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A Short List of Islam Bashers  

Abul Kasem  

May 14, 2005  

Dr. Taj Hashmi is an eminent Islamic scholar. He often writes about non-political Islam by espousing that ‘true Islam’ is apolitical. He vehemently opposes Sharia and chides the Mullahs for using Sharia to defame Islam. Recently he wrote an essay, Sex with Slave Girls and POWs in the Hadis Literature  In this essay, he, surprisingly, attempted to chide the ‘Islam bashers’, implicating that they are similar to the Mullahs who are bent upon tarnishing the pristine, peaceful and non-violent face of Islam.  

In reply to Dr. Hashmi’s assertions, Mr. Mohammad Asghar wrote a rebuttal.  

In his rebuttal Mohammad Asghar wrote:  

"Despite the fact that we, the so-called Islam bashers, rely on materials and information provided to us by such Muslim luminaries as are/were Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Pickthall et al, and even after confessing that these and other Muslims are guiltier than the Islam bashers are, even than our learned friend Mr. Hashmi did not have the courage to call them blasphemers or the enemies of Islam, preferring, instead, to sooth his injured Islamic feelings by making Syed Kamran Mirza and me the victim of his razor-sharp knife (read keyboard!). This is a bizarre behavior, to say the least, and I did not expect it from a person of his caliber and status. "

Here is my response to the above comment:  

Please consider the following logical deductions:  

According to the original essay of Dr. Taj Hashmi the Islam bashers misinterpret the Qur'an and use Hadis to bash Islam relentlessly.  

The Mullahs and the Imams also misinterpret the Qur'an and use Hadis to expose 'real Islam'.  

The logical conclusion is: THE ISLAM BASHERS = THE MULLAHS  

That is, the Mullahs and the Islam bashers are one and the same.  

Funny, isn't it?  

Now, consider this.  

Allah wrote the Qur'an and the Mullahs and the Islam bashers bash Islam using the Qur'an.  

Therefore, Allah too, is bashing Islam.  

Funny, isn't it?  

Extend this logic a little further.  

Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Dawud....et.al. compiled the Sahih (authentic) Ahadith.  

The Mullah's and the Islam bashers are using those ahadith to bash Islam.  

Therefore, Bukhari, Dawud, Muslim, Tirmizi, Nassai, Ibn Majah are also bashing Islam


Continue this logic until you meet Muhammad More? Here is a short-list of the recent bashers of Islam.  

Imam Bukhari
Imam Dawud 
Imam Muslim
Imam ibn Majah
Maulana Yusuf Ali
Marmaduke Pickthal
Ibn Ishaq
Imam Ghazali
Imam Bayhaqi
Umdat al-Salik
Imam Tayimiah
Imam Hasan al-Banna
Imam Tantawi
Al-Azhar Unviversity

and so on.

So, who are the latest Islam bashers to join the above list?  

Syed Kamran Mirza
Abul Kasem
Mohammad Asghar
Taslima Nasrin
Imran Hussain
Syed Munir
Sher Khan
Ali Sina
Jamal Hasan

.and so on    

Very funny, isn't it?  

Please feel free to remove your name from the above list if you think you are no longer an Islam basher.  

Conversely, feel free to add your name in the above list if you want to be an Islam basher.  

You have nothing to lose except the eternal fire of hell. Look at the head of the list. It is Allah.


Abul Kasem writes from Sydney Australia. Comments can be forwarded at [email protected]  






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