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   Do We Need Religion? Part 2  2006/05/24

   Do We Need Religion? Part 1  2006/04/21


  Defeating Defeatism - The End of the Phony War 2006/03/03

  The European Case for Israel

  The Fight against Jihad: Dealing with India and China 2005/10/27

  Bruno: Advice to President Bush 2005/07/11

  Lemmings on Prozac - an Eurabian Tale 2005/05/31

  The Clash of Fascisms 2005/05/10

  Dinosaur in the Age of Mammals 2005/04/15

  The Stages of Jihad  2005/03/18

  Islam and the Internet 2005/02/22  

   Iran - Europe s blood for oil  2005/01/15

  Economic Aid to Muslims Marshall Plan or Jizya?  004/12/03  

Wolfgang Bruno is a European author. He is writing a book about the Internet movement of ex-Muslims. All of Bruno's essays can be republished and reproduced for free by anybody who wants to, as long as credit is given to the author






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