Creating An Islamic State

By: Perfanalyst

The point of the following is that: there has been a pattern to the transformation of countries into Islamic States and there are planners behind these takeovers even when the vast majority of both Muslims and non-Muslims are unaware of these activities. Compare the following recipe with what has happened and is happening in Malaysia, Philippines, Sudan, Indonesia, India-Pakistan-Kashmir, Britain, Algeria, USA, ...

The pattern of infiltration, peaceful co-existence, expansion, covert efforts to destabilize, demands for legal exemptions to practice Islam, overt efforts to destabilize, demands for a separate state, and civil war are as old as Islam. For more information on what Islam teaches and what it has done during its history see FaithFreedom's web site and their Resource Center at:

What appears to be new (starting in the late1800's, but really picking up steam around 1980) is the global support network for these efforts. Steven Emerson's book, "American Jihad, The terrorists living among us" (The Free Press, A division of Simon & Schuster, New York, NY 2002), does an excellent job of detailing the loosely coupled global support network which has been providing extensive funding, training, manuals & videos, organizational meetings, and planning to aid people in propelling countries towards becoming Islamic States.

This paper deals with the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), which is the mother of all the Pakistan-based jehadi organisations active not only in the CARs, Chechnya and Dagestan, but also in other parts of the world.
In an investigative report carried by the "News" (February 13,1995), Mr. Kamran Khan, the well-known Pakistani journalist, brought to light for the first time the nexus between the TJ and the HUM and their role in supporting Islamic extremist movements in different countries.
The February 1998, issue of the "Newsline", a monthly of Pakistan, quoted workers of the TJ as saying that the TJ had many offices in the US, Russia, the Central Asian Republics, South Africa, Australia and France and that many members of the Chechen Cabinet, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya, were workers of the TJ and participated in its proselytising activities. . One of them, merely identified as Khalil, said: " It is possible that France may become a Muslim state within my lifetime, due to the great momentum of Tablighi activity there."

According to the "Newsline", the TJ was started in the 1880s to revive and spread Islam. Its annual convention held at Raiwind in Pakistani Punjab in November every year is attended by over one million Muslims from all over the world. This is described by the "Newsline" as the second largest gathering of the Muslims anywhere in the world after the Haj in Saudi Arabia. wrote:
During the three years that he worked in Malaysia, Hambali's militant views against the Indonesian dictatorship, an oppressor of Islam, grew. Around 1988 he was persuaded to leave for Afghanistan and the jihad training camps.
As JI grew Hambali and Ba'asyir formed a doctrine which stated the group would pursue the ideal of creating a unified Islamic state in Southeast Asia called the Daulah Islamiah Raya. The new Islamic State would include
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sultanate of Brunei, the South Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia.

Most of these countries now have terrorist and tribal groups all seeking the same objective, which leads analysts to believe that JI's influence is heavily seated in the region.

Recipe for creating an Islamic State

Apply this recipe as needed based on the current state of a country. In other words if the target country has already completed certain steps, then move on to the next. Be willing to adapt to the local conditions. One more bit of general advice is the following:

The leaders (secular and religious) in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have spent time studying the ways of power and they know that religion and people are just tools.

- Their own struggles with the British and other foreign powers have taught them to work from inside.
"The cardinal aim of the Wahhabis, apart from their puritanical objectives, was the destruction of British power. They not only attacked the British openly as in the Frontier, but they also tried infiltrating secretly among the rank and file of the army in order to sow the seeds of disloyalty. In the course of time, the British realised what was going on and they decided that Wahhabi influence would be rooted out altogether.

"The two major conspiracies the British had to face were the "Mutiny", so-called, of 1857 and the Wahhabi movement which tried to destroy the very army on which the British relied for support. The Wahhabis had a great deal to do with the unrest in the army, which resulted in the "Mutiny", though it failed because it lacked central directive or motive force and dissipated itself in stray uprisings which spent themselves out."

