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If It Was Not So Foolishly Dangerous It Would Have Been Funny 

Potkin Azarmehr  


The list of events described below may sound like a comedy, sadly it is not.  

Few weeks before the 7/7 attack on the London transport system by the Islamic extremists, four secular Iranians who oppose Islamic terrorists, were arrested in a massive combined raid by the British police and the MI5. Needless to say that no threat to the British public was discovered and those arrested were released after a few days. If you ask most English people about the event they won't have even heard about it. No one has yet explained why the raid took place and the four were arrested.  

Islamic centres mushrooming throughout Britain however are untouched and allowed to spread their message of hate towards the unclean Non-Muslims.  

After the 7/7 attack, watching the BBC and reading most of the English dailies, one gets the impression that the Muslims are the real victims of the 7/7.  

Islamic apologists take over the BBC debating forums claiming that Islam is a religion of peace.  

Non-Muslim female presenters and reporters dressed in short skirts and heavy make up tell the Muslim faithful that the Koran strictly prohibits the murder of another human being.  

Although hardly any physical attack on any Muslim is reported, apart from a few email threats and verbal abuses, a large proportion of the police resources is used to guard the Muslims.  

The British police shoot a Brazilian and then say they are sorry.  

The London Mayor, Ken Livingstone formerly known as Red Ken, justifies the action of the terrorists, saying it is to do with years of interference by the Western governments in supporting unsavoury governments in the Middle East .  

No one seems to reply to Ken Livingstone then why didn't the people of East Europe, the Poles, the Czechs, the Slovaks, the Hungarians etc. who were forced to accept repressive puppet governments by the Soviet Union take the same route as the Islamic terrorists?

Why haven't the people of Tibet who have suffered so much at the hands of the Chinese despots taken the same route as Islamic terrorists? Why didn't the followers of Dr. Mossadiq, the Iranian nationalist leader, who was toppled by a British backed coup in Iran , take the same route as the suicide bombers? Why didn't the victims of the American backed Pinochet in Chile , not strap bombs to themselves and blow up American targets??  

It really is strange living in London these days. At least 50 people have been killed, more than 700 injured, the London transport system has come to a grind after the attack by Islamic terrorists and everyone is worried that the Muslims don't get offended some how!! If this was not so depressing, it would have been funny. 








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