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Ok, you guys were right all along, I was one of those people, Who really wanted Islam to be good.....I thought you guys at faithfreedom were just hate mongers, Although I recognized you had some valid points, Still I wanted so much for Islam to be good that I fell into its trap and tried to make it good. And yet I noticed my brothers and sisters in Islam, who praised me when I praised Islam, Just as quickly and readily demonized me when I began to question all the lies I was told about Islam...Because you see I knew nothing of Islam nothing at all, Sep 11 was my first introduction to Islam, But I was so eager to love the world right into a better world that when Muslims began telling me Osama was to Islam as the anti-Christ was to Christianity they told me Islam was all about peace and love and that Muhammad was some great prophet of peace. they praised him as though he were pro women, They basically made him into a god......But they did not tell me about his evil actions and when I began to learn of them and wanted to discuss them because I still wanted to believe Islam was good and perhaps there was some good explanation for why Muhammad would commit such evils but I quickly learned that to dare question Muhammad is to be demonized threatened abused etc. And they will see them selves as doing good and so I began to study and learn all the more, after 5 or 6 years of research and trying so hard to prove you all wrong all I have found is that you were right all along.

I put some of your challenges before my Islamic friends as though they were my own challenges. They could not dispute them. They merely attacked and demonized me instead. The very people I worked so hard to defend became my enemies. As they demonized me, more and more I began to get angry and the more I saw the truth about Islam the angrier I became. I was hurt very, very hurt, afraid, shocked, humiliated. 

On one hand they tried to convert people to Islam - tried to convince people that Islam is about love and peace, but never did they show me this alleged love and peace nor did they show this love and peace to anyone else who did not glorify Islam as they did. I started off full of love and eager to embrace Islam and be embraced by it, I defended it I told the lies it had trained me to tell, I proclaimed Islam is about peace, because thatís what they told me, They told me the very word Islam was peace, But they lied. Now I know it means submission, which is the opposite of peace. I did the world no justice when I helped to glorify Islam then. And now because I know the truth the whole truth about Islam and because of all that it has done to me and because of what it has done to believers and disbelievers alike, I hate Islam. By saying this I am often demonized and they see me only with hatred. But they do not understand. I hate Islam because I love humanity. I love the believers and the disbelievers alike and I hate what Islam has done to them, For what it has done to humanity I hate Islam and never again will I defended it never will I submit, I will not bow nor will I submit!  

But I thank you faithfreedom for daring to stand because you are the true heroes of the land! 


Dear Dee Anna  

You are lucky that you do not live in an Islamic country or you would not have had the chance to leave Islam. Millions of so called Muslims are desperate to leave this cult but they know that they canít or they would pay it with their lives.

Wish you all the best

Ali Sina 



Yes my friend I assure you I do tell people about your site. In fact I talked to one of the Muhammad worshipers, (because basically thatís what Islam really boils down to) I talked to one of the Muhammad worshipers about your site and explained how accurate you seemed. I was hoping for some response such as: ďWell Islam has done some wrong and Iím so sorry for that.Ē Instead he said, you guys were a bunch of Baptist preachers who got together and made all these sites to make Islam look bad! And he told me how educated he was and basically implied that because he is so educated and I am not, he is right and I am wrong.  

I was a slave for the shackles I put on my self. But I did it out of love. I knew first hand what it is like to be a victim of discrimination, a victim of hate a victim of evil. And in my heart I could not bare that others should be as I had been, so full of pain and sorrow. Desperate to belong in a world, where I did not know my place, I struggled to conform, struggled to fit in. But there was always something different about me. I always knew all forms of abuse. I knew this abuse even as a baby. But of all these forms of abuse that which caused me the utmost suffering was the lack of love. I was starved for love starved to matter in this world. And to starve for love is a pain greater than I could bear and it was something I would not wish on my worst enemy. As I grew older I saw that it was not only me and my siblings who suffered in this world, but the world was full of suffering people. People starved for love and a place to belong. And so I decided I would make it my goal to love the world right into a better place for us all. I was doing that play it forward thing before there was ever a movie about it.  