- In the modern world there is no advantage to declaring war, if you are the aggressor. They learned a modern version of this from Russia.

- There is an advantage to using others to wage your wars. They learned this from Hitler's use of Franco to conquer Spain. They also followed his example in terms supplying their proxies with weapons and equipment, from behind the scenes, and using religion to control the press.

- Both these countries showed that you could use your opponent's populace as a source of troupes and funding if you presented yourself as: a defender of the truth which is being opposed by the evil powers that be. Encourage people to believe that they are working for peace and the good of their country, and you can get them to destroy their friends and themselves.
In its preachings to the Pakistani immigrants in the US, the TJ has been stressing the importance of cultivating the African-American Muslims in order to counter the lobbying power of the Hindus and the Jewish people. The HUM, which works in tandem with the TJ, has been training African-American Muslims from the US in its training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Writing in the "Dawn" of January 12,1996, Mr. Ghani Eirabie said: " The Ummah must remember that winning over the black Muslims is not only a religious obligation, but also a selfish necessity. The votes of the black Muslims can give the immigrant Muslims the political clout they need at every stage to protect their vital interests. Likewise, outside Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Pakistan need to mobilise their effort, money and missionary skills to expand and consolidate the black Muslim community in the USA, not only for religious reasons, but also as a far-sighted investment in the black Muslims' immense potential as a credible lobby for Muslim causes, such as Palestine, Bosnia or Kashmir--offsetting, at least partially, the venal influence of the powerful India-Israel lobby."

When you are weak

1. Remember that when you are weak that you should blend in and very, very few people need to be aware of the objectives and the methods. The mass of the population does not need to know and should not know that there is a plan. Remember yours is a religion of peace. At this point you want everyone to believe you are a peaceful and productive part of society, especially Muslims themselves.
The Reliance of the Traveller (section r-8.2) by Ahmad Ibn Naqib Al-Misri an analysis of the permissibility / obligation of lying by Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali wrote:
Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible (N:i.e. when the purpose of lying is to circumvent someone who is preventing one from doing something permissible), and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.

It has thousands of dedicated and disciplined workers who never question any order from the high-ups. What has helped the TJ to expand (without creating alarm in the security agencies) is its policy of a deliberate black-out of its activities. It does not interact with the media and does not issue any statements or communiques. It believes in human communication through word of mouth. (Comment: It does not bring out any journals or other propaganda organs to explain its policies and objectives. All explanations to its workers and potential recruits are given orally).

2. Begin immigration, legal and illegal, and start building up a population. Get the breeding engine started young and often. Remember that the younger they start the faster the turnover, the poorer the education of the girls becomes, and this also results in their increased willingness to have large families. Begin recruiting Non-Muslim, in particular women are prime targets.

Convince the powers that be that it is to their advantage to encourage immigration of Muslims since they provide a peaceful cheap labor force, or you can emphasize the refugee aspect and how welcoming these souls will improve how their country is perceived. Remember there is lot's of excess population in other regions of the Islamic world.

3. Build communities so that you can preserve your identity and magnify your strength.

4. Take advantage of the Islamists support infrastructure. For example seek funding from existing states and organizations (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, USA., ...), go for training and organizational meetings on a regular basis, and get your training manuals.

5. Build the proper mind set, in both Muslims and Non-Muslims, slowly and carefully. Very slowly assume control of sources of information and education (religious and secular).

Make sure the seed for Shariah is well implanted, as a long term solution for problems, so you have fertile ground to call for it once you do have the power to pursue it openly. Get your version of the truth out to the public. Tailor your presentation of Islam to the locals. Are they educated, impoverished, picked upon for their beliefs, or have common issues? New histories: always the attacked, never the unprovoked attacker. Become the spokes-people for the communities. Coordinate opposition to dissemination of information that runs counter to your goals.

