My House is Mine; Your House is Mine Too!

By Syed Kamran Mirza 
May 29, 2002

In Islam, one thing is very puzzling indeed! Muslims love to take credit for anything and everything that is good in this wide world. And desperately it deny and wash their hands of anything and everything that is embarrassing to them. Islamists very often claims that they acknowledge many things in USA which are Islamic in origin. Some of them even go one step further and say, "America is more Islamic then many Muslim country." When asked, "How come?" They will cite some good things among the peoples and in the American administration. As if, anything good is the product of Islam. In such situation-Islamists always try to use their universal Islamic formula: "MY HOUSE IS MINE; YOUR HOUSE IS MINE TOO!" Of course, nobody will ever say how, where, when and what good things did happen in which Islamic kingdom? They do not have any clues as to what they are talking about and for no good reason they often shove down our throat their erroneous claims; however, they will claim them anyway!

They will claim that-Allah only like the religion Islam and all the world's prophets were Muslims, and Islamists usually do respect all the prophets before Muhammad. Never mind, the Islamists in general do not respect the followers of the any prophets. To them, only the followers of Prophet Muhammad (Muslims) are the good human beings. Muslims will not respect/like the Christians-the followers of Prophet Jesus; will not respect or like the Jews-the followers of Prophet Moses (in fact Muslims hate Jews up to their bones); will not like the Hindus-the followers of Ram an incarnate of Vishnu. Nevertheless, Muslims will respect all those above prophets barring Hindu incarnate of Vishnu, Shiva, and Ma Kali or Durga.

In the holy land of Canaan, the present land occupied by Israelis and Palestinians, gave birth to many prophets and many Kings. King David and his son king Solomon was simply the king of Jews, and according to Jews and Christians, they were never a prophet. Surprisingly, Islam calls them prophets of Islam. Readers obviously heard many a time the names of Nabi Sulaiman and Nabi Doud from the mouth of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Indian Maulanas (they often come to Tongi to participate in tafsir and boyan during yearly Ijtema). These two Jewish Kings become the center of most superstitious stories in Islam. Qur'an told many miraculous stories about these two so-called prophets. Especially, prophet Sulaiman (actually King Solomon) was the most magician prophet of Islam. This so-called prophet of Islam (popularly known as Suleman Poigumbar) was able to talk with all the animals and also understand the languages of all animals (as per Qur'an) including the ant. Truth of the matter is these were Jewish kings, not even Muslim kings, and was never a prophet. According to Bible (Jews and Christians), King Solomon was known as "the wise king" by virtue of his extra-ordinary intelligence and acuity of his mind. How then they become Muslim and prophet that is a total mystery. Muslims perhaps used the universal Islamic formula of "my house is mine and your house is mine too."

In the US, one day (several years back) I had a conversation with a Mullah who was vehemently and very bitterly criticizing western culture especially the American culture and whatnot. He was very much worried about the contamination of his own and other generation of Muslim origin by the West's nasty cultures. When I said, we are the immigrant guests to this country and we must learn to adjust with their culture rather than criticizing theirs and imposing our values or we better leave this country and settled in our own native land. He immediately jumped on me by saying: "This earth was created by Allah and this America also belonged to Allah. Muslims are the true followers (soldiers) of Allah; hence, they are the true and legitimate owner of this duniah or earth. Therefore, this America also belonged to Muslims." Here also the formula is: "My house is mine and your house also mine!" Here my Mullah friend probably exercised the Qur'anic formula of dividing this planet of Allah into two: Darul Islam (house of Islam) and Darul Harb (house of infidels). That is, according to him, America is the Darul Harb, which should be converted to Darul Islam by the immigrant Muslims, i.e., all Muslims must fight to convert America (Darul Harb) into Darul Islam by the same formula I am talking about.

Makka/Mecca: In the ancient city of Mecca or Bacca, Ka'aba the square house was an important shrine that had existed long before the days of Prophet Muhammad. It contained many images of gods and goddesses from the Arabian pantheon. Meccan Pagan Arabs had enshrined a number of idols, "the daughters of Allah" within it. In the prehistoric times, a four-month truce was called each year between the warring tribes of Arabia, and people from the different tribes and towns would visit the shrine and circle round the square 7 times, running between Shafa and Marwa, stoning the devil, kissing black heavenly sent stone, etc. Prophet Muhammad occupied the Ka'aba, removed all the idols, and made it the Islam's holiest shrine. Today, it is the most sacred duty of all Muslims to do the seven circumambulating of the Ka'aba and kissing of the black stone, stoning the Shaitan, running between Safa and Marwa, and the whole caboodle. That is, Muslims do the exact same rituals, which were practiced by the pagans for many centuries before the advent of Islam. Again, Islam made the other people's house to their own sacred house by the same token of old Islamic formula: "My house is mine and your house is also mine."

