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Are the Muslims who established or who maintain secular Turkey , Bangladesh , Indonesia , Albania , Bosnia , India less Muslim because of it. Doubtless you believe they are heretics, hypocrites even. In this sense you are in the same category as the fundamentalists, both the fundamentalists and yourselves believe in a House of War and a House of Islam, that there is no possibility of co-existence. You both want a clash of civilisations. You believe that it will lead to the abolition of Islam, they believe the abolition of the West. 

You are right. I believe the fundamentalists know and practice the fundaments of Islam. They are the true Muslims. My only difference with the fundamentalists and terrorists is that they agree with Muhammadís teachings and I donít. Other than that we both understand Islam fairly well. You on the other hand are hiding your head in the sand and pretend that Islam is something else. Your Islam is not the real Islam. It is called bidía (innovation) and it was frowned upon by Muhammad. Can any Muslim change what the Quran says or override the sunnah? Isnít amputating the hands of the petty thief prescribed in the Quran? How are you going to get around that? Isnít polygamy thought in the Quran? Isnít wife beating a right given to men in the Quran? Isnít denial of womenís right to equality in inheritance and in testimony sanctioned by the Quran? Isnít hating the non-believers encouraged in the Quran? Isnít killing the apostates, the atheists and the polytheists recommended in the Quran? Isnít dhimmitude and Jizzyah instructed in the Quran? How can you change all these things without scrapping the Quran? By what authority would you cherry pick what pleases you from the Quran and how can you guarantee that sometime in future the Muslims who are brainwashed into believing Muhammad was a perfect example to follow would not relapse into Islamic zealotry as they did in 1979 in Iran and thence in many other Islamic countries?    

The case of Turkey joining the EU would give hope that something like this neednít happen, that it is possible for a Muslim country to be a Western country. But you would keep Turkey out, why? Because itís citizens describe themselves as Muslims. And that is as good as Nazi for you. Only when they all become atheists or convert to Christianity or Judaism will you stop the campaign of hate. In other words, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs may all have spiritual belief in God but Muslims canít. 

That is right. The god of Islam is the god of hate. Muslims are spiritual to the extent that they do not follow Islam. I know many spiritual Muslims like that. One such holy person  was my own grandmother, blessed be her soul. This woman never missed a prayer, even though she did not understand a word of that and yet she was a symbol of love, sacrifice and purity. She was a widow who raised six children alone, by sewing. She never complained. She was always happy and loving. She was saving dimes to go to pilgrimage. She died before fulfilling her wish. But she was not a Muslim. She did not know she was supposed to hate the Jews and dislike the Christians. She loved everyone including the Jews and Christians. She was friend to her Jewish neighbors. Went to their home and invited them over. She ate with them and never thought of rinsing the utensils more because they were deemed to be najis (filthy, impure). But she did not exemplify what Muhammad taught.  She did not believe that the unbelievers are najis 9:28, or that befriending them is wrong 9:23.  There are many good people like her who erroneously call themselves Muslims. My hope is to make them see the truth so they can abandon this cult. Although I do not personally subscribe to any religion, I consider all religions better than Islam. And yes you can be a good Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist and be a spiritual person but if you are a ďgoodĒ Muslim you canít be a good human at the same time. Chances are you are a terrorist.  


Do you believe your website is contributing towards the humanism that you espouse? Muslims are people just as Jews and Christians are people. This website is about hate of people not philosophical debate. If the website was strictly about belief in God that belief in God is irrational, that would be fair. If the argument was solely that Islam needed to be reformed that Shariah laws are outdated and need to be modernised that too would be fair. If the argument was that the practises of the Prophet and his followers were not in accordance with todayís standards of international law and human rights, I could not disagree with you. Your arguments are none of these things. You have a venomous hate of everything Islamic. You impose a higher standard against Muslims than you do other people. You condemn everything about Shariah law whilst not praising the positive improvements for the contemporary society. You treat Muslim monotheism as worse than Christian and Juadaic Monotheism, yet you claim that your argument is against belief in God. Itís just simple hate. Thereís nothing positive in this website. It is truly astonishing that 1 Billion people are labelled ďNaziĒ Ė that is the effect of your website. Itís very hard to understand how a person can be so driven by a hate towards a religion. I would understand it if you were against religious extremism but the hatred directed at someone who has a different belief system to yours is astonishing. In your mind there is no possibility that could peacefully practise Islam as others do Christianity and Judaism. There is simply no space to attack Hindu extremists who killed thousands in India , no space for Jewish settlers who murder Palestinian farmers, no space for Christian fundamentalists in Bosnia who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims (almost all of who were secular Muslims). The practises of dictatorial Arab regime are representative of Muslims but the practises of a brutal occupying army in Palestine is not representative of Jewish people Ė thatís fair comment isnít it? 


