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Failing to drive rift among his enemies through bribery, the Prophet resorted to deceit.  A man called Nueim, approached him and offered his services. Muhammad asked him whether he could break up the confederacy against him, by deceiving the Jews and the Quraish and he added for War verily is a game of deception", He said.


Nueim went first to the Bani Quraizah, and representing himself as a concerned friend, cunningly told them that the Quraish had no intention to attack Medina and if they, (the Jews) supported them, this would make Muhammad furious of them and they would be killed once the confederates leave. He then suggested that the Quraizah should demand hostages from the Quraish as a guarantee against being deserted.


After that he went to the chiefs of the confederates and cautioned them against the Jews: - "I have heard;" he said, " that the Bani Quraizah intend to ask for hostages; beware not to be taken by their plot for they have already reneged on their agreement with you, and promised Muhammad to give up the hostages to be slain, and then to join in the battle against you."


Muhammad’s plot worked. When the Quraish asked the Quraizah to join the general attack on the following day, they brought the excuse that it is their Sabbath and refused to fight. Acting upon Nueim’s advice, they also demanded that the Quraish leave a few men as hostages in guarantee of being deserted. The Allies regarded this as a confirmation of Nueim's intelligence, and were so persuaded of the treachery of the Quraizah that they even feared an attack from them.

After fifteen days of fruitless wait, and this perceived treachery of the Jews the confederates were disheartened. Their provisions were running out, their camels and horses were dying. The weather was cold and gusty. The rain had left them soaked and dampened their spirits. The winter night was tempestuous and the wind and rain beat on the camp mercilessly, blowing apart their tents, extinguishing their fires and overthrowing their cooking vessels and other equipment. Storm rose to a hurricane. This kind of weather is common at winter in Medina . All these harsh conditions, accompanied with their inability to cross the ditch and the perceived treachery of the Jews made the allies restless.  

Abu Sofian was not always the General of the Army. The chiefs alternated the leadership in successive days. This system had also paralyzed their energies and had virtually left the army without a powerful man in command. Finally Abu Sofian who did not have the doggedness and single-mindedness of his opponent, resolved to withdraw his men and told the rest of the confederate chiefs that he is breaking up the camp. He would not stay to argue with them or change his mind. Thus the army broke apart, the tribes retired to their homes and the siege ended.  

When the morning broke, none of the army of the allies was left. Hudhaifa, who had gone in the dark to spy on the enemy brought the glad tiding to Muhammad who soon attributed this happy issue to the divine interposition, and took full credit for it claiming that it was Allah who had “sent against them a hurricane and forces that ye saw not: but Allah sees (clearly) all that ye do” [Quran. 33:9]  

The very day the confederates left, Muhammad decided to annihilate the Bani Quraizah. He pretended that Gabriel appeared to him and rebuked him for setting aside his arms and told him that the angels are ready to wage war against the Bani Quraizah. Bukhari 5:59:443  

Two weeks later, the Bani Quraizah was forced to surrender and all their men were beheaded, their wives and children were enslaved and their belongings went to the coffers of Muhammad alone who gave some to the immigrants and his close supporters. Eventually all the confederates were subdued. 

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