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Real Islam Strikes London


 By Abul Kasem

July 10, 2005  

Fight against them so that Allâh will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people,  And remove the anger of their (believers') hearts. Allâh accepts the repentance of whom He wills. Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (Al-Qur’an, verse 9:14-15)    


ES, THAT’S CORRECT. Allah, in the hands of the Islamists, punishes the infidels (or non-Muslims). Should not the western infidels, who have fallen in love with the Islamic apologists (or peaceful Islam) learn a few lessons from this verse? The pithy message in this verse is so loud and clear that even a primary school kid, after having diligently read those infallible words of Allah will tell you that the perpetrators of mayhem of 9/11, 11/3,  7/7……….are simply carrying out what Allah has asked them to do. Even if 0.1% of the Muslims (this will be around 1.2 million nascent Jihadists) around the globe, with complete conviction in their faith, decide to act fully on this verse, this should be enough to annihilate virtually all the infidels. TV news reports that around 1% (yes, one percent) of Britains 1.6 million Muslims are al-Qaeda supporters. This means around 16,000 potential Islamic terrorists—16,000 prospective suicide bombers might be lurking right in the heart of one of the greatest modern citadels, London . This is more powerful than all the atom bombs that the infidels possess. Isn’t this mind boggling? Therefore, the simplistic logic that the vast majority of the Muslims are peace-loving, law-abiding and are not Islamic terrorists is completely void. You see, it is not the 99.9% of the Muslims that matters. It is just that microscopic 0.1% that is the gravest concern of today’s civilisation. This is akin to a virus attack. I wonder why such a simple and perfectly clear logic does not enter the heads of infidel PC politicians. They are vaguely satisfied that since that elusive 99.9% Muslims are against Islamic terrorism; therefore, Islamic terrorism is bound to go away, sooner or later.  


This delusion has paralysed the western policy makers. They believe that somehow, by resorting to PC politics, those utterly unchangeable verses of Allah will disappear—or at least become ‘not acted upon’ by the overwhelming majority of Muslims. I would request these ‘blind’ and ‘un-enlightened’ PC politicians to visit an Islamic Paradise, and, instead of negotiating deals with the corrupt rulers, visit a mosque, a university, a college and a madrassa and enquire the Muslim students about the meaning of Jihad or what do they think of terror attacks on western cities. The glib answer from these newest breed of Islamists might make these un-informed infidels quake in absolute fear. For sure, these Muslim students will, provide a clear explanation of the above verse: that is, the Qur’an unmistakably calls for the complete destruction of infidels in the hands of Muslims by any means.  

Let us now briefly review what the rest of the civilised world is doing to face such an implacable foe.  

Here are some of the steps (I recalled from memory) the infidels have adopted to assuage a ‘raging’, seemingly unstoppable Islamic terror:  

  • Passing a resolution in the U.N. to ban the spread of Islamphobia. (Note: no mention is made about the barbaric/terrifying Qur’anic verses, such as I quoted above)
  • Guaranteeing the preaching and indoctrination of Islam through construction of a plethora of new mosques, madrassas, mussalas, Islamic colleges, Islamic primary schools/nurseries….and what not. Mind you, in Islamic Paradises, proselytizing any religion other than Islam is a serious offence; it might be punishable by with death sentence.
  • Imposing a ban on critiquing Islam (refer to the draft EU constitution).
  • Arresting and incarcerating those who dare to expose ‘real Islam.’
  • Allowing unabated immigration of Islamists in infidel territories, forgetting that the only reason these Islamists migrate to infidel lands is just to convert these haram/najis (impure) lands into pure Islamic Paradises by hook or by crook, and if necessary, by colluding with the Islamic terrorists living and flourishing amidst them and in the middle-east.
  • Allowing unrestricted growth of Islamic centres and Islamic student’s organizations in universities and colleges. These are the fertile grounds for the hidden Islamic terrorists.
  • Permitting the Islamists to use valuable space in educational institutions, offices, factories, to be reserved for prayer purposes. This right of prayer space (the infidels refers this gesture as religious freedom; the Islamists laugh at the stupidity of the infidels) is not extended for other religions, or denied when requested. One might wonder why there is such a policy of duplicity. Why the Muslim students/workers/staff members should have such privileges—even when some members of their community are hell-bent to destroy the western civilisation? Is this the correct approach to combat Islamic extremism/terrorism?—by feeding these barbaric Islamists with nutrition and let them breed unchecked?

Just to confirms that the infidels have reaped what they had been sowing for many years, a few day’s ago ( 7/7/05 ), the ‘real Islam’ struck London with crushing alacrity—Allah’s unbound vengeance.  


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