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Feminists Pave the Way for Women to be Raped


By: Amber Pawlik 


Feminists, who are just one arm in the multiculturalist, socialist left establishment, are quite loud in talking about women’s rights in the Middle East.  Indeed, they are justified in complaining about the poor treatment of women in the Middle East.  Under Saddam’s regime, his two sons would point to the women they wanted, then rape them.  Under the Islamic regime in Iran, Iranian women are hanged for committing adultery.  Feminists win over the hearts of Westerners because all Westerners agree this type of behavior is ugly and wrong.  Westerners overwhelmingly favor peace and liberty for everybody. 


But feminists are exploiting Western compassion.  It is time to pull the pants off of these beasts:  they never were and never will be in favor of women or women’s rights.  Their recent response to gang rapes in Australia reveals them for what they are. 


In Sydney Australia, two men, Pakistan-born Muslims, were found guilty of gang rapes of two teenage girls.  This comes as strict justice for a growing problem in this region.  Muslim men have been roaming Sydney gang, raping non-Muslim women, calling them "Aussie pigs" and "sluts" who ask for it.  If previous jail sentences are any indication of their punishment, a 55 yr long jail term is in their future as was given to Balil Skaf. 


This, of course, is a victory for women’s rights.  Especially in Pakistani culture, where honor killings take place, the shame is often placed on the rape victim not the aggressor.  One would think feminists would embrace such a court ruling. 


But feminist reaction was not praise; it was hostility.  Those in the audience at the conference that announced the news cried the convictions were “nothing but racist prosecutions.”  They were outraged over the “racism” of the strict punishments given to the Muslims rapists.  


To these feminists, protection for Muslims – to stop “racist” comments about Muslims – out-trumps justice for rape victims.  The Anti-Discrimination Board in Australia pumped out pamphlets chastising the media for “Anti-Muslim” bigotry – meanwhile non-Muslim women have to worry about being brutally raped by a gang of Muslim thugs. 


Hysterics from the likes of the Anti-Discrimination Board seem to be working:  cops are now afraid to stand up to Muslim criminals.  This includes an incident when cops found three Muslims with stolen property.  They called for backup – and so did the three Muslims.  After the stand off, the final response of the cops was to order the officers to retreat. 


You may scratch your head at the actions of feminists – defending Muslim rapists and not rape victims.  Don’t.  This is to be expected.  From my experience in anti-feminist activism, there is one thing I have learned:  feminists do not care about female victims of rape, sexual assault, or domestic violence.  They only embrace these issues for propaganda reasons.  Let me explain how and why this work – why feminists embracing the Muslim gang members and not the rape victims is to be expected.


Feminists pounced on the issue of rape not because they cared about rape victims, but because it allowed them to spread class warfare.  Spreading scare tactics about rape, such as the false notion that one in four women will be raped, that 2/3 of women will be sexually harassed, etc., allowed them to make women feel like “victims.”  Victimhood is a precondition for socialism.  They divided the world into two groups, in typical Marxist fashion:  women as the oppressed class and men as the oppressor class. 


Because it has nothing to do with who genuinely is a victim and who is the oppressor, but rather is about what class you are in, women can easily be forgotten.  If a racial or ethnic class that the establishment gives higher priority to is involved, women will get dismissed.  Muslim men, who are a politically protected class, are given higher status than women.  Therefore, Muslim gangs can rape white women, and the Muslim rapists will get protection – feminists will not condemn it. 


This is not an isolated case of this happening either.  During the OJ Simpson trial, the National Organization for Women, the largest, most visible feminist organization in America, defended OJ Simpson not Nicole Brown Simpson, i.e. the black, male murderer not the white female victim.  It should be relatively common knowledge now that feminists do not care about female victims of rape or sexual/domestic violence. 


Feminists are not interested in solving these issues.  When you talk to feminists, it appears as if they are actually happy when it is proven there is more rape or sexual assault in society.  Indeed, despite all their activism in the past 30 years, they will admit themselves that rape and violence in society has in fact increased. 


Feminists utterly fail at solving these issues.  You know who is effective at solving these evils?  Conservatives, especially conservative men.


Every conservative man I know who hears of these gangs raping women vow they would take the situation into their own hands if the law didn’t bring justice to the rape victims.  Despite feminist activism for several years about the oppression of women in the Middle East – under the likes of the Taliben and Sadddam Hussein – they were utterly impotent in their ability to help Middle Eastern women.  It was conservatives, the Bush administration, with quick, effective military action that liberated these people, including women, from these oppressive regimes.  I am reminded of the two different first wives relationship to women in the Middle East:  Laura Bush preached to Middle Eastern leaders that they need to educate their girls as well as their boys; Hillary Clinton’s only bragging right is she tried on a burqa.


The moral relativism, class warfare, and all around hatred of the left is not condusive to liberating people, women’s rights, or peace and liberty.  It’s time to take these issues away from the left.  They don’t deserve them.  They don’t stand for women.  They don’t stand for peace.  They don’t stand for liberty.  They hate George Bush more than they hate Saddam Hussein.  They like Muslim gangs better than they like non-Muslim rape victims.  Their claims that they stand for human rights, peace, and women’s rights are just a covering. 


I believe what they are doing is conditioning the world to accept the initiation of force.  They apologize for Islam but hate Christianity because they see that Islam creates nothing but thugs.  Therefore, if the world is hyper “tolerant” of Muslims, they can literally loot, rape, and pillage us, and the whole population will be left unable to defend ourselves.  Indeed, when people do rise to defend themselves against thugs, the left will smear them as being “violent.” 


Sorry, but Muslims can be held to the same moral standard as every other human being, and they can learn how to follow the law.  If feminists really cared about women in the Middle East, they would strike at the root of the problem:  Islam.  Despite what Shirin Ebadi says, the problem for women in the Middle East is not “the patriarchy,” it is Islam.  Muslims are literally given a free pass to do whatever they want – including raping women, looting restaurants in France that sell food not approve by the Koran, etc.  Unless moral people start speaking up – not cowering in fear, worried about being called a “racist” – this and other issues like it (not the least of which is terrorism) literally will mean the death of us.



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