

The KLA is currently smuggling weapons into Kosovo as part of a plot to attack American and other UN peacekeepers, should the UN Security Counsel refuse their demand for Kosovo's secession from Serbia and Montenegro. 

About the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA/UCK) 

In order to fully understand the significance of John Kerry's involvement with the KLA it is first necessary to understand what sort of an organization the KLA is. The KLA is a terrorist organization with ties to Osama bin Laden and the Iranian government. The KLA's main objective is to break Kosovo, which has been an integral part of Serbia for centuries, away from Serbia. 

The KLA began on the radical fringe of Kosovo-Albanian politics, originally made up of diehard Marxist-Leninists as well as by descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War II. [1] 

The KLA made its military debut in February 1996 with the bombing of several camps housing Serbian refugees from wars in Croatia and Bosnia. [2] 

In early 1998 the KLA caught the attention of the U.S. Special Envoy for Kosovo, Robert Gelbard. Gelbard told Agence France Presse "We condemn very strongly terrorist actions in Kosovo. The UCK is, without any questions, a terrorist group." [3] 

The KLA has been credibly linked to the notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden. In 1999 The Washington Times obtained intelligence documents that showed what is described as a 'link' between bin Laden, and the KLA --including a common staging area in Tropoje, Albania, a center for Islamic terrorists. The reports said bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization has both trained and financially supported the KLA. [4] 

In 1998 Fatos Klosi, the head of SHIK, the Albanian intelligence service, told London’s Sunday Times newspaper that Bin Laden had visited Albania himself. His was one of several fundamentalist groups that had sent units to fight in Kosovo, Klosi said. [5] 

In 2002 the U.S. State Department issued a report giving Iran the dubious distinction of being "the most active state sponsor of terrorism." Their report went on to report that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Ministry of Intelligence and Security were involved in the planning of and support for terrorist acts and continued to exhort a variety of groups that use terrorism to pursue their goals. [6] 

The Jerusalem Post reported that Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen were training the KLA in 1998. The newspaper said that "Selected groups of Albanians were sent to Iran to study that country's version of militant Islam." The same article went on to report that "millions of dollars have been funneled through Bosnia and Albania to buy arms for the KLA. The money is raised from both Islamic governments and from Islamic communities in Western Europe, particularly Germany." [7] 

Yossef Bodansky, the Director of the U.S. House Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, wrote a report for the magazine Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy saying that "In the Fall of 1997, the uppermost leadership in Tehran ordered the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps] High Command to launch a major program for shipping large quantities of weapons and other military supplies to the Albanian clandestine organizations in Kosovo. [Ayatollah] Khamene'i's instructions specifically stipulated that the comprehensive military assistance was aimed to enable the Muslims 'to achieve the independence' of the province of Kosovo." 

Bodansky's article corroborates the Jerusalem Post's account. He wrote that in 1997 "the Iranians began sending promising Albanian and UCK commanders for advanced military training in al-Quds [special] forces and IRGC camps in Iran." [8] 

In addition to the direct financing that the KLA receives from Islamic terror organizations, the organization also relies on funds raised by the Albanian mafia. [9] 

The Baltimore Sun, citing western intelligence officials, reported that part of the KLA's funding comes from "powerful Albanian mafia organizations that deal in narcotics, prostitution and arms smuggling across Europe." [10] 

The London Times reported that the KLA was "an outgrowth of the Kosovo Albanian mafia." Their report said, "these Kosovan criminals operate the most powerful drug-running network in Europe." [11] 

According to police in the Czech Republic, Kosovo Albanian drug traffickers fund the KLA with proceeds from the heroin trade. "Kosovo Albanian drug smugglers have become a major phenomenon," said Jiri Komorous, head of the Czech Republic's national narcotics police, who added that his heroin division "spends about 80 percent of its time" on Kosovar drug gangs. [12] 

Interpol estimates that Kosovo Albanians may control 40 percent of the European heroin trade. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, they may have as much as 70 percent of the market, according to the estimates. [13] 

In addition to drug trafficking. The KLA kidnaps women and young girls and forces them into prostitution.

During NATO's 1999 bombardment of Yugoslavia, which resulted in the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Kosovo refugees, the KLA robbed refugee families and forced refugee girls into prostitution.

According to the London Times, "Reports from Macedonia and Albania confirm that KLA 'minders' [inside the refugee camps] ensure that all refugees peddle the same line when speaking to Western journalists. KLA gangsters rob them of any remaining cash. And KLA pimps driving Mercedes kidnap refugee girls for prostitution in Italy." [14] 

The Albanian mafia's involvement in prostitution is huge. In 2001 The Economist, citing an internal British Home Office briefing, reported that "Albanians or Kosovars now control 'around 70%' of massage parlors in Soho. That ties in with a report last year [2000] by the National Criminal Intelligence Service, which noted a long-term threat from organized Albanian gangs who run immigration and prostitution rackets across Western Europe to pursue their goals." 

The article says that there is "little the police can do. They say that immigrant sex workers refuse to testify because the gangs threaten reprisals against the women's loved ones. Since these groups operate internationally, the British police cannot protect the families of the workers. They are powerless against such intimidation." 

Paul Holmes, who heads London's Metropolitan Police's Vice Unit says "All our intelligence and evidential experience is that these women are being used, effectively as sexual slaves, by ruthless, exploitative pimps." Tackling prostitution is harder than ever. But it is not the sex that is the problem. It is the slavery. [15] 

The Albanian mafia has become extremely powerful as a world-wide criminal force. The effects of the Albanian mafia are even being felt in the United States where they are taking over organized crime. 

