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The Game of Deception  

I am pleased to announce that Robert Spencer of jihadwatch.org  is added to the list of the pundits of FFI and from now on, his articles will be featured regularly in this site.  

Actually we have to thank the Islamists for this serendipity. Recently Robert and I teamed up in a Symposium organized by Frontpage Magazine and responded to two Islamists about Gender Apartheid and Islam. This alliance was not to the liking of the Islamists and they, inspired by their prophet’s cunningness, tried to drive schism between the two of us. We discovered the plot and decided to increase our cooperation.

The following is the email one of these Muslims wrote to Robert Spencer:    

From: "Sharukh Iqbal" [email protected] 
To: [email protected]

Mr. Spencer  

I regret to inform you that one of your proteges is a two faced hypocrite and is actually using your trust for his own gain. This man's name is Ali Sina. I was a regular on his forum and he is exploiting your endeavors. Since you are exposing Jihad and he is trying to destroy all religions, Islam being is 1st target, he supports you. Not only is he an Anti Muslim, he is an Anti christian and semite. After facing him in a debate on his forum he equivically stated that your actions and work is pointless and that you are deceived by your faith. Somehow that entire thread disappeared and he has threatened me with legal action if I ever try to contact him or his affiliates again. Therefore please Mr. Spencer let the world know about this devious man, who is willing to sacrifice honor and trust just for his dollars and cents.  


Just to let you know that he has made a pretty penny due to his work and you are adding to his forune.


Both Robert and I had a good laugh over it and remembered how Muhammad had used the exact same ploy to cause suspicion among his opponents and after driving a rift between them, he annihilated them one by one. 

One such incident took place during the war known as Khandaq and the following is the story taken from my upcoming book From Mecca to 9/11


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