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Proud to Be Muslims

By Imran Hossain

Go discuss any religious topic with Muslims anywhere; most of them would frequently tell you, “You have to be proud to be a Muslim”. I learn the same item whenever I argue with my Muslim friends, relatives, colleagues etc. on internet (MSN messenger chat), phone, or in person. Now, I am tired of listening to that phrase. To answer that ridiculous dialogue I’ve got some questions with the letters, “WH”. These are, “why do we have to be proud to be Muslims?”, “what have we done?”, and “who are we?”. Please let me response those questions in several paragraphs below.

1) How many scientists, astronauts, biologists etc. do we find from our Muslim background? General senses and statistics tell us about 95% scientists and astronauts are from the White and Christian backgrounds and about 4.9 % from other backgrounds. Aren’t these innovative people making the world smaller and smaller with their wits? I think I am absolutely right on it. Where can I find Muslims amongst those creative people? Are we Muslims still proud of being nothing?

2) The modern equipments, automotives, appliances etc. we are now using such as computers, internet, Windows & other software, telephones, TVs, radios, clocks, A/Cs, freezes, aeroplanes, cars, trains; taking allopathic medicines, having modern treatments; wearing comfortable stuffs like shirt-pant, underwear, eyewear, durable shoes, and many more stuffs for our daily needs. Can we survive well now without those useful stuffs and technology in this century? Can anyone show me the strong evidence that any of those things are invented by Muslims? Are we Muslims in any discovery or progressive work? I do not think so. Are we still proud of this failure?

3) We had somewhat better economy only for 24 years looooooong time ago within 1400 years when there was a secular state rather than Islamic. How many countries are now economically strong in 57 Muslim nations? Unlike Saudi Arab, UAE Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, these countries are rich for nothing but petro-dollar. They could never be wealthy unless the West helps them to raise oil from the deserts. And in Malaysia, the most industries are owned by the Chinese origin people. That’s why it’s got typical better economy. How about the rest of the Muslim countries? Like 65 % people can not even eat properly in those places. Are we still proud of our collapsed economy?

4) What are some of the true (pukka) Muslim brothers doing? Our brothers do suicide bombing, hijack aeroplanes etc. inspired by our religion to shed blood of the innocent people. The whole world is now scared of Jihadi Organisations. Who are making these barbaric work? No-one but our brothers!!! Are we still proud of the bloody jobs?

5) Because of some of our Muslim brothers only, there are extra security forces in the West. In addition, USA has launched fingerprint system lately at the airports and the crossing points; US immigration and air carriers have produced some special types of software which promptly recognise all Muslim names. As well, recently, airlines like British Airways had to cancel some flights to the US continent for the possible security threats. Why are these all happening for? Just for our Muslim brothers!!! Are we still proud of these humiliations?

6) Our brothers, the real Muslim people from Middle East do not give citizenships even to the guest Muslims although someone is born in those vast deserts. In addition, countries like Saudi Arabia and other some Middle Eastern countries grant social benefits upon sexes, races and religions. Shall we still speak out that we are proud of the rude discrimination?

7) I have a lot of friends in North America who are Shiks, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews and many others. I wonder why I always get to hear the same outdated folk stories only from Muslims such as praising the great leaders Saddam Hussein and Arafat; criticising Israel, USA, and Bush’s policies always; who is winning or losing in next US elections?; Jews leaders and their influences in USA etc. It is really amazing!!! I never hear these types of rubbish criticisms from my other non-Muslim friends. So, shall we still be proud of our identical holy thinking?

8 ) Actually, who are we? How do we learn Islam? How do get to raise our voice? As a matter of fact, our ancestors are brainwashed by the Arab Bedouins several hundred years ago that’s how we are now Muslims. Since then, we try to become the typical followers of Prophet Mohamed, and we start believing in almighty Allah and Holy Koran. I believe no-one has any objection to accept this truth. No matter what there are some or many good learning materials in Koran and Mohamed’s life. Please, let me not discuss other teaching parts from Koran and Mohamed for now. By the way, can we Muslims even utilise the good parts from Koran and Hadiths? These books strongly teach us NOT to cheat, lie, do bribery, do corruptions etc. However, what results do we see in the Muslim world? Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. climb the top positions for corruptions. In addition, leaders like Yasir Arafat, Arabian Royals and so on are exploiting their national revenue. On average data, the rape rate in the Muslim countries is much higher than non-Muslim nations. Actually, there are lots more things to write on corruptions and crimes. Anyways, where are the wonderful ingredients of Islam here? Who fails to keep the Koran’s and Mohamed’s those priceless doctrines? Of course, we Muslims fail to organise the law and order situation in our lands. Are we Muslims still proud of our disorders, crimes, and corruptions?

Now, some Islamists might want to beat me that why I blame all Muslims because of few bigots. However, I do not impose all criticisms on all Muslims. Please let me clarify a possible claim of some Islamists or Muslims: it is good to hear that they do not like the terrorisms of some of our brothers. But, when USA and UK increase securities in their lands, take some necessary steps against terrorisms, and go fighting with our terrorist brothers, then why do those Islamists or most Muslims defy USA and UK, and keep supporting our terrorist brothers? During the war on terrorism in 2001, I observed from different sources that approximately 95% Muslims around the world were against the Anglo-American war. Now, which one I should choose from possible comments: hating or supporting terrorist brothers? I am not a fool I would pick both of them. Whatsoever, in fact, the main thing is nothing but most Muslims are affected with Islamic virus. These days, it would be the funniest thing to claim that “we are proud to be Muslims” without any strong reasons.

Some Bangladeshi illiterate Mullahs told me few years ago, “those who believe human are originally generated from the monkeys (Darwin’s theory); those people are really from the monkeys. But, we believe in Allah, so we are NOT from the monkeys. Allah sends us to this earth”. As we know, almost all Muslims have the same ideas, and they frequently invite us to cry out that “we are proud to be Muslims”, so, who really knows, those Mullahs’ idea might not be wrong.


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