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Cannibalizing Islam 


By Abul Kasem 


ecent events in Iraq and in some other Islamic Paradises, like Darfur, Pakistan, Bangladesh, is unfolding a bizarre picture of Islam—the picture of cannibalization of Islam! Bereft of any sensible reasons, the Muslims are killing Muslims! How is this unthinkable possible?—we might wonder in awe.  After all, Islamic killing really means wanton murder of the infidels, as had been amply demonstrated by 9/11, Bali, Madrid, Jakarta, 7/7 and many other episodes of horrendous Islamic genocides.  

Having quenched, to some extent, its thirst for infidel blood, it appears that Islam is now turning on itself. After all, now-a-days, it is gradually becoming more difficult to murder infidels in large number—as the kafirs have, slowly, but surely become smarter, and have learnt their bitter lessons vis`-a vis` Islam. They are now fully alert, cautious, stern and decisive in combating Islamic terrorism. We no longer hear President George Bush exhorting, ‘Islam means peace’, neither does Tony Blair say, ‘Islam is tolerant’. Instead, these kafir leaders are now loud and clear—saying without hesitation, ‘Islam is an evil ideology’ used by the terrorists. These infidel lands are now busy enacting tough legislations to call ‘spade a spade’. What we have been writing for many years, is, finally being heeded by these infidels. This is good for them, and is surely good for the entire humanity. But this is not at all good news for Islam. 

You see, Islam cannot blissfully thrive without red hot blood—the human blood. As a car cannot run without petrol, so is Islam. The fuel that propels Islam is blood. When infidels’ blood is difficult to shed, Islam spills its own blood. Blood is the life-line of Islam, violence its hallmark, hate its foundation. Therefore, when needed, Islam must cannibalize itself, just to run its own course, set by Muhammad, the last Prophet.  

This cannibalism is nothing new in Islam. Islamic history is profusely replete with many such savage anecdotes of cannibalization. 

During the last few decades we have witnessed much such Islamic cannibalism. The most recent event was the Iran-Iraq war, in which millions of Muslims were killed, not by the infidels (kafirs) but by Muslims. Undoubtedly, in not-too-distant a future, we are bound to witness many such events of Islamic cannibalism. 

Here, I shall illustrate a few such cases of Islamic cannibalism as was perpetrated during the nascent stages of Islam, and ponder if we could learn few a few lessons from those gruesome episodes. 

The earliest example of Islamic cannibalism, strangely, is found in the Holy Qur’an, in verses 9:108-110! These verses refer to the gutting of a rival mosque on the instruction of none but Muhammad (pbuh) when he was returning after his expedition to Tabuk, a resorceful town in the Syrian-Byzantine territory. This Islamic incursion story goes like this: 

The Destruction of an Opposition Mosque at Dhu Awan by Muhammad--April, 631CE 

Proceeding further from Tabuk on his way to Medina, Muhammad halted at Dhu Awan at Quba (about 4 kms. from Medina), an hour’s journey from Medina. There, an opposition Muslim group had built a mosque. Previously, while Muhammad was making preparations for the march to Tabuk, this group of Muslims approached him and said, “O Messenger of God, we have built a mosque for the sick and needy and for rainy and cold nights, and we would like you to visit us and pray for us.” (Tabari, vol.ix, p.61). As Muhammad was too busy with his preparations for Tabuk expedition, he excused himself from visiting this newly-built mosque but assured the dissident group that he would call on their mosque while returning to Medina (from Tabuk). 

When Muhammad halted at Dhu Awan, he accused its builders of being unjust and sent a band of jihadists to burn and destroy the freshly constructed mosque. He said to his band of hooligans, “Go to this mosque whose owners are unjust people and destroy and burn it.” (Tabari, vol.ix, p.61). His band of raging arsonists stealthily entered the bustling mosque and set fire to it when it was filled with people assembled for the evening prayer. The worshippers dispersed in utter terror. Allah promptly sent down verse 9:107, 110, justifying the destruction of opposition mosques. To further validate his gutting of this mosque, Muhammad concocted the story that he suspected that the builders of the ‘Mosque of Dissent’ were planning to assassinate him. 

Then he extolled the virtue of the first mosque (known as Masjid Takwa) that was built by him at Quba when he migrated to Medina and where he had asked his followers to pray. This instruction is written in the Qur’an in verses 9:108-110 

Here are those verses that had laid the foundation of cannibalism in Islam:

And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers - and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But Allah doth declare that they are certainly liars.
Never stand thou forth therein. There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are men who love to be purified; and Allah loveth those who make themselves pure.
Which then is best? - he that layeth his foundation on piety to Allah and His good pleasure? - or he that layeth his foundation on an undermined sand-cliff ready to crumble to pieces? and it doth crumble to pieces with him, into the fire of Hell. And Allah guideth not people that do wrong.
The foundation of those who so build is never free from suspicion and shakiness in their hearts, until their hearts are cut to pieces. And Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.

These verses, when taken in true Islamic spirit, call for the devastation of rival mosques. The most important question is: which mosques are genuinely Islamic and which mosques are not so Islamic? Since there is no central authority in Islam to decide on this, it naturally becomes a moot-point, to say the least. It is therefore, a free-market in Islam when it comes to destruction and bloodshed. Thus, Sunnis are free to destroy Shia mosques; the Shias are permitted to destroy Sunni mosques; both these groups are free to destroy Ahmedi or Kurdish mosques and so on. Within each group there are sub-groups and they are also entitled to commit such depravities on other groups. This is exactly what is going on in almost all Islamic Paradises. In Iraq, Sunnis are destroying Shia mosques and murdering them. In Pakistan, Sunnis are killing the Shias and burning their mosques. Then the Shias are avenging this by destroying Sunni mosques. In Bangladesh, both the Sunnis and the Shias are occupying Ahmedi mosques and setting them on fire. This musical chair of mosque-burning and killing is proceeding unabated, each groups claiming they are the true Muslims! Each group is adamant they are absolutely following the Qur’an and Sunna (Muhammad’s deeds and examples), the two principal sources of Islam.

Arguably, we might wonder why such mayhem must be never-ending when the apologist Muslims, living in infidel lands (especially, in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia) are vociferous in claiming ‘Islam is peaceful’ and Islam could never condone such murder and violence. To solve this puzzle, we must, at first, find out the sect structure of Islam. Simply stated, we must be aware of the various sects/classes/denominations of Muslims.

If we do a little Googling we might discover the following main sects or branches of Islam: 


            Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, Hanbal




Submitters (Qur’an only Muslims)




Jaffri, Islamilia, Zaidiah, Yazdis 










There might be many other groups and sub-groups that we might not be readily known to us. 

Even Muhammad had predicted that the Muslims will be divided into seventy-two sects. Here are a few ahadith on this from Sunaan Abu Dawud: 

Muslims will be split into 73 sects…40.4579 

Book 40, Number 4579:

Narrated Abu Hurayrah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The Jews were split up into seventy-one or seventy-two sects; and the Christians were split up into seventy one or seventy-two sects; and my community will be split up into seventy-three sects.


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