Miracle of Miracles

By: Syed Kamran Mirza


In recent NFB (News From Bangladesh) posting readers have read an article by Ahmed Deedat: “Miracle of Miracles” in which he quoted an Quranic Verse: “Say: if the whole of mankind and jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support.” Can any body believe that no man can write a book like Qur’an? Of course human being can write a book not only like Quran but much better than Quran.

Today in this 21st century with so much knowledge and modern amenities—many (individual) human intellectual (not all mankind and Jinns together) can write a book which will be thousand times more correct, more authentic, more humane, more philosophical, more logical and more scientifically acceptable than Quran, Bible, Veda etc. etc. But the writer shall have to lie profoundly about it that, all these are divine words and not his words. BUT WHO IS GOING TO BELIEVE HIM? IT IS NOT 6TH OR 7TH CENTURY; IT IS 21ST CENTURY. PERHAPS, NO BODY CAN ESTABLISH A PROPHETHOOD ANY MORE IN THIS SCIENTIFIC WORLD OF TODAY.

Interestingly, even in the 7th century period, many intellectuals/philosophers did question about the authenticity/divinity of Qur’an and many of them were tortured and killed by Islamic fanatics. The above mention verse was the result of these questionings by people.

YES, Qur’an is of course a miracle of all miracles for the following qualities

  1.  It is the only religious book which is read/recite and memorized (Hafej) in Arabic only by millions of ordinary believers without understanding the meaning of a single word. 
  2. It is the only book having enormous quantities of contradictions, redundancies, inaccuracies yet most Muslims either do not know or afraid to recognize them for fear of being Gunahgar (Sinners.
  3. It is the only book having no chronology, no chapters of definite subject/matters. 
  4. It is the only book in which one verse is unrelated to the others, or no chapters (Sura) deal with any particular subject matter, rather whole chapter is a mixer of many subjects haphazardly. 
  5. It is the only book which is consider by millions of believers that it was compiled during the life of it’s Prophet, although in reality it was compiled after approximately 20 years of Prophet’s death. 
  6. It is the only book having many grammatical errors, had many changes yet believers claim that this book was never changed or have no errors at all. 
  7. It is the only book although possesses no true scientific theory at all, yet blind believers claim that, this book foretold many scientific theories. 
  8. It is the only book considered by blind believers as the true words of God yet not even 10% human beings really follow it’s (Quran) doctrines 100%. 
  9. It is the only book which claims to be most humane book yet in many verses Allah advocated people to kill other people. 
  10. It is the only book considered by blind believers as the book which gave most rights to women yet women are mostly oppressed by it’s divine decree. 
  11. It is the only book which believers do not like to translate it rather love to read it in Arabic as “Tantar Mantar” without understanding any meaning. 
  12. It is the only book by which millions of Dharma Baboshayee earns millions of dollars by cheating ordinary/simple minded Muslims. 
  13. It is the only book in which believers can find many self-serving verses for it’s Prophet himself. 
  14. It is the only book which cancels/prohibits (null and void) all other religions of mankind and orders to uproot them by force.( Jihad). 
  15. It is the only book which right in the beginning orders people to believe in it blindly and then orders to think and see the truth. 
  16. It is the only book which claims that prophets were sent to every nations/tribes but all the mentioned prophets are from the Middle-East. 
  17. It is the only book which has so much vagueness and ambiguities in it that it can produce killers like Talebans, or Osama-Bin-Laden, and Sufis like Imam Gazzali at the same time. 
  18. It is the only book which needed human help to correct its numerical numbers of distributing the property to the heirs. 
  19. It is the only book that different sects of its followers are killing and will continue to kill each other even in the mosques to go to heaven ( Shia-Sunni fight in Pakistan). The Catholics-Protestants once killed each other but they had different Bibles. 
  20. It is the only book which in clear words advocated some criminal laws (Sharias) of punishment (called Allah’s laws) but in reality those laws are absolutely unfit for the today’s civilized world. In real world, whenever these so called divine (?) laws are in practice in any country (such as Afghanistan, Iran etc)—people (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) start criticizing those followers of Quranic Laws by saying: “They did not obey Sharias in proper way, (or say) they have distorted them” and surprisingly, mullahs never blame the source of these primitive Bedouin Laws. 
  21. It is the only book in which verses do exist in support of both the secular thought and the communal thought.

Therefore, Qur’an is an amazing book and “miracle of all miracles” indeed!


May 2001







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