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The Power of Thoughts 

Response by Ali Sina 

Mr. Shah Alam,  

You talk about natural processes that are responsible for the evolution of human mind and then say faithfreedom is not it and it is just a reflection of my mind. What are then these natural processes that you are talking about? Am I not part of humanity? Doesn’t my intellectual contribution count? 

Of course we all influence each other. This is the natural process. Everything is constantly changing. Which side wins depends on which thought is more convincing. If evil thoughts like those of Muhammad prevail, humanity turns to evilness and if goodly thoughts like those of Jesus and Buddha prevail, humanity turns to goodness. But Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad were just humans like you and I. If their views changed the course of history, why shouldn’t ours. If a thought is given importance and is spread across the world, it will affect the way people think and it will change the way they behave.  

Thoughts are independent of individuals. They use us as vehicles and pass from one person to another. My thoughts are not mine. They are the outcome of what I have learned from others. I receive them, process them, synthesize them and then offer them back to the society. If they are given circulation, irrespective of the fact that they are good or bad, they will influence others and their thinking. This is very much like genes. The genes that you pass to your children are not yours. You received them from your parents who received them from their parents and so on so forth. Irrespective of the fact that your genes are good or defective, if you sire more children your genes spread and dominate.  

Thoughts propagate in similar way. The thoughts that are given more importance and are spread more widely will impregnate more minds and eventually dominate the thoughts that are less emphasized.  

To dismiss my thoughts as not being part of the natural process is absurd. It is like saying your genes are not part of the evolution. All thoughts are part of the natural process just as the genes of all humans are part of the natural process of our biological evolution.  

Apart from the fact that claiming my thoughts are “mine” is preposterous, just as it is preposterous to say my genes are strictly mine, to say that “my” thoughts are not going to change the way others think is also absurd. I am already changing the way people think. The more these thoughts are spread and the more people are influenced by them, the more this change will happen. My thoughts will be received by others. They will process them, fuse them with their own thoughts and come to their own synthesis. These then become their NEW thoughts. If I can reach millions of people and affect their way of thinking, their new thoughts will not be mine but they will be influenced by my thoughts. It is like a child born through the intellectual intercourse of my mind and theirs. My thoughts will become part of their way of thinking. When they influence others, and these others influence others and so on, my thoughts keep spreading. They become part of the heritage of humanity. Long after I am gone and forgotten, my thoughts will continue to inspire future generations and through them I become immortal.  

Here I spoke in first person singular, but that is true for every one of us. We all influence each other. We all shape the world with our thoughts. We are all part of this natural evolutionary process.  

Good thoughts spread through their own convincing power. Good thoughts impact good people and logical thoughts influence logical people. Evil thoughts influence evil people. Likes attract. But to influence good people, evil thoughts use further stimuli like manipulation, deception and coercion. However, since the number of good people exceeds the number of evil people, if left alone, without any external stimuli, good will prevail over evil.  

Islam is evil and the only way it can advance is through these external stimuli. Islam spreads through lies. It gives false promises of paradise. It threatens people with false imagery of hell. It brainwashes its followers from childhood by feeding them only its own dogma and by suppressing all opposing views that might challenge that dogma. But it does not stop there. It also uses physical force. It tortures, persecutes, executes and instills terror in the hearts of those who disagree with its creed.  

Eventually technology has put an end to this reign of terror. Through the Internet, the voices that Islam suppressed during these 1400 years, can now be heard worldwide for the first time.  Now Islam has to compete with its opposing views under the same conditions. But without manipulation, deception and coercion, Islam is weak. It cannot compete with the voices of sanity, on equal footing. Therefore Islam will lose and we will win.  

We will not be able to eradicate Islam completely. Evil people will always be attracted to evil doctrines. There are still White supremacists, skinheads, neo-Nazis, Aryan Nation, Creativity Movement and a host of other groupies that are attracted to the ideology of hate and racism. We have to accept the fact that some people are just evil. Just as not all the apples on a tree will be good and some will be defective and inedible, some humans will become evil people. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain why people become evil. But it is a fact that some individuals are evil. These evil individuals are automatically attracted to evil doctrines. Bees seek flower but flies prefer dung. So Islam will not be completely eliminated. However we can expose it so good people can see it unmasked and leave it. Then we know those who are left in Islam are the scum of the society, just as we know those who are attracted to racist ideologies of neo Nazism are the scum of the society.


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