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Advice to President Bush

Wonfgang Bruno


Dear Mr. Bush: I was one of the Europeans who supported your re-election the past fall. In my view, a good leader needs at least two basic qualities: The courage to do the right thing, and the wisdom to understand what the right thing is. John Kerry didn’t have an ounce of either and would have been a disaster as president. I still believe, or at least hope, that you possess the spine necessary to do the job. But I’m not equally convinced you fully understand the nature of your enemy. For you, a devout Christian, religion is something inherently positive. Perhaps that makes you misjudge Islam. Perhaps you view it as a religion currently beset by many problems and aggressive groups, but still one that can offer comfort and moral guidance to millions of people. That is a fundamental mistake. Islam is not an addition to the American diversity rainbow. In fact, it wants to scrap the diversity rainbow and replace it with an Islamic cave. Ataturk’s Turkey has tried for generations to enforce Western-style democracy and secularism, and the experiment is failing. You should listen more to the likes of Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina and Robert Spencer, and less to Bernard Lewis.

The most important military task in the immediate future is preventing the mullahs in Iran from getting nuclear weapons. This has to be done at all cost, even if it means armed strikes against Iranian nuke facilities. Such a move will meet stiff international opposition, but it is of critical importance. The downside is that we may risk ordinary Iranians rallying behind otherwise disliked leaders. A strike against Iran should be combined with steps to weaken the foundations of the Islamic Republic, and encourage the people to overthrow their oppressors. Ironically, the election of hardliner Ahmadinejad for president just made this easier. Rafsanjani is more cunning and could have fooled both Europeans and Iranians for a few more years. Ahmadinejad is a brute who will kill off the illusion of "reform" and the deceptive "good cop - bad cop" game his predecessor Khatami kept alive for eight years. The time is now right for toppling the mullahs.

However, in the ideological battle against Islam, little has happened in the four years since 9/11. We are treading water, and as the London bombings showed, we don't have time to do that. If anything, it has become even more difficult to openly criticize Islam in infidel nations. The Islamic world, supported by Saudi petrodollars, is working tirelessly to subvert our freedom of speech. It is understandable that a person as powerful as the US President cannot and should not say everything, even when it’s true. But you should quietly start preparing people and open their eyes to what we are facing. If the traditional media hesitate to deal in a straightforward manner with Islamic issues, then we have to bypass them and bring the message directly to the people. Concentrate on the Western nations first, and Europe in particular.

Many Americans are tired of watching the back of a continent that always seems to get itself into more trouble. Given the bad press President Bush receives in European media, any open efforts on your behalf could anyway prove to be counterproductive. If done in more subtle ways, it is not as impossible as some people think. The referendums about the proposed EU constitution in France and Holland demonstrated that there are now two powerful and sometimes contradictory currents at work in Europe: Anti-Americanism, partly a reflection of Socialist instincts, but also carefully nurtured by the elites as glue in their Euro-federalist project. The other is increasing disillusionment with European political leaders. Instead of a Europe united against the USA, the elites are creating a Europe united in common opposition to their neo-feudalist leaders and the oligarchs in Brussels. Americans can play these two impulses against each other. There are many Europeans who are more negative towards their own leaders than the USA. Hook up with some of them. Encourage them as a counterweight to the biased Eurabian media. This is also important for what we might label as “civilization awareness”. Multiculturalism and anti-Americanism have greatly weakened the sense of belonging to a shared Western civilization. It needs to be rebuilt, by establishing ties between Americans and groups of Europeans ordinary Americans can relate to.

Show Europeans that their elites are indeed selling them out. Buy the copyrights to Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. Translate it into as many European languages as possible, and make sure that many websites have it available for free online, both in the full version and in a summarized version. Since American media are hardly much better when it comes to writing about Islam, many Americans would benefit from this, too. Europe still has a window of opportunity to act, but it is closing fast. A decade from now, the combined forces of neo-feudalism, resurgent nationalism and right-wing extremism, Marxism, and Islam could be too strong for level-headed Europeans to withstand. Either Europe’s home-grown totalitarian impulses will fuse with Islam, completing Europe’s transformation into Eurabia, or they will compete for the spoils, tearing the continent apart. Europe will burn again, for the third time in a century.

Give stipends and all the library resources needed to people such as Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq, to write about Islam. You should also encourage websites by ex-Muslims, and the best websites by non-Muslims. Make a selection of the best critical books written about Islam. The books in their full length should be made available on the Internet in major languages They can also be downloaded and reprinted in countries where the reach of the Internet is still limited. Start with supporting those who are already in the business. Give them grants to do their work on a semi-professional basis, and help increase their reach. The websites could be in English or bilingual, catering to both national and international audiences. Jihad Watch and Faith Freedom International should be used as the cyberspace version of Radio Free Europe, and the cornerstones in a global network of similar websites.

I am not saying that the Internet alone will do the trick. But it is the least censored medium and still largely outside the control of the politically correct elites. It can and should be spearheading the efforts. The entire operation could be done quietly and unofficially without spending too much money. Freedom of speech is the lifeblood of Western civilization. It doesn’t matter if we capture Al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan if Islam strangles our freedom at home. Likewise, we can’t win a fight against Islam unless people are made aware of the true nature of Islamic teachings. This part of the struggle has been neglected so far. It is my hope that you, Mr. Bush, can help in dealing with this during your second term. Much depends upon it.






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