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Islamic Women’s Day    


Abul Kasem    

The world just celebrated the 8th of March 2005 as the International Women’s’ day (IWD). The print and the electronic media remembered this day by publishing a plethora of articles, essays, features, news reports…and what not. In a few newspaper reports I also noted some Muslim women demonstrating in Kuwait , Turkey and Bangladesh demanding some basic human rights that are denied to them by their male-dominated Muslim societies.  

I was wondering how come this time around the Islamists did not come up with a pure Islamic version of International Women’s day? After all, you will surely notice that whenever the civilized world invents, discovers or declares some events that benefit the humanity the Islamists must, within a short period of time, devise an Islamic edition of it. This they do to demonstrate openly the absolute superiority of Islam over anything that the corrupt infidel world had thought to be beneficial to the human race irrespective of color, creed, religion or gender. This Islamic tactic is a clever political ploy by the Islamists around the world to mark the clear division between a fanatic Islamic World and the rest of humanity (the crooked infidel World). Thus, we have Universal Declaration of Islamic Human Rights (1990) in retaliation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN in 1940. The other good examples are: Red Crescent Society (in Islamic Paradises) in lieu of The International Red Cross, Islamic Psychology, Islamic Chemistry, Islamic Engineering, Islamic Refrigerators, Islamic Cola, Islamic Cell Phones, Islamic Paradise, Islamic Hell, Islamic Toilet, Islamic Tank, Islamic Bomb, Islamic Jets, Islamic Common Market….and so on. You just name an item or idea and you are bound to find a clever Islamic version of it. Such is the craze and zealotry of the Islamists.  

So, what about Islamic Women’s day?  Is there going to be such a day exclusively reserved for all the Muslimahs (female Muslims) living in all the Islamic Paradises? I can bet my bottom dollar that within a few years (possibly within the next 5 years or so) the Islamists will declare another day (not the 8th of March—it is infidel’s calendar, so haram)—possibly a date commensurate with the celebration of the killing of infidels by some woman Jihadi suicide bomber (of course, the calendar to be followed will be Arabic—the Allah’s calendar, no doubt) as the Islamic Women’s Day..  

What do you think the Muslimahs, living in Islamic Paradises, will celebrate on this day of the Islamic Women’s day?  

 Below, I have compiled some of the outstanding features of Islam which are exclusively applicable to all Muslimahs. These ‘marvelous’ features of Islam have been collected from the most authentic Islamic sources, viz. the Qur’an, the Hadis, the Sharia and Imam Ghazali, whose book, ‘Ihya Uloom Ed-Din’ is considered next to the Holy Qur’an. This list, of course, is not comprehensive. If you have time to skim through the vast ocean of Islamic of literatures you will surely discover many such incredible ‘golden ’ treatments of Muslimahs in Islamic societies. Please peruse this list and decide whether the entire feminine gender of the world should follow the Islamic world or not.  

[Note: To read the complete verses from the Qur’an and the excerpts from al-Hadis, you may click at the links provided in the reference. For those citations not available in the Internet I have quoted them in full from the book/s listed in the references.]  

Here is the compiled list of the ‘golden’ rights and provisions for all the Muslimahs in the Islamic World  


The right to be treated as diseased and as sex toys  

The Qur’an

Menstruation is a disease; can't have sex during a woman's period; after the period is over have sex in any manner, at any time and at any place; God loves those who are pure and clean...2:222  

Sahih Bukhari

Menstruation is a defect in women, for they cannot fast and pray during their periods...3.31.172


The right to be used as a sowing field


The Qur’an

Wives are tilths: sow in them in whatever manner you like...2:223  

The right to enjoy another husband after the third divorce from the previous husband (hilla marriage)


The Qur’anIf the divorce is pronounced three times then it becomes a final divorce and reconciliation is not possible without the former wife going through a hilla marriage; the wife must be married to another man and then he must divorce her, then only the woman is free to marry back her former husband again; these are God’s laws…2:230  

Sahih Bukhari

An irrevocably divorced woman must marry another man (hila marriage) and have sexual intercourse with him before she can re-marry her former husband…8.73.107

The second husband must have sex for the woman to get a divorce to marry her first husband (hilla marriage)...7.63.187


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