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The European Case for Israel

Wolfgang Bruno 
February 09, 2006

The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections follows the election of a hard line president in Iran and the Jihad riots in France . Hamas is not part of a struggle for "national liberation," it is a part of a global anti-democratic movement that is now threatening to plunge the world into a devastating war. The Jihad has been simmering for years, but is now entering a phase of much more open hostility towards the infidels. Hamas is right: There is no peace process in the Middle East . There probably never was, but at least Israel is now faced with enemies, both among Palestinians and the Islamic regime in Iran , who state this quite openly. As Hugh Fitzgerald writes: Though very few would recognize it, the infidels of Europe in fact owe the Israelis a debt. For it is the Israelis who, like a lightning rod, have until recently borne the brunt of Arab and Muslim hatred and attention. The Lesser Jihad against Israel is simply part of the Greater Jihad against all non-Muslims.

Europeans should support Israel for several reasons. The first one is moral: It is immoral for Europeans to sit back and watch threats of a new Holocaust, which the Iranian president has repeatedly suggested. It is especially immoral because it is our appeasing "dialogue" with the mullahs that has enabled them to progress this far with their nuclear program. We simply have an historical obligation to oppose forces spreading anti-Semitism into the mainstream once again.

The second reason is cultural. A stronger stance in solidarity with Israel would send a message to Muslims and Multiculturalists: The West isn't a Christian club, it's a Judeo-Christian club. And no, the Jewish component is not a cliché. The fact that such a statement would also be in direct opposition to the thinking behind the current version of the Eurabian Union is a welcome side effect. We need to assert our cultural identity to be able to defend ourselves against Islam.

The third reason is ideological. Bat Ye'or has demonstrated convincingly in her book "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" how closely linked the rise of Eurabia and the ongoing Islamization of the continent are to the institutionalized Euro-Arab dialogue that has been going on for several decades. The same goes for the growth of European anti-Israeli attitudes that this has ensued. If the growth of anti-Israeli sentiments is indeed linked to Eurabia, creeping dhimmitude and European submission to Arab-Islamic demands, showing a pro-Israeli point of view becomes an act of defiance and a symbol of resistance to the Eurabian establishment. Being European and pro-Israeli is a statement that: "I'm not a dhimmi, but a proud defender of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization." It can be used to demonstrate that the European Union in reality is the Eurabian Union.

The fourth reason for supporting Israel is plain self-interest. WW2 started with the persecution of Jews, one of the smallest and most vulnerable ethnic groups. Once the Nazis got away with that, they were strong enough to intimidate everybody else, too. The result was a world war. Those who burned Jewish stores eventually burned down much of the European continent. History is about to repeat itself. This world war seems to start with threats to attack and annihilate the Jews, just as the previous one did. Europeans turned a blind eye to Islamic suicide bombers and the Jihad ideology they represented as long as they targeted only Jews in Israel. Now Europeans themselves live in fear of the same suicide bombers in Paris, London and Madrid. We should have learnt our lesson by now. If we don't, we will soon have to pay the price for this mistake.

The most important task in the immediate future is preventing the mullahs in Iran from getting nuclear weapons. A strike against Iran should be combined with steps to weaken the foundations of the Islamic Republic, and encourage the people to overthrow their oppressors. Ironically, the election of hardliner Ahmadinejad for president just made this easier. Ahmadinejad is a brute who has killed off the illusion of "reform" and the deceptive "good cop - bad cop" game his predecessor Khatami kept alive for eight years. The right thing for Europeans to do is to help Iranians get rid of that barbaric and oppressive regime. This also happens to be in our own best interest. The current wave of Islamic radicalism has been closely tied to the history of the Islamic Republic in Iran. Bringing down the regime installed by Khomeini will deal a severe blow to the international movement of political Islam, and thus to the very forces that are increasingly threatening Europe itself. Most Europeans don't seem to understand the implications of the fact that Iran now has nuclear-capable missiles that can reach parts of Europe. A regime with this mentality cannot under any circumstances be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. This must be prevented at all costs, including the option of armed strikes against nuke facilities inside Iran. Iranians may not be happy about the idea, but the brutal truth is that unless this is done, the Islamic regime may very well drag their nation into a nuclear war, with Israel or some other nation. The new president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is questioning the reality of the Holocaust, threatening to wipe Israel of the face of the earth, and urging that a Jewish state be relocated thousands of miles away. Some have suggested that the United States should propose the quick admission of Israel into NATO as a full member, an idea that deserves some consideration.

Binyamin Netanyahu has stated that Muslims don't hate the West because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the West. And he's right. If Muslims manage to overrun and subdue the Little Satan, that means that the Great Satan is weaker than he appears. The Great Satan here is usually referring to the USA, but it really is the West in general, and very much includes Europe, the cradle of Western civilization. How would the Danish cartoon issue have looked like if Iran used its nuclear umbrella to "protect Europe's Muslims?" Does anybody in Europe want to find out?

EU claims to superpower status ring rather hollow. When the time comes to face a real challenge, Europe does not have the will, perhaps not even the means, to defeat it. An entire continent is now hiding behind a few million Jews, the descendants of a people we almost decimated, to defeat an enemy we have been feeding for years. The EU isn't a soft superpower, the EU is just soft, and incapable of disarming a threat it has by itself participated in creating. Israel is the Constantinople of our time, and Israelis have been at the front line of the battle against Islamic Fascism for years. Israel should finally be allowed to defend herself. It's time Europe stops laying obstacles in her way.








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