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The Conversation of Two ex-Muslims 


Islam must be eradicated if humanity is to survive. This must be done by the hand of Muslims themselves or better said, the ex-Muslims.

I always said that with each Muslim that sees the light and leaves Islam, we win a new ally and a soldier in this battle against darkness of ignorance. The miracle of this war is that our victory does not mean the defeat of our opponent but rather his victory too. In fact this is the victory for mankind. This is the victory of good over evil, of love over hate, or compassion over anger, of knowledge over ignorance. It is the victory of unity of mankind, and of course it is a major victory for womankind.

Four years ago I promised we would overcome this evil in few short decades. I said many of us would see the end of Islam in our own lifetime. I repeat that promise once again with more conviction than ever. The movement of ex-Muslims is growing exponentially. The reason our growth is exponential, is because each new enlightened soul becomes a lighthouse to others. Each Muslim who comes out of Islam, becomes a dedicated soldier who tries to save his loved ones and his own people leading them too out of this pit of darkness and ignorance. The power of exponential growth is astronomical. If you start with one and each year you double that number, in thirty years you surpass a billion. That is how powerful is exponential growth. Like an avalanche our movement is gaining momentum by day, because love is more powerful than hate and truth is more potent than all lies.  

When three days ago I published Qadir's testimony, several people wrote to him to congratulate him. He forwarded his correspondence to me. Here is one of them. I decided to share it with you because it is inspiring and heartening. But specially because I hope it will help those Muslims sitting over the fence to make the leap and join us.  

Ali Sina



Hi Qadir;

I am from India and was a forced musie (better call these creatures as Moozies) because of my ancestral linage, but never believed a wee-bit in this barbaric religion and today I came across you viewpoints on Faithfreedom (Ali Sina Is my hero too)and the best part was when you openly confessed your true name to him ignoring the pseudonym he suggested to you (I still feel you should heed)proved that you are really very brave and focussed to eradicate this disease which is a blot on humanity, yes, all like-minded musies should shed this disease from the skin (like real moozies do)and work towards just humanity. 

Congratulations to you once again and wish that our fraternity grows faster and in abundance.
Please feel free to respond.
In Peace



From: Kaafir <[email protected]>

Dear Azim Bhaijaan,

   Thanks for appreciating my viewpoint and my plight. Today I feel free and part of human race.   

   I have now more sense of belonging to my ethnic community to my country and to the entire human race as a whole. Till yesterday, I used to look at world as "them and us", Islamic and non-Islamic. I repent those moments when I felt good about any news of Muslims killing the non- Muslims. 

   Islam creates a living hell for people who follow it and the "Zannat" heaven that it describes after a jehadi goes after death sounds like a whorehouse. Allah is the eternal pimp who charges you the price of your life and the lives of innocent people as entry fee to this eternal whorehouse where you get 70 virgin houris, young boys as slaves and rivers flowing with wine.

   I have seen many burka wearing Muslim women who are suffering from breathing disorders who have to wear these so as not to offend any mullah on the street. The burka hinders the free flow of fresh air around the face and is actually a portable prison, which rides on top of the women. It also serves to remind them of their slavery to their man and Islam. 

   Thanks to the efforts of a person like Janaab Ali Sina that I am able to see the world in a fresh new perspective. It would also be interesting to see Iranians return to their original Persian culture. Without Islam the world would be a more varied, beautiful, liveable and interesting place, as God wanted it to be. This is the main belief of Hindus that "diversity is part of God's scheme of running this universe" and Islam kills that diversity. 

    Imagine a world full of only Muslims and all the world full of burka wearing women, and then the world would be divided between shias and sunnis and do you think they will embrace each other? Do you think there will be no poor or rich? Do you think that there would be no crime?  Do you think businesses would make more money and banks could be run using stupid Islamic banking laws? Do you think there will be no wars? In fact if we ex-Muslims do not bring these facts to the Muslims we will fail the humanity. We should start communicating with those Indian Muslims who are educated and have Internet access.   

    I am not at all supportive of western culture. I love my Indian way of life minus the virus of  Islam inside my head. Islam is nothing but MHD = Mad human disease like MCD = Mad cow disease or CJD. I am free of this disease now and am trying to keep the future nasl  (generation) free of this disease of destruction. 

    Please forward my email and my URL to all the Indians Muslims that you know.   

God/Allah/Ishwar bless you.

Qadir Sheikh (Kaafir786)








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