Leaving Islam




Collection of Essays 

The Roots of Muslim paranoia  2006/04/12

The tide may be turning. 2006/02/08

How to defeat Islamo-fascism 2005/12/30

Bring back that Old Time Religion 2005/08/10

The Left and Islam: 
Tweedledee and Tweedle dum

World War IV  Nov. 3, 2003

Islamic Human Rights? Aug. 16, 2003

Islam's acid rain  Jan. 17, 2003

Islam Warriors Looking For Saladin Dec. 7, 2002

The Mujahideen and the Samurai Nov. 3.,  2002

Islamic Banking Is Not Islamic Sep. 30, 2002

Once were warriors: Why Islam failed Muslims  Sep. 25, 2002

How Islam Failed Muslims Aug. 8,2002






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