Allah: Do you know who the Allah was? Allah was actually the chief of the 360 gods in the Kaaba. Allah was the name of a god whom the Arabs worshipped many centuries before Prophet Muhammad was born. Among the pagan Arabs this term "Allah" denoted the chief god of their pantheon, the Kaaba, with its three hundred and sixty idols. The word Allah was derived from al-ilah. Many scholars and academicians think that way. Arab Bedouins and pagans were already worshiping Allah at the Ka'ba in Mecca long before Mohammed came. Thus, Islam also owes the term "Allah" to the heathen Arabs.

Prophet Muhammad made the Arab pagans to believe that the same Allah (they worship) was talking with him in the Cave of Hira or Hera Mountain (which is not really a mountain at all!). He asked them to worship only the Allah (the one God) and discard the remaining gods in the Ka'aba. Thus, Islam owned the Allah of Heathen Arabs as their own deity by the same Islamic formula: "My house is mine and your house is also mine."

Jerusalem: This ancient city was built by Jebusites a Canaan tribe (not Arab or Jews). Later, the famous Jewish King David developed this city. This city was and still is extremely holy to the Jews and Christians. Islam never can claim any buildings in this city to be their own. In the 7th century, Caliph Omar occupied this city in the process of the expansion of Islamic-Arab dynasty. After that, Muslim built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and declared Jerusalem also the sacred city of Islam. Therefore, this is also "my house" by the same old Islamic formula.

Qur'an: Holy Qur'an was created mostly by copying from Old Testament. Look at the very tenor of Allah in these two holy books. You will be pleasantly surprised by the similarities. Nevertheless, a Muslim will never acknowledge this. Many verses in Qur'an can be traced back to the Old Testament. Many Arab heretic-folklore stories and myths were incorporated in Qur'an. Many verses also can be traced back their origin from the book of Zoroastrian. When asked how those stories of Bible and Zoroastrian book came in the Qur'an, the common answers are-"no, no, Islam did not copy from others. Actually, Bible, book of Zoroastrian also came from the same Allah. Only thing is, Jews, Christians and others had distorted the original scriptures sent to them by Allah, hence, Allah has sent them again (as fresh) to Prophet Muhammad through archangel Jibrail, which is the Qur'an. Therefore, Qur'an is the only authentic holy book and all other holy books are distorted and should be discarded by all means." Thus, Islam made the Qur'an the final book from Allah by synthesizing it from the various existing holy books and by incorporating all those folklores, stories, and Arabian myths. Here also Islam made the other people's holy book as their own holy book by the same Islamic formula.

Science: Islam strictly forbids freethinking. Make no mistake about it, readers! Therefore, science is totally anti-Islam, as science is incompatible to any other religions. There is a very interesting popular tactics employed by Islamic people. Whenever any freethinking human of Muslim origin achieved something good about science, which has been recognized internationally, then immediately Islamist will start beating the drum of Islamic success in science. They will claim it as the direct credit to Islam. Readers are aware that during the period of Abbasid dynasty (by virtue of the freethinking tendency of those Abbasid free minded Muslim kings) some Muslim-born freethinkers were very much successful in preserving and also synthesizing the ancient scientific achievements by Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, etc.

Another interesting point is most of those renowned Muslim scientists were non-Arab. Such as: Al-Khwarizmi (Uzbekistan); Al-Razi (Tehran); Al-Ghazzali (Khorman, Iran); Al-Tabari (Tabristan); Al-Farabi (Turkistan); Al-Biruni (Khwarizm, Uzbekistan); Ibn Sina (Bukhara, Central Asia); Ibn Rushd (Cordoba, Spain) and so on. All those scientists/philosophers happened to be sons of Muslim. None of them was a Mullah or Maolana, and none of them ever claimed that they got scientific theory by reading Qur'an or gobbling up the Hadiths. Then, why do all those Islamists bring religion in the field of science? Even then, Islamists quickly owned them and very often beat the drum of Islamic scientific progress. Of course, they apply the same universal Islamic formula I mentioned before.

