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Dear Mr. Ali Sina,  

As an independent mind myself I read your website with interest. I do understand your subject as well as your problem, but not sure what you are trying to achieve here.  

Mr. Sina, you have high intellect and I am sure you realize that belief and will to believe is a complex human nature. They are independent of reason, rationale, logic or facts. 'Men of belief' can be destroyed for their dogmas or religion by they cannot be defeated. Look at the history in different time and space. Mysteries, paradoxes and unfathomable truths exist in all religions. So what, the belief and will of belief in its truth or falsehood is the basis of belief. Faith without reason or reason without faith are second thought arguments for those who lag behind in their belief.  

Development of natural sciences and advancement of human mind was a natural process that gradually shattered irrational dogmas and man reconciled their belief with liberal synthesis and empirical knowledge. Not every Muslim, Jew or Christian has the same religious orthodoxy as it was in the past. And the process continues. There are ongoing positive changes in human intellect brought about by invisible natural forces.  

Your website FaithFreedom thus a mere reflection of yourself. It cannot take the place of natural process that performed the transformation of, for example ape to Ali Sina. And it is yet to evolve beyond. The different articles posted by you and other authors on your website is a reflection of the process but not the process agent itself.  

Religion is embodied in human nature and it cannot be metamorphosized at once by individual intervention. There is no such possibility. Why do you think it is possible to reverse the Islamic or Christian process with narrow engagement of piece meal debate in the comfort of a website. I understand your health reason not to join the live congregation of the believers. You lose either way. I do not also see any merit in engaging Zakir Naik, Ayatullahs or Imams. For they may be minuscule part of belief force. Who will tell you that they lost and you won the debate and vice versa? This is not nature that I am trying to emphasize to you. If you want to experience nature's force try and exhibit your feat in Kabul or Peshawar or anywhere else. Rest is all endeavour and entertainment. Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote: shams and delusions are esteemed for the soundest truth while reality is fabulous. The reality is that even you chose to do so, you cannot be against any human belief, because then you are like against natural forces like gravity, thrust or forces. As I can see your frustration and thus snobbery that is too prone in your writing.  

Mr. Ali, I know you are a busy person. But if you will I can take some of your major posted on website and explain that you have a misplaced vision and mission.  

Afterall you are a human being nature does not permit you to lift both your legs simultaneously at one time. So try to understand yourself and your subject because itís not a matter of Islam or no Islam. There is third dimension to it.  

Best regards,  



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