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The charge of pedophilia is the most gross and offensive of the lot. There is no doubt that the Prophet had sex with a girl under 16, possibly 9. The question isn’t whether there was an age of consent. In England there was no age of consent until the mid-19th century. That meant if the girl had reached puberty she could have lawful sex. The question isn’t the age but the physical maturity.

Can you explain how a 9 year old child can be mature for sex? What Muhammad did to Aisha, was criminal. Even if the marriage to minors was not a crime in those days and among those primitive societies, Muhammad claimed to be a prophet of God. He said to be a good example to follow. But he wasn't. He instead followed the example of the ignorant people of his time. But because he said he is a good example, now the vices of those primitive people that he followed are being practiced by his brainless followers all over the world and those crimes are sanctioned and promulgated. Muslims all over the world (where Sharia is allowed to be practiced) are following the examples of Muhammad and marrying off their 9 year old children. This is a heinous crime. They do that because they believe that Muhammad was a good example to follow. Yet you are telling me that he followed the bad examples of the very people whom he called “ignorant” and we should not blame him for that. Thanks to him that ignorance is now being spread throughout the world. Muhammad at the age of 54 had sex with a 9 year old child and you say the charge of pedophilia be gross?   


The only words for someone who steals goods from merchant is highway robber” that is your argument. What about requisitioning materials? Sir Francis Drake is famous for robbing Spanish merchants of their goods. He’s not a robber in the eyes of the English but a hero. In times of war, seizing goods and booty is perfectly acceptable, it was done by many other groups. You’re judging these people by the standards of the Geneva Convention – there was NO Geneva Convention at the time. 

Sir Fransis Drake was not a prophet and no one is following him. What Muhammad did was highway robbery. According to your moral relativism, anyone is entitled to rob another person and justify his actions. Muhammad raided the merchant caravans killed the men and robbed them not because these Arab tribes had declared war on him but because he had declared war on them. Actually he never declared war on anyone. He just raided them without notice. Book 019, Number 4292:   However when a group of Bedouins came to Medina and killed Muhammad’s camel herder and stole his “stolen camels", he ordered the hands and the feet of the thieves be cut and their eyes be branded with heated pieces of iron and then he left them in the desert sun until they died.     Bukhari  7. 71.589   

Therefore he knew stealing is bad but he thought he can break all the laws because he is special, but if others did it he exacted a revenge that was befitting of his sadistic mind.


Islam actively encouraged Muslims to release their slaves. In any case are Muslims the only people who took slaves? What about the English and the transporting of slaves. Slavery was abolished in England in the early 19th century and in America in 1863. In Russia Serfdom was abolished in 1861. In Europe , it was Napoleon in the early 19th Century who abolished serfdom. Human trafficking as we call it now was perfectly AT THE TIME. There is no Muslim who supports slavery or would like to restore it.


This is not true. Muhammad encouraged the slaves of Mecca to escape and join him. This was not because he was against slavery. It was because he found the slaves vulnerable and easy prey for his cult. He himself attacked many people and after killing their men reduced their women and children into slaves. In one hadith we read that Aisha manumitted forty slaves for expiation of an oath. Bukhari 4.56.708 Where did she get so many slaves to manumit forty of them in one go? How many more she had and how many more slaves other wives of Muhammad had and how many more other warring Muslims had? Where these slaves came from? Muhammad was the greatest slave maker and slave trader.

All your arguments are based on a logical fallacy called “tu quoque”. This is the famous “you too” fallacy. Muslims typically try to find a mote in the eyes of others to justify the beam in their own. If others also committed similar crimes it does not justify the crimes committed by Muhammad. This is a fallacious logic. Suppose Hitler killed more people than Muhammad. Does this prove that Muhammad as a prophet of God? Suppose the Bible contains also lots of violence? Does this make Islam a true religion?    


I suppose it’s impossible for someone growing up in Iran to imagine an overwhelmingly Muslim majority country where people are free to practise other religion and where shariah law is not enforced. What about Turkey ? Is that also a fundamentalist society? Why is there no Shariah law there? It is by all standards a democracy, the governing party is an Islamic party yet they are bending over backwards to democratise and liberalise their country for membership of the EU. That surely makes no sense why would an Islamic party be LIBERALISING the country, giving women more rights and allowing greater human rights. On the basis of your beliefs this shouldn’t happen, since a practising Muslim would do the opposite if he really believed in his religion. The Turkish Justice Party IS an Islamic party, they draw support for religious Turks not secular one.  What about Bangladesh ? This is a country where the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition are both women. This can’t be right. How can a country in which the overwhelming majority are Muslim elect two women as their leaders? By rights they ought to be stoned to death. What about Pakistan ? How is it possible that Benazir Bhutto was elected Prime Minister twice by Pakistanis? Again by your logic this shouldn’t be happening. If Muslims are fanatical and women-repressing they shouldn’t elect women as their leaders.

What is happening in Turkey is called “taqiyyah”. The Muslims there are practicing the Islamic art of simulation and deception to get into the EU. As you said they are bending over backwards to endear themselves with the EU and get access to that group. They are forced to do that because of the economical expediency. That is a political game they are playing. Deception is a strategy taught by Muhammad. He said "War is a game of deception" and he used a lot of deception himself. Who guarantees that once they gain access to EU they won’t try to implement Islam and in fact export it to other European countries? Muslims come to the west claiming refugee status and swearing their allegiance to their host country but as soon as they are landed they start their subversive activity to destabilize the country that has accepted them and establish Khilafat.

The question is not how much Turkey is willing to bend over backwards and break the Islamic laws to appease the EU; the question is what the Islamic law teaches. Does the Sharia teach equality and democracy? No! So when you flaunt an Islamic country that is bending over backwards and breaking all the Islamic laws to feign she is a civilized nation you are basically admitting that to be civilized you have to override Islam. If the Muslims stop practicing Islam, of course they become civilized. The point is why you should hold to a religion that drags you down and makes you uncivilized? Why not get rid of it altogether?  If being a good person means being less Muslim, why be Muslim at all? It is like taking a poison that in small doses does not kill you. The question is, why take it at all? Does that poison do any good to you? If moderate Islam means less Islam, why not have no Islam? 

The same is true about Bangladesh and Pakistan. These people are not following what Muhammad taught. They still practice the customs of their Hindu ancestors. Is what they do Islamic? What did Muhammad think about women ruling? Here is what he thought:

When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, "Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler." Bukahri 9.88.219

Muhammad’s advice to women was “stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display” Q.33:33  

Now is what Bangladesh is doing Islamic? You seem to find things that are unIslamic to brag how good Muslims can be. 


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