Leaving Islam



When Islam is Yours’; When Islam is Mine


By Abul Kasem  

Syed Kamran Mirza’s  (SKM) essay, ‘My house is mine; your House is mine too’ reflects, quite accurately, the mind-set of the neo-Islamists, especially those living in Kufur lands. Many of these Islamists will not hesitate to articulate that these Kafirs are actually good Muslims, whereas, most Muslims are no more ‘true’ Muslims. They will even let you believe that these infidels have actually hijacked Islam for themselves and took all the ‘goodies’ from it, leaving the ‘rotten’ parts for the ‘born’ Muslims. It is not uncommon to find an Islamist who will tell a Western Kafir something like this: Actually, you are a true Muslim. Most of your secular laws and your social customs are in complete conformity with the Islamic tenets; so, you are really a Muslim; we (ie the born Muslims) have discarded the true spirit of Islam, therefore, we can no longer call ourselves as true Muslims.   

What a game of paradox these Islamists play, come to think of it! Actually, this is a clever ploy by this new breed of Islamists to fool the gullible Westerners in particular and the non-Muslims in general to sell Islam. After reading SKM’s unique essay, I recollected many incidences, when I discovered how clever a game of duplicity these, suave, smooth-talking sellers of religion (read Islam) engage in with impunity. It is time to expose their tricks.              

Here are my recollections (from personal experiences) of some of those situations when the Islamists are superbly adept at revealing their hypocrisy. This is not a comprehensive list. Feel free to extend this list from your experience too.    

When a person bearing the resemblance of an Arabic name, receives a Noble Prize, he is a Muslim, no matter that he is actually a heretic.            

When a great scientific theory is enunciated, it belongs to Islam: in fact, the infidels took the help of the Qur’an to discover the scientific principle.  

Internet is Islamic even though it is invented by the infidels; 100% of it.  

When a person (Neil Armstrong) lands on the Moon, he is a Muslim, even though he vehemently denies being a Muslim, ever.  

If an infidel lady journalist goes to Afghanistan (or to any other Islamic Paradise) and conducts interviews of Mullahs wearing Hijab and Islamic cloak, she is a good Muslimah even though she may be wearing Bikini in beaches while in an infidel country.            

When an infidel country doles out social security benefits, it is Islamic.           

When the Kafirs enact child protection laws, it is Islamic.  

When the decadent West grants full and equal constitutional rights to women, it is Islamic, even though no Islamic Paradise had ever granted such rights to women.  

However, when the above women are granted their inalienable right to wear dresses that befit them, then it is not Islamic.  

When Time Magazine publishes Karen Armstrong's apologetic essays to soft-sell Islam, she is Islamic minded and the Time magazine becomes a champion of Islam.  

When the same Time magazine depicts a picture with the slightest resemblance of the Prophet of mercy and publishes a critical essay on Islam, it is un-Islamic and the Time magazine is banned/burnt in Islamic Paradises.  

When the Newsweek publishes articles praising the 'moderate' Islam, it is Islamic press freedom.  

When the Newsweek publishes articles questioning the veracity of certain Qur'anic verses, it is un-Islamic and the magazine is banned in Islamic paradises.  

When the Kafirs allow Muslim students in a school/college/university to use its premise for religious activities, it is Islamic.  

However, when the students of other religions want similar rights in campus, it is absolutely un-Islamic; for, the educational institutions should not promote any religion (except, of course, Islam).  

When the Kafirs, in a Kafir society talk of respect and tolerance for all religions, it is Islamic.  

Nevertheless, when these Kafirs demand equal constitutional rights (on religion) in Islamic paradises, it is un-Islamic.            

Whenever the infidel doctors find a cure for a serious illness, it is Islamic.  

Whenever the infidel police books drinkers for excessive drinking while on the wheel, it is Islamic.  

Nonetheless, when these infidels grant the right of a one to enter a pub and drink whatever one desires, including alcoholic drinks, it is un-Islamic.            

If an infidel man grows beard, it is Islamic, if he grows unbridled whiskers, it is un-Islamic.            

If an infidel man is circumcised, it is Islamic.

When PBS broadcasts the ‘Muhammad, the legacy of a Prophet’, PBS is Islamic.

When an infidel buys stale meat from a ‘Halal’ shop, he is actually a Muslim.  

However, when a ‘not so good’ Muslim buys fresh meat from Woolworths, he is a Murtad.  

When an infidel patronises a Muslim (Halal) restaurant, he is a Muslim.  

When a ‘not so good’ Muslim eats in an infidel restaurant, he is a Murtad.  

When an infidel government pursues the policy of secularism and separation of religion from politics, it is Islamic.  

When these infidel governments declare war on terrorism, it is war on Islam.  

When the infidels permit the building of unlimited mosques in their land, it is Islamic.  

When the infidels fail in their attempts to erect their places of worship in Islamic paradises, it too, is Islamic.  

When the Marxists and the Communists condemn the ‘Great Satan’ for ‘occupying’ Iraq, they are actually Muslims in the guise of ‘atheists.’  

When the Kufur land of England allows the Islamic Cola, MeccaCola to be sold in their country, it is Islamic.  

When the infidels (PC) preach ‘Islam is peaceful’, they are actually Muslims.  

Yet, when they scrutinise Islam closely, they are Kafirs.  

When President George Bush invites the Islamists in the White house compound on the Eid occasion, he is a true Muslim.  

But, when President George Bush calls for support from the Islamists for his war on terrorism, he is actually a Christian crusader. 

When infidels quote verse 2:255 (No compulsion in religion) from the Qur’an, they are Muslims.  

When the secularists quote the Qur’anic verse 9:5 (Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them), it is un-Islamic.  

When the Kufur immigration approves visa of the spouse of a Muslim/Muslimah to join his/her partner in an infidel country, it is Islamic.  

However, marrying a non-Muslim man from a Kufur land by a Muslimah may be punishable by death sentence, forget about obtaining a visa to join the Muslimah; this too, is Islamic.  





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