Poetry, Songs, and music: Readers can check the well-written essay by Mr. Abul kasem  on this interesting topic to learn more about it. Islam strictly forbids poetry, songs, and music. Yes, this is no exaggeration. There are dreadful divine punishments for those who practice it. Nevertheless, whenever somebody makes poetry, songs, or music to praise Allah, Prophets, and Islamic principles, then it is a rewarding work in Islam. Immediately Islamists will own those poet or singers as the product of Islam. Apologetic Islamists often will claim that poets like Omar Khayyam, Jalal Al Din Rumi, Al Mari, etc., were Muslim poets. The fact is these were secular Muslims born poets who got even the title of Murtaad by fundamentalist mullahs. Yet, Islamists would like to claim those famous Muslim-born poets the product of Islam. Again, by the same old Islamic formula: My house is mine and your houses also mine (of course when it is good).

Who are Muslims and what is Islam:

Islamists will agree with you that-Islam is the religion started by Prophet Muhammad. That is, Islam was the religion brought to our earth by Prophet Muhammad when the darkness of the Arabia (Aiyame-Jahelia) was prevailing in that part of the world. That means-Islam is the religion of Prophet Muhammad. And nobody can be called a Muslim unless somebody recites the Kalema Tay'eb (conversion formula of Islam) : "There is none worthy of worship but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God." The truth to the matter is, unless one admits or agrees with this above Kalema, he cannot be called a Muslim. Period.

On the contrary, Islamists will forever claim that-starting from Adam and every prophet after him was Muslims. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lut, Ishmael, Isaac, Yakub, Moses, Daud (King David), Suleyman (King Solomon), Isa (Jesus), etc., were all Muslims and followers of Din-e-Islam-the one and only religion of Allah.

Now the great puzzle is: how in the world they can call all those past Prophets (Adam to Jesus) a Muslim? Have they recited the Kalema Tay'eb, the famous Islamic conversion formula? Have they (Adam, Noah, Lut etc.) prayed five times a day facing Ka'aba? These are, of course, 64 thousand dollars questions! Moses, Jesus or any other previous prophets never uttered this above mentioned Kalema (formula or mantra), nor did they pray five times facing ka'aba. Hence, they can never be called Muslims by any means. Nevertheless, Islamists will claim forever them to be Muslims anyway, because they go by the formula-"My house is mine and your house is also mine!"

Some Afterthoughts:

Islam is the religion, which pretends to claim all the goodies of this planet as their own. Muslims want to put all the good things into the pocket of Islam by any means. They consider Islam to be the best of all religions on earth, and they loudly proclaim that Islam is the religion of God and Muslims are the best human beings, even though world know Muslims today as the terrorists par excellence. Osama's al- Qaeda took the vow to convert entire Darul Harb into Allah's pasand (loving) Darul Islam. Islam is not only the greatest threat to the world's civilization, but very soon whole world will realize that Islam is the biggest hoax of mankind. It is just a matter of time.

The age of illumination has finally arrived. Thanks to the Internet. There was a fat chance that I could visit any place on earth and talk about all these incongruities in Islam that I mentioned in this short article. My head would not be in one piece if I dare to speak against Din-I-Islam. The rate at which Islam is being investigated by world scholars, it is just a matter of time the truth will come out that Muhammad connived to claim himself to be the Last Prophet. Truly, he never saw or met anyone at the small hill of Hira or Hera Mountain. In all likelihood, he went there but he saw no one. He fabricated stories and then passed those for Allah's word. Western scholars have already found other version of Qur'an. Like other "Holy Books" Qur'an also has a history. But the Mullahs and the Islamists would always proclaim that Qur'an was Godsend via Jibrail. The village Mullahs will proclaim at moment's notice that when cyclone hits coastal Bangladesh and the Mosque and Madrassahs are demolished in the process, all the Korans then lodge on the crown of coconut trees. And we call this a miracle. Soon those miracles will vanish into the rarified air. Knowledge and good judgment is all that is needed. And it will come no doubt through the Internet and print media. The Western technology, which is science-based, is going to show us the "divine" light sooner than many of us think it is possible. I request my readers to wait for that day. Science is going to take care of all the religions on earth in a ruthless way. And that is not an exaggeration by any stretch of imagination.

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