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Ali Z. 

My view of Islam and why I left it

Thu, 8 Feb 2001

My reason for leaving Islam is very simple. I simply read the Quran. For me it was as easy as just reading the Quran and using a little reason, logic, and thinking.

I thought the story of the Noah'a Ark  that is recorded in the Quran is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard. Apparently the world was run over by water and the only survivors were the people who had followed Noah. Noah apparently had the ability to communicate with animals to ask them to come aboard the ship, so that their species do not extinct.

Back then the early Arabs looked around themselves and they saw a few camels and a couple of dogs and they thought that these are all the animals in the world. They were unaware of the fact that there are over a billions species in the world and some that haven't even been discovered yet. What about the animals that did not live in Arabia? Did Noah fly on a winged horse like Muhammad, to go and collect the animals from all around the world? What about the species that we are unable to see without a microscope? How did Noah collect them? Most importantly in the research of earth-biology we have discovered all the facts about the earth and its past. Can anyone find in any book of earth-biology any evidence that proves that the earth was once over taken by water?

This was enough for me to realize that the Quran is just a book of fables.

People will show you facts that according to the Quran the sun sets in a pond, or that mountains are pegs that Allah installed on the earth to keep it from moving and I can go on and on, but the only flaw of the Quran is not what is in it. The biggest flaw of the Quran is what is not in it. There are many many crimes a person can commit, yet the Quran only mentions the punishments for only a mere 3 or 4 crimes. I was astonished at the fact that the Quran mentions nothing about the punishment for rape. The word rape is not even mentioned once in the Quran as if it is not worth bringing it up. Apparently Allah thought that it is worthwhile to repeat praying and paying alms to his prophet, over 1000 times but rape is not worth mentioning. When you read the Hadithes about the obvious rape of Safiyah the Jewish women by Muhammad and then you back it up with the verse (Q. 4:24) and you also realize that this is not considered a crime according to the Quran, it all starts to fold together and make sense.

There are an unlimited number of acts of kindness that we can use to help each other and make this world a better place for everyone, yet you do not see these in the Quran. How can the Quran be a perfect guidance from god when it lacks so many important issues?

What I have done for the last six months on the internet is debate with Muslims and try to show them the light of truth.

When you debate with a Muslim and they don't know what to say they always say "god is the author of the Quran because that's what it says in the Quran". It is absurd to prove something by itself. Sometimes when I hear these responses I feel like giving up on exposing the truth about Islam and religion, but then I realize that I would be abandoning my dear friends like Dr. Ali Sina and the many people who have given their lives for the truth.

Ali Z.






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