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When Nazism came to power, many good Germans and good people in other countries admired Hitler and supported him. One such person was Pastor Martin Niemöller, who wrote the famous lines: “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”  Pastor Niemöller supported Hitler until Hitler’s insanity became obvious to him and he started opposing him.

Now that the truth about Nazism is out, no sane person would look for good people among the neo-Nazis. We know the Nazis and all these groups that have Nazi ideas are thugs and we automatically know that anyone who admires these thugs is a thug himself. Likewise a time will come that no sane person will try to find a good human among Muslims. Islam and Nazism are akin and their followers must be scorned and despised alike.  

When truth about Islam becomes widely known, Muslims will be seen as the most disgusting people of the world. This will push good people who foolishly insist to remain Muslims because they are weak and their brain is paralyzed by the fear of hellfire that Muhammad has instilled in them, to summon the force that they need and get themselves out of Islam. Since these poor souls are totally unable to do that on their own, they need an external push. That push is “shame”. If Muslims are put to shame enough, eventually the pain of shame will make them overcome their fear and they set themselves free. To make an example, imagine you are chased by a wild beast and then you come to a cliff. 100 feet beneath your feet is the ocean. Of course you have no courage to jump and stay there paralyzed, until the beast reaches you. At the very last moment, you have no choice but to jump. The fear of being devoured by the animal makes you overcome the fear of jumping from that height and you jump.  

This is my strategy for liberating Muslims. I know most of them are incapable of leaving Islam on their own, and as you say, reason is not going to work. The fear of hell that the psychopath Muhammad has instilled in them is too big for them to even contemplate leaving his cult. This is how cults operate - through fear. The only way to make Muslims overcome their fear is to give them something more painful than fear and that is "shame". When the truth about Islam becomes known by everyone, Muslims will be so much put to shame and laughed at for believing in a pedophile that they will have no choice but to overcome their fear and jump, to enlightenment and to freedom.    

My goal is not to fight against religion and convert people into atheism. Far from it, many people need religion and religions are here to stay. 

If I understand you well, you are saying the need to believe is ingrained in human subconscious and no matter how rational my arguments, I will not be able to overcome that natural pull. If this is your point, I am in agreement with you. In fact as you must have noticed, despite the fact that I am technically an atheist, i.e. I do not believe in a god as a being, but rather as a principle, I never undermine any religion and speak of all of them reverentially. This is not just a matter of diplomacy or expediency but rather because I am aware that most humans have the need to believe in something mystical and otherworldly. The thought of disappearing into nothingness after our death is unbearable. As long as this remains so, the religions that promise immortality are going to stay.  

I am not opposing religion. My opposition is against Islam. Fighting against religion is a losing battle. I have never been part of that fight and will never side with those who take upon themselves to fight Religion. I am not going to get into that quagmire. Rationally, I could debate and win the argument against all the religions, but as you said, there is more to us humans than rationality. We have emotional and psychological needs. Religion meets those needs. Not only I do not try to disprove Religion; I have allied myself with all the religions trying to form a united front against Islam. Islam sees all of us as faceless worthless infidels and is determined to dominate or exterminate us all irrespective of what we believe. It would be foolish if we let our petty differences derive rifts between us and make the victory of Islam easy.  

Furthermore many of those who leave Islam can’t live without a religion. Living without believing is not easy. Leaving God behind is painful. I have gone through that passage. I should know! I want those who want to leave Islam to have a wide range of choices. I want to make their liberation as easy as possible. If they want to embrace another religion, they can do it with my blessing. As I say it often, my fight is not against Faith. It is against Hate. I have repeated this many times: I am not against religion. I am against Islam for the same reason I am against any ideology of hate.  

Leaving religion altogether is very difficult and frankly I am not sure that it is a good thing either. I believe humans need, not only spirituality, but also morality. And since morality is for many, indelibly linked to religion, abandoning religion completely could push many into immorality and that is an evil even worse than believing in irrationality.  

I am not calling upon people to leave their religion. I am calling on Muslims to leave Islam. This is not very difficult. Changing religion is much easier than abandoning religion altogether.  

Why I believe Muslims will leave Islam? It is because the majority of Muslims are good and as such they will be repulsed after they learn what Muhammad did. The evil ones will not leave Islam. They will continue believing in Muhammad who was a criminal worse than Hitler. This can’t be said about the founders of any other major religion. You can say Jesus is a myth, but you can’t say he was evil. The same is true about Zoroaster or other great teachers.  

You dared me to "exhibit my feat" by going to Kabul or Peshawar in order to "experience nature’s force". If by this you mean savagery, I already know to what dept of savagery ignorant people can go. I have no interest to convince stupid people. I want to reach Muslims who are capable of rational thoughts. You also said who is to decide in my debates with Muslims who has won. The answer is: “anyone with a brain bigger than that of a chicken”. Why? Isn’t it obvious who is winning? Then you claim these Mullahs and Ayatollahs with whom I debate and win are “minuscule part of belief force”. Where are the “majuscule” Islamic scholars then? Who are they? My challenge is open for everyone. Why don’t you ask them to come and defeat me?  

Yes, these debates are important. They show the intellectual bankruptcy of Islam and prove to any rational individual that Islam is a failed paradigm. It’s a lie and a huge hoax.

So to recapitulate: I do not want to make people "unbelievers" but to help Muslims leave Islam. Good, if not suppressed, will eventually prevail over evil. The new age of communication allows us to reach to where it was not possible before. Now we can take this light into darkness without fear and light always destroys darkness. Everything is in a flux. Everything is constantly changing. The human society changes as thoughts change. Thoughts change as new ideas are born. And when thoughts are not suppressed, truth always wins. This means the end of Islam is very near. Nothing can stop this change. Evil finally will be slain and the day of unity of mankind is about to dawn. This long night is over. 

 جَاء الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا  (Q. 17:81)


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