The FBI says, thousands of Albanians and others who fled the Balkans for the United States in recent years have emerged as a serious organized crime problem, threatening to displace La Cosa Nostra (LCN) families as kingpins of U.S. crime. [16] 

According to Chris Swecker, the head of the FBI's criminal division, Albanian gangsters have already seized control of some rackets from New York Mafia families. [17] 

John Kerry and the KLA 

The leader of the KLA is a man named Hashim Thaci. Thaci, who goes under the nom de guerre "Snake," attended the Democratic Party’s convention in Boston earlier this year. 

Upon returning from the convention, Thaci told the Albanian-Language KosovaLive agency, "It was a very successful visit at the Democratic Convention, where the PDK [Thachi's political party] had been invited as a guest. It was confirmed once again that the Democratic authorities would recognize and respect the will of the people of Kosova for self-determination" [18] 

In addition to the KLA leader's attendance at the Democratic Convention was the presence of KLA members at a John Kerry fundraiser in New York. 

In September, the Dutch Television station VPRO produced a documentary entitled "De Brooklyn Connectie." This documentary follows a KLA terrorist named Florin Kraniqi as he attends a John Kerry fundraiser, and then smuggles weapons into Kosovo for a war that is being planned against American and other UN Peacekeepers there. 

The video can be downloaded from the VPRO website at:


Kraniqi lives in Brooklyn, where he allegedly works as a roofer; although his big house, his shiny new car, and his swimming pool, suggest that he makes money in other ways. 

The first few minutes of the video consist of Kraniqi praising the KLA and accusing the Serbs. 

At the 11:08 mark of the video, he goes to a John Kerry fundraiser together with a group of KLA members. They are shown writing checks to the Kerry campaign for thousands of dollars each. 

While at the fundraiser, they openly identify themselves as the KLA. Kraniqi is seen introducing himself and his brothers-in-arms to Wesley Clark (Commander of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, and former Democratic presidential candidate). Kraniqi says, "Mr. Clark. This is your group, your KLA." Clark then praises the group saying, "They fought against tremendous odds." 

Then, Richard Holbrooke (Kerry's Sr. Foreign Policy Adviser), who apparently knows one of the terrorists, comes over and jokingly says, "He almost got me killed." To which Kraniqi quips, "He would not let his Kalashnikov go. He will keep his Kalashnikov." Then Holbrooke, Clark, and this group of KLA terrorists all have a good laugh. 

It is rather disturbing to see these high officials in the Democratic Party having such a relaxed and friendly exchange with a group of terrorists, eventhough they have just given thousands of dollars to John Kerry’s campaign. 

Kraniqi makes clear that he expects a quid-pro-quo for his donation. He says, "With money you can do amazing things in this country. Senators and congressmen are looking for donations. If you fund them and raise the money they need for their campaign they pay you back." 

At the 29:03 mark of the video, Kraniqi visits a gun store and purchases weapons to use in Kosovo. From this point forward you get to see how the KLA smuggles weapons into Kosovo, disguising them as humanitarian aid and so forth. 

Near the end of the video, at the 46:00 mark, you finally learn why the KLA has been smuggling all of those weapons into Kosovo. The Dutch TV reporter says, "In Pristina I talked to the NATO spokesman and he told me that he was very successful in disarming the Albanians." 

Kraniqi laughs and replies, "It's a NATO propaganda. No one ever is going to disarm Albanians. There is no way. No NATO, no one is going to disarm Albanians. [...] NATO can collect a few arms. But most Albanians in Kosovo are very well armed. Just incase NATO pulls out, or we don't get our independence peacefully then we'll use those weapons." 

Because the video has been edited, the end of this conversation is way back at the 4:08 mark (you can tell that it is part of the same conversation because he is standing in front of the same wall, in the same lighting conditions, and wearing the same clothes). 

The Dutch Reporter asks: "It's going to be war?" 

Kraniqi replies: "Hope not, but if it is were ready; if not this spring then the next one. If Kosova does not get its independence there will be a war." 

In case you are unaware of this fact, the only ones in Kosovo that the KLA can have a war with are the UN peacekeeping troops, which include Americans. The Serbs all withdrew in 1999 after the NATO bombing. 

This is not such a thinly veiled threat, Kraniqi is saying that if the KLA does not get its way then it will attack the UN Troops who are stationed in Kosovo, and those UN troops include Americans. 

These terrorists have already shown that they are not afraid to attack the UN. In September, UCK sniper attacks on UN vehicles forced the UN to stop using the Kosovska Mitrovica-Leposavic road between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. [19]



The KLA is clearly a terrorist organization. It is backed by Islamic terror organizations. It is linked both to Osama bin Laden and to the Government of Iran. It is heavily involved in drug trafficking and forced prostitution. 

The KLA is directly threatening the safety of American personnel stationed in Kosovo. They’re smuggling weapons in for a war against a UN force that includes Americans, and they’re so brazen that they’ll do for everybody to see on Dutch national TV. 

John Kerry, who was on the Senate Intelligence Committee from 1993 until 2000, must know who the KLA is, but he clearly doesn’t care. 

Instead of condemning the KLA, Kerry takes money from them. And instead of distancing itself from the KLA, Kerry's party invites the KLA's leader to come to their convention in Boston. 

The United States of America, was brutally attacked by terrorists on 9/11, we are in a life or death struggle against terrorism, and here is John Kerry taking money from terrorists; if there was ever anybody that we needed to keep out of the White House it’s John Kerry. 

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