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Try to think about what generalising an entire people is doing. Muslims are this, Muslims are that. It dehumanises people. They are seen as sub-human. When that process is complete, when individuals and groups of individuals lose their humanity are no longer on the same level as other people, events like the Jewish Holocaust are easy to imagine and almost as easy to execute. If you were a Bosnian Muslim and you practised not one aspect of your faith and to all intents and purposes were an ex-Muslim, do you think a Bosnian Serb, whilst engaging in his ethnic cleansing in the early 1990s, would stop to have a discussion about your religion with you? Do you think its more likely he would have just killed you and your family, having seen your Muslim name on a register? 


This is the example of argumentum ad misericordiam I was talking about. It’s like a Nazi saying; you should not condemn Nazism because not all the Germans are bad people. Of course all the Germans were not bad people. But they were just guilty because the strength of the Nazi machinery of death came from the average Germans who remained silent and supported it with their tax money. The guilt of Muslims is greater. The Germans could not overthrow their brutal government easily just as the Iranians are not able to overthrow the savage Mullahs. However Muslims can leave Islam. 

You have no right to believe in a doctrine that preaches killing others. The world must not tolerate that travesty. If you are ignorant and do not know what Islam is, read this site and learn the truth. If you think I am mistaken disprove me. If you can’t disprove me then make your mind. You are either with us, the humanity or you are the follower of the psychopath who calls for our death. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t pretend to be our friend and uphold a cult that calls for our death at the same time.

No Sir, I am not inciting hatred. I am shedding light. I am making the truth about Islam to be known. Both Muslims and non-Muslims can see the truth now, face to face. As a Muslim you have a choice. You decide which side you are standing. Are you with us or are you against us? In real life hardly things are black and white. The truth often appears in shades of grey. But there are times that things are black and white and this is one of those times. Ignorance is no more an excuse. The truth is out. Now we all know what Islam is. Now it is up to you to decide. Are you our friend or are you our enemy? You can no more have it both ways. As this site and other sites like this keep growing, as facts become known, Muslims will find it harder and harder to pretend ignorance. Recently, 44 percent of Americans queried in Cornell national poll favored curtailing some liberties for Muslim Americans. This number will certainly grow; not just because of this site, but mostly thanks to what your Muslim brothers do. They validate the statements made in this site.

But don't  cry victim. You have a clear choice. Leave Islam and join the rest of mankind. Leave this satanic cult of death and become part of humanity. It is very easy. All you have to do is to give up lies, give up hatred, and give up ignorance. We both benefit if you get enlightened.



But don’t let all that stop you, just keep allowing the poison to spew out of your mind. Yes I’m a Muslim, naturally on account of reading the Quran my brain has been irreparably damaged. I am obviously not totally human like you, and perhaps I need to be interned. That said, this sub-human, upholds YOUR freedom of speech.


My dear “sub human” co-passenger of this spaceship, you have your freedom of speech because WE gave it to you. You are free to speak because none of us believes in a cult similar to your cult. Do WE have freedom of speech where your sub human species rule? A few days ago we were informed that three Saudis were caught accused of converting to Christianity; they were given three days to recant or face execution. We lost contact and we do not know what happed to those wretched souls. Where is the freedom of non-Muslims in Islamic countries? And you come here to brag about your freedom? The freedom that you have it thanks to the tolerance of the rest of mankind? …The same mankind that you want to subdue? …The same tolerance that you want to destroy?  

If you think one day you will win respect to believe in a cult that calls for killing and hating others, you’re very mistaken. Humanity is awakening. Now everyone is realizing that terrorism is Islam and Islam is terrorism. Brace yourself for being despised more and more. You’ll never be respected for believing in Islam, a cult of hate and murder.  You had the respect for decades. You abused it. You came to the West; you took advantage of the benefits here; you even lived off the bounties that the westerners had provided for the poor; you claimed refugee status or in the search of better life and then as soon as you established yourself, you started building mosques, luring the gullible youth to hate and kill their own fellow countrymen and despise their own culture. Then you started attacking and killing your own hosts for speaking their minds. You assassinated film makers, politicians, writers, intellectuals and anyone who naively thought he has freedom to speak in his own country. You took away their innocence. They are waking up. The honeymoon is over. The multiculturalism has failed. You made it fail. You showed your real face. Now everyone can see you though your mask. No one is going to shed any tears for your cries of "victimhood". No one is going to believe you anymore. No you do not have the right to practice your damn religion of terror and suppression. The free world should not tolerate intolerance and hate. Islam must be outlawed like Nazism, KKK or any other doctrine that promotes hate. 

But you can always leave Islam. You can evolve to become a full human. All you have to do is to learn to love mankind as one family. If you are unable to do that, if your hatred of the Jews is overwhelming, if you despise America with your soul, if you rejoice when your brothers bomb buildings and kill thousands of average citizens, you are not a human. You are a sub-human. As the great humanist poet Sa’di said:  

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."

Perhaps one day he’ll win respect for HIS freedom of faith. Doubtless you’ll say “you’re not really a Muslim”, because though I practise mine, I uphold the right of Muslims not to practise their faith. You’re as bad as the Islamic fundamentalists you hate. You, like the fundamentalists, want to split asunder any possibility of humanism and Islam. 


Shahid Khan

How can the civilized world allow the practice of terror and hate? No I am not trying to split asunder humanism and Islam. On the contrary I am trying to reunite the wayward followers of Muhammad with the rest of mankind.  I am merely quoting the Quran and hadith and unveiling the real face of Islam. It was Muhammad who divided mankind into Kafirs and Muslims, Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam, “us” and “them”. It was he who sowed the seeds of distrust and hate. I am trying to remove this curse and help the beguiled followers of this psychopath see the truth and regain their status as human beings. I am on a mission of peace and unity of Mankind. I see Islam as the main obstacle in that noble quest. Islam is a cancer. It must be removed if humanity is to survive. “For evil to triumph, it only takes for good people to do nothing.”  If we do not stop Islam, the brainwashed followers of this cult of terror will eventually use the atomic bomb and will kill millions of people. This actually is more likely to happen than not. Why they do it? It is because they believe in the lies that Muhammad concocted. Why should we give a damn about your right to believe in this cult of hate and not care about the rights to life of the millions of your potential victims? Who said the right of a bunch of zombies to practice a cult of hate transcends the lives of thousands of people who died in NY, Madrid, Bali, Nigeria, Beslan or hundreds of other places in the world?  

Islam must be banned. It is a cult of terror. It is a doctrine of hate. We can’t afford allowing Muslims live free among us and plan our murder. They must leave Islam or leave the free world. 

You think I am over my head? Then wait and see. This shall come to pass. Today only 44 percent of the Americans think Muslims’ rights should be curtailed. Three years ago this number was zero percent. How things change fast! Soon it would be over 80 percent. This is the matter of life and death for us and belief and disbelief for you. Our right to live is more important to us than your choice to believe in a doctrine of hate. 

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