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George Bush Divides US or us?    

Abul Kasem  

When John Kerry, after conceding his defeat in the recently held election, called President Bush he reminded George Bush of the deep chasm that has engulfed the American nation like nothing before.  

George Bush agreed with John Kerry.  

It looks like this division has now spread to all parts of the world, except of course, to the Muslim World. The Muslim World was solidly behind John Kerry. Even the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia , who often chastises Western leaders for meddling in his personal property (i.e., Malaysia ), shamelessly harangued the Muslim Americans not to vote for George Bush. To him, lecturing the citizens of the USA on how to vote is not interfering in the domestic affairs of the US, but it is his religious duty to rid the world of the disciple of the Great Satan. Did George Bush admonish the self-appointed 21st. century Khalifa of the Muslims? No, he did not. He simply kept quiet, preferring to let the American people decide. Imagine what the new Caliph of the Muslim Ummah would do if George Bush had asked the Malaysians not to vote the ex-Prime Minister during an election in Malaysia !  

During the election campaign Gorge Bush was portrayed as a liar, a war-monger, a Muslim-hater, a Christian fundamentalist, a moron, the lowest I.Q President, a Texan Cow-boy and whatnot.  

So why did the Americans vote in drove this Christian fundamentalist, a belligerent, a non-apologist and a dunce for the White house for a second term? Let me ponder on this matter, remembering the Australian election which was held just a month ago ( 9th October, 2004 ).  

While I may not be very familiar with the American politics, I can, perhaps, relate this bizarre American voters' attitude from the example of the Australian voters. The Australians re-elected John Howard’s conservative party (the Liberals) for the fourth time defying the pundit’s prediction (from polls, of course) of a comfortable, if not a land-slide, victory for the Labor Party of Australia (ALP). The readers may draw an analogy between these two dominant parties of Australia with that of the two major parties of the USA thus:  

The Australian Liberal Party = the Republicans of the USA

The Australian Labor Party = the Democrats of the USA .

The incumbent Prime Minister John Howard was a Liberal candidate in this election. The opposition was portrayed him as a liar, a war-monger, an enemy of the Muslims, a dullard, a racist, a Christian bigot--simply because he refused to call back the Australian troops from the war-ravaged Iraq. He is uncompromising in chasing the Islamic Terrorists. He wants to catch them and punish them with full force of the law. While the Australian Labor Party was somewhat ambivalent on Islamic Terrorism, John Howard is absolutely unyielding in dealing with them. He will not hesitate to go to war with his neighboring countries if Islamic Terrorists attack Australia from their bases from any one of these countries—that is his stand—crystal clear.  

When the election result was announced John Howard won the election with more seats in the Parliament than the previous poll. Not only that but he also won a comfortable majority in the Senate which will enable him to pass new laws (to contain terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism) with extreme ease. Seems like an exact duplicate situation of the USA , isn’t it? 

When the election was over I heard many BD Muslims calling the Australians ‘stupid’ for electing an enemy of Islam as the Prime Minister of Australia. They preferred Mark Latham, the opposition Leader and a candidate of the Australian Labor party, who, as a sign of his love for the Muslims, even nominated Ed Husic, a ‘non-practicing’ Muslim as a candidate for a Sydney suburban electorate. For the last couple of decades this electorate had always been won by a Labor candidate. There was absolutely no way that this ‘non-practicing Muslim’ would lose the election— every one thought. If that happened then Australia would probably have its first ‘non-practicing Muslim’ in the Federal Parliament.  

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