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Stop Apologizing to Islam 

Written by Barbara J. Stock
May 16, 2005

We Americans need to get our priorities straight. We are at war with Islam.  I want President Bush, Secretary Rice, the media, and the bleeding-heart liberals to stop apologizing to Islam and I want it to stop right now.  Islamists are slaughtering people all over the world.  Islam has threatened to make our streets “run red with American blood.”  A Saudi Islamic cleric gave bin Laden permission to detonate a nuke in a major American city.  Enough already!  
What has set off the latest round of breast-beating and begging for Islamic forgiveness?  Allegedly, the Quran was urinated on, or placed on a toilet or something.  Newsweek couldn’t wait to report this non-story knowing it would trigger anti-American riots and give the Islamic propaganda machine fodder for weeks to come.  In fact, if Islam has any pattern, people will die because of these still unproven allegations.  Once again, the sins of Islamists will be on the back page as we Americans scramble to be forgiven by Islam.
Look for more kidnappings that will be followed by the obligatory beheadings of innocent people so that “Islamic honor” can be restored.  As we have all learned, only the death of someone not even remotely involved in whatever it is Islamists are enraged about, restores Islam’s “honor.”  These beheadings will be video taped and gleefully shown on Al Jazeera every five minutes.  In fact, four Afghani men have already died because of that report.  Good job, Newsweek.
What has happened to this country?  Four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle and his raiders launched an attack on mainland Japan .  That raid had one purpose and one purpose only:  To humiliate the Japanese and let them clearly know they had picked a fight with the wrong dog.  Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt “apologize” for the attack?  Of course not!  He approved the raid.  
On December 7, 1941, 2,403 men died at Pearl Harbor .  On September 11, 2001, 2,948 people died with 48 still missing and presumed dead for a total of 2,996 on American soil.  Pearl Harbor was at least a military target.  The World Trade Center was not.
Now we are at war again.  This time with an enemy that has no borders, no country, no government, and no recognizable army.  Islam is an enemy that does not hesitate to kill innocent civilians.  In fact, Islam prefers civilians because it fears our military.  It’s much cheaper and easier to kill a child than a Marine.
Islam was not outraged as Saddam Hussain slaughtered his people.  Islam was not outraged as the Taliban executed women for any number of imagined sins. 
Islam is silent as Iran stones 13-year-old girls to death.  Islam is not outraged as thousands of young women die at the hands of their own families in brutal honor killings.  Islam says nothing as its terrorist heroes butcher Iraqi Muslims on a daily basis.  
What does it take to make a Muslim angry?  Say something bad about Islam and you can lose your head.  Drop the Quran in the dirt and you will be hanged.  In Sudan , a hapless man named Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed, dared speculate that Mohammed was not the son of Abdullah and is now on trial for blasphemy and he will probably be hanged.  Mobs of foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims gather outside the courthouse demanding he be torn to bits for even thinking such a thing. 
Put women’s underwear on a Muslim prisoner’s head and Islamists lose total control and riot in the streets outraged at the barbaric treatment of their “soldiers.”   Islamic terrorists do not uphold a single word of the Geneva Convention.  They beat, torture, and behead our prisoners, many of whom are not even soldiers.  They desecrate bodies by burning them and hanging them from bridges, but touch that Quran and Islam loses its collective mind.
We are apologizing to these people?  

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