In "Islam's flawed spokesmen" the author investigates American Muslim groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the American Muslim Council (AMC). He notes that the news media and government are:
… learning it's not easy to find leaders who can authentically speak for Muslim Americans, who represent a wide variety of ethnicities and languages, sects and political views ranging from completely secular to Islamic fundamentalist.

As a result of this confusion, active groups like CAIR and AMC, which are considered by some law enforcement groups as being part of the terrorism problem, are given too much credibility, money, and power.

6. Hiding in plain sight. Setup multi-function organizations. The public face can be for business, charity, education, or religion. The private faces can be used to advance your cause. Prepare your "their not real Muslims", plausible deniability, and "they were attacked" defence strategies. Note goodwill can be traded for changes in behavior.,,1-3-379270,00.html

Seek government funding. The people you help don't know where the money came from originally. They just know that you are helping them when the government didn't. Also as one Islamist said: if someone provides money for milk, that frees up money for weapons. For example there is often money available for education. If Islam just happens to be one of the primary topics being taught, it was without your knowledge.
A publicly funded charter school in California is under investigation for teaching Islam to students, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported.
A surprise inspection by the Chronicle indicated that Silicon Valley Academy was operating as a religious school. There were Korans in the principal’s office, along with a children’s version of the Muslim scriptures titled My Little Qu’ran. Students reported that they prayed in class with teachers and studied the tenets of Islam. Parents picking up children after school told the paper they believed the school was religious.

As you get stronger

1. Start raising issues regarding the difficulties the country places on practicing your religion. Work for increasing exemptions from various laws, protection from "hate speech", and tolerance of your "cultural /
religious" differences.

2. Begin solidifying your control of the Muslim community. Use various forms of intimidation to ensure that people are moving in the desired direction and to silence dissent. Everyone, including Muslims, still believe that Muslims are peaceful, it's just a few fanatics who are misbehaving. Any push back should be highlighted in the media and community discussion as Muslims are being unfairly attacked, once again. Remember to play upon your "history" of being a persecuted people.,9754,176029-2,00.html

3. Study the opposition's resources, looking for opportunities to leverage them. Begin de-stabilizing the opposition. Start draining their resources and their belief in themselves. Encourage drug / prostitution activity, using their own people to promote it. They're only kafirs after all. As the opposition becomes unstable they are less able to help people in trouble. This provides opportunities for your charity organization to build support.

4. Obey the laws of the country, but note that it is more important morally to follow Shariah. Start promoting the "us versus them" mentality and pointing out the corruption that is inherent in the existing government. How it is the source of current problems. wrote:
Our advice to the Muslims in Britain is to distance themselves from the call of integration by steadfastly adhering to the rules of the Islamic Shari'ah in all matters and by realising the fallacies and errors of the Western way of life. Islam is a trust (amanah) on the necks of the Muslims and Allah (swt) will account them for this trust on the Day of Judgement. It is not right for the Muslims to abandon any part of Islam in order to save themselves from the pressure being placed upon them.

There is evidence that traditional and tolerant Islamic practices in African countries are being increasingly influenced negatively by economic support and anti-Western pressure coming from foreign countries, including, most importantly, Saudi Arabia.

5. Work your way up the governmental ladder. Gaining control in local communities first. Then expanding to higher levels. Trade support for changes in laws or access. For example gaining control of education is of particular importance.

6. The "fanatics" can now follow Muhammad's example of banditry for funding and growth of their gangs. Raid the diamond / gem / gold mines, gun shops, banks, and whatever to build their strength.
Muslims youths are encouraged by Mullahs to use devious methods to trick misguided, ignorant and naïve Kufr (Non-Muslem i.e. Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist) girls into converting, marrying and then making them work as prostitutes in the service of Islam to raise money for Islamic Jihad and Suicide Bombers.