I grew up raised by many different people, from Atheist to strict religious. My step grandfather was atheist, my grandmother a catholic, and both were very abusive to me. Religion was a constant in my life. And as I passed from one family to another and to the next, abuse and hellfire and brimstone teachings were a constant. But I rebelled against the notion that a good loving god could be so psychotic and I raised my voice and said so. I said so not because I wanted to hurt the believers but because I wanted to love the disbeliever as well as the believers. For that I was demonized and called satan at times etc. Still I loved the believers, so I tried to please them, but I also loved the disbelievers. This left me torn in the middle somehow. Out of love I walked away from it all.  

When I learned how many religions there are I decided perhaps my fate, my destiny in my quest for a better world was to find the golden sparks within each faith and use them to help humanity love one another as equals not with all the differences and divisions, I was so happy at last I had found my path.  

Sept 11 happened to us all and my first response when I found out Osama was a Muslim and there was a religion called Islam, was love and mercy. I wanted to ensure that not all of Islam was persecuted for what Osama had done. So I defended Islam and Muslims. I still didnít know squat about it though. Some Muslims told me that Islam was about peace and love and Muhammad was a great prophet of peace who love and liberated women. They made him sound Christ like, and they made Islam sound like some small persecuted religion of peace and non violence. And all I felt was an innocent love and acceptance, I sought to embrace Islam with love, to love and be loved and work together for a better world for all people. But from the start I was lied to. They depicted Muslims as the poor peaceful yet persecuted minority. The truth is that Islam is the persecutor of minorities. Still at first, though I had questions about the faith and the founder of the faith, all I wanted was to love and be loved. After all, I had had some very bad experiences in my own Christian background. I had been demonized so many times as a child I began to be truly afraid the devil was in me. After all I was accused so many times, because I would not bow, nor would I submit to anything as barbaric as eternal hell for humanity.  

Anyway, after I embraced Islam with love I discovered too late that Islam was even worse and its eternal hell even more barbaric. A submitted slave who dares to question the faith is as bad as a disbeliever. Once again I was demonized. Demonized because I dared to love, dared to stand for the disbelievers as equal to the believers. Now I stand again and walk away. Now yet again I am cast down and again demonized and satanized.  

But I have a message and that message is: I do not walk away from Islam because I hate the believers. Oh no! I walk away because, I love the disbelievers. And I am thoroughly ashamed of how we the believers have treated them. And yet still I love you as the believers but I love the disbelievers too. I did not bow for the belief that demonized the disbelievers and condemned them to eternal hellfire in my own original religion, why would I bow for such a barbaric belief in a new religion that is even crueler to the disbeliever? You can make me the great Satan in your minds, you can demonize me if you must, but I walk away, not because I hate but because I LOVE! I love the disbeliever as much as I love the believers and never will I submit to any eternal evil cast upon them. You may vilify me and satanize me if you have to, but someday, someday you will have to ask your selves why your devil loves more than your god. I am and have been a slave, but now I am setting my self free. 

P.S. I love you all! I think you are the great heroes of the world and the most beautiful people and I am ever so grateful that you stood. I love all of you thank you faithfreedom!

Dear Dee Anna  

I believe you have found the essence of religion within yourself. Religion is a way to find God in our hearts and to love our fellow being. You have done both on your own. You reached your destination, flying. You took no roads. All roads were proven to be torturous and thorny for you. Yes, love is the essence of religion. This is the eternal principle of all good philosophies and faiths. Once you reach the point that you love all mankind and become blind to the differences that separate us, you have reached the pinnacle of humanness. This is a lofty station, at the reach of all of us and yet it is the path less trodden.  

Many people who defend Islam do it out of the goodness in their hearts. They have the best of intentions. Alas the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In Persian we say, kindness to the wolf is cruelty to the sheep. Unfortunately the world is reluctant to see Muslims as wolves. Muslims are wolves for what they believe and what they practice. It is their demonic cult that converts them into deceitful and hatemongering murderers. Otherwise we are all born innocent and pure. We become who we are through indoctrination. You were lied to, like all of us. Every Muslim is lied to and he then takes upon himself to perpetuate that lie, to keep lying to himself and to others.  But we are free. No amount of indoctrination can overcome our free will. Once we come to age and can make choices on our own then the excuse that I was indoctrinated is not a valid excuse anymore. We become responsible for our actions, for what we believe and what we do. Muslims are not innocent. They are guilty for what they believe and for what they do. There is no excuse for hating our fellow being. Foolishness is not an excuse. 

Ali Sina






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