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From a Dutch Moroccan Apostate

Dear Ali Sina,  

I'm from the Netherlands . I left Islam and wanted to share my story with you and other apostates. Iím from Morocco and like many Moroccans I immigrated to Holland . I used to be a very passionate Muslim but a few years ago I began to question Islam.

Before it I had found many contradictions in the Quran, but I was blind and decided not to think about it.  

Then I met a Dutch woman and it was love at first sight. She was a feminist and strangely enough I agreed to tolerate it. But I loved her intelligence and her self-esteem. I didnít want to have four wives because I love only one woman. Soon I became a feminist myself! But I didnít leave Islam because my parents told that Islam was a pro-feminist religion (rubbish). Then my wife got pregnant. My father told me that I had to forbid her from working. But how could I? Sheís an independent human being. She didnít want to stop her career. Father said I was the head of the family and I could demand whatever I wanted from her. I said we were equal. He named me a fool. But I didnít leave Islam.  

Then my baby girl was born. My father said I didnít have to speak to my wife for some weeks. I was astonished. I looked at my baby girl and promised she would never suffer like other Muslimahs. She will be independent and self-sufficient like her mother. I left Islam the day my daughter was born.  

Soon afterwards Holland was astounded to hear the latest newsÖThe murder of Theo Van Gogh was the last straw. I knew, something like that was going to happen. If you knew what Imams are preaching in mosques across Holland , you would understand that there is nothing strange with killing of this poor director.  

I ran away with my wife and daughter and now we are hiding in The Hague .  

My wife earns more money than me, but Iím not belittled by it. She wants to have a career and I support her. We wonít have more children because sheís a busy woman and I donít want to make her a breeding machine. We have a nanny. I love my daughter and I am not disappointed by not having a son.  

I thought of becoming a Christian but then I decided to follow your motto. Now Iím a prophet myself  Iím probably even better than Mohammed. :)))))))  

P.S. I wanted to write some verses from Quran that made me question Islam but I have no time. You knowÖ a small daughter, wife and work :)  

If you, dear Mr. Sina, are a father or even have a daughter, you will understand why I decided to join your united forces against Muslims.  

Iím a bit nervous about writing this testimony because my own father wants to see me dead. But itís very important. The whole world needs to learn the truth about Islam.  







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