OSAMA BIN LADEN, the world's most wanted terrorist, is buying child slaves from Ugandan rebels and using them as forced labour on marijuana farms in Sudan to fund his international terrorism network.,3,44616.jsp

Demand your rights

1. You are being persecuted so badly that you can't practice your religion freely. You are the majority in your portion of the country and it is only right that you should be able to practice your religion fully. In Islam this means that Shariah should be the law for Muslims. Of course this will be a modernized version and it won't apply to non-Muslims.
Alija Izetbegovic (President of Bosnia and Herzegovina) wrote:
... the Islamic movement should and must start taking over the power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough to not only overthrow the existing non-Islamic, but also to build up a new Islamic authority.
There can be no peace or coexistence between the "Islamic faith" and non-Islamic societies and political institutions. ... Islam clearly excludes the right and possibility of activity of any strange ideology on its own turf.

Attempts to impose sharia Islamic law in Indonesia gain steam wrote:
Although religious parties have asked for sharia law to be included among a set of constitutional amendments expected to be adopted Saturday by lawmakers, few expect the issue will make it onto the agenda.
Attempts to make Indonesia an Islamic state are not new. Bloody battles were fought over the issue in the 1950s. During his 32-year reign, Suharto alternated between cracking down on Islamists and courting them for political ends.

2. Start unofficially implementing a local government and Shariah within the Muslim community. Become an increasing drain and nuisance to the established government. You want the government to feel that it is better off giving you what you want, than the prospect of having to militarily oppose its own people. Make sure the world knows that your community is being abused by your own government.

You've just gotten control

1. Start cleaning house. Finish taking control of education, the police, government, and an infant military structure. Slowly enforce Shariah more completely, and begin minor applications to Non-Muslims. Start co-opting resources.

Myths and Facts wrote:
An Associated Press cameraman filmed Palestinians at a rally in Nablus celebrating the terror attacks in the United States September 11, 2001. The cameraman was subsequently summoned to a Palestinian Authority security office and told that the material must not be aired. Yasser Arafat's Tanzim also called to threaten his life if he aired the film. An AP still photographer was also at the site of the rally. He was warned not to take pictures and complied. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Arafat's Cabinet secretary, told AP the Palestinian Authority "cannot guarantee the life" of the cameraman if the footage was broadcast. AP caved in to the blackmail and refused to release the footage.

2. Encourage the "us versus them" mentality further. Begin the various pressures that will move the remaining Muslims out of the area. "Civil wars" may result which you must of course respond to. Outsiders should stay out of them.

3. Covertly support the on-going de stabilization efforts in the remainder of the country. Steal or destroy their resources, increase their crime-rates, ... Note the refugees you are driving out from your country will add to their problems. Those who stay may pay protection money or you can restart the slave trade, which is approved by the Quran.

4. Make deals with outside businesses and countries to get their funding or military support. Offer them access rights to your country's people or resources.

Go for the gold.

1. Try to get the rest of the country. Most of this should be covert until the remaining government is extremely unstable. Let your fanatics infiltrate, in greater and greater numbers, stirring up as much trouble as possible. Of course you are making "every effort" to stop them.

2. Their government objects to your tactics and begins to counter attack, chasing the fanatics back into your territory. You are being attacked! Various compromises are reached and broken. Finally you must defend yourself.

3. Decide whether or not you are strong enough to do it on your own. If so go for it. This may take several attempts, since you may not turn out to be strong enough, or other countries may force you to back off. If the latter, see what you can get them to offer which will strengthen you. More money, land, or lifting of sanctions.

If you aren't strong enough to go it alone, remember you have brother countries in this effort. Don't take this route if you can avoid it, since there is typically a very heavy price, and it gives your opponent an excuse to bring in others.

You have an Islamic State, so now what?

1. This is similar to the consolidation stage above where you have gained partial control. You need to clean house and begin establishing a new international economy.

2. Prepare for the long-term for government, military, economy, and education. Remember that the history of Islam was that when it stopped conquering, it died. It fed itself on the loot of its conquests. When it no longer had these revenues it imploded.


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