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Kim Jay


Dear Mr. Sina,
Hopefully, you are well and all is well.  I emailed you a few times about a month ago expressing thoughts about the articles you wrote and presented on your web page.  Since then, I have read quran, hadith, Islamic commentary with your printed articles and I am astounded at my contented ignorance.  I converted to Islam almost five years ago and I will admit that have never completely read the Quran nor have ever question the topics in the quran that were disturbing to me.  Now, I do.  I no longer practice Islam.  Funny, I knew the day that I clicked on your link (on Yahoo), I felt I was about to enter into another world-consciousness.  Thank you, kindly for answering those questions thus, freeing from this mental slavery.  I feared leaving Islam, even though I knew it was inevitable.  I am a rebel, always have been.  Are there any women out there like myself?  I would like to be in touch with others like myself, I would prefer physical face to face relationships but, I will certainly settle for cyber ones.
Kim Jay





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