The abuses and human rights violations of all the people must be condemned and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. The non-Muslims know that. Remember Milosovic?  It makes no difference whether you are a Christian extremist, a Hindu, a Jew or even a Buddhist. These extremists are ďextremistsĒ.  They may be religious by name but they are not following their religion. No religious sacred book teaches blatant hatred except the Quran. Many of these so called sacred books contain fables that depict violence. Many of the followers of these religions have also committed acts of violence and even wars in the name of their religions. However there is not a single verse in any religious book that I know of that encourages its followers to actively hunt the non-believers and slay them wherever they find them and reduce them into slavery or dhimmitude, except the Quran.

Islam is comparable to Nazism. We could not have defeated Nazism and at the same time respected Mein Kampf. The Mein Kampf of Islam is the Quran and the Hitler of Islam is Muhammad. Islam must be destroyed from its foundation. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars fighting Islamic Terrorism, without realizing that Islamic Terrorism is the natural manifestation of Islamic ideology. It is a symptom not the cause. Other symptoms of this disease are honor killing, stoning, wife beating, child rape, inequality and human rights abuses of minorities, to name a few. These are all the poisonous fruits of that poisonous tree. We have to uproot that tree. The source of all this evil must be destroyed if we are serious about fighting terrorism and all other ills above mentioned.  

No it is not hatred against Muslims. In fact it is the ex-Muslims who have risen to destroy Islam. We know more than anyone else the harm that this cult has done to our cultures and people. Each Muslim, once convinced that Muhammad was a liar and not a prophet, will become determined to destroy this cult and rescue his own people. Muhammad knew that the ex-Muslims are the biggest enemies of his cult and that is why he had zero tolerance towards the apostates. Yes he made peace even with his nemesis Abu Sofyan and bribed him into Islam, but he could not forgive those who left him after realizing he was a charlatan. The thing that he dreaded most was the truth and the apostates who knew the truth. 

It is not the monotheism that we are fighting against. If Islam were just like other religions dedicated to ďsalvaging the soulsĒ, we would not have risen to smash it. I am not against faith. You can believe in anything you wish and I will give up my life to defend your right to believe. I am against hate. I cannot tolerate doctrines that promote hate, killing and genocide. That is why we fight Islam. Islam promotes active hatred. It is expansionist and imperialist. It wants to subdue and dominate. It is a political movement in the guise of religion. I am not against the religious aspect of Islam. I am not against hajj, fasting or prayers. I am against the political aspect of Islam. I am against Jihad and Islamic domination. However, you canít separate one from the other. Domination is the raison d'Ítre of Islam. Monotheism, prayers, fasting and other dogmas and rituals are just the pretexts.  The real objective of Islam is to conquer the world. This is in the back of the mind of every Muslim. 

I do not have problem even with that. After all the Christians and the Bahaíis are also expansionists. I have problem with the method Muslims use to advance their cause. I have problem with Jihad and terrorism.

Islam is imperialistic. It aims to dominate, subdue and control, and it uses violence to achieve its goal. This makes Islam comparable to Nazism. No other religion can be compared to that. However Islam is even more dangerous than Nazism because it comes in disguise. Nazism is prohibited in many countries. But Islam wears the mask of religion and enjoys the same privileges granted to other religions, yet it is political and destructive. Religion is only a pretext. It uses the same methodology of terror used by violent political groups while at the same time, its apologists use argumentum ad misericordiam ad nauseam and claim religious status and protection.  

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