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According to this religion, all poor people are good and all rich people are bad; all colored people are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors; all cultures are equally good except the Western culture that is exploitative. And of course morality is relative, and right and wrong must be redefined. These are all dogmas. Like the belief in jinns, these are logical fallacies and hocus-pocus. All these claims can be debunked. All cultures are not the same. How can a culture that subjugates women and castigates minorities be equal to one that promotes equality of rights and freedom of speech? It's stupid to say all cultures are equal. Cultures evolve and some of them are less evolved. Some cultures are not cultures at all but barbarities. Cultural relativism is a fallacy.  

Left has failed to become appealing. People show little interest in Marxist utopia. What is the problem? The problem is Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and virtually all religions. What is the solution? The solution is to get rid of religions. How? By destroying everything they stands for, including morality. In this way you can pave the road for the communist takeover. Islam is however the exception. Islam has always been used as a tool of domination throughout the history. Mirza Malkam Khan, a Muslim revivalist/reformist of the 19th century used to say: "Tell the Muslims something is in the Quran, and they will die for you. Malkam Khan was an Armenian who converted to Islam to use it for his political agenda. The cartoon row and the Quran in toilet episode showed the world that he was right. You can find anything in the Quran to support any agenda. This book is filled with contradictory statements. Since the masses of Muslims are ignorant of their religion, they can be stirred to any direction. The communists foolishly assume that they can tap into this Islamic ignorance and Muslims' proclivity for mass hysteria and use it to their own advantage. However, the reverse has always been the case. It is always the Muslims who have used the communists to come to power and once there, they have turned against them and slit their throat, both figuratively and literally. 

In Islamic countries, many leftists give an Islamic flavor to their political ideology. The Mujahedin-e Khalq in Iran is one example of that.  The leader of this faction (better call it cult) is as ruthless as Stalin. (Read about his atrocities and see what you get when you mix two evil ideologies)

The society can live without religion but it can't live without morality. We must not throw the baby with the bathwater. Judeo-Christianity has done a lot of harm, but it has done also a lot of good. It has given birth to the greatest civilization that mankind has ever known. Let us not be biased. This democracy that has brought to the world this much progress in the last couple of centuries, could not have been born in any other culture. Muslims are not even capable of embracing it even today. 

I admit that Judeo-Christianity has outlived its utility. But the problem is that by destroying its ethos the liberals only pave the road for the Islamic takeover. As long as we don't have an alternative source of morality, the harm caused by getting rid of all religions will outweigh any possible good.    

You say "Israel should withdraw from the territories, and shouldn't have occupied them in the first place, because it brought only trouble upon my country." It was not Israel who launched the six day war. Israel defended itself against the aggression of the Muslims, that attacked her from all directions.

Cannon muzzles of Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
 Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon drowning the Jews in the sea

The combined forces of Egypt, Syria,
Jordan and Lebanon (1967)

Cartoons showing how Arabs gloated about destroying Israel. Had they won the war, they would have "finished what Hitler left undone". Muslims have no mercy. Remember Beslan?


Whatever Israel captured in that self defense is legitimately hers. If Muslims can invade a country and claim it theirs, why Israel should not keep territories won in a war of self defense? The problems of Israel would not have been any less if it had not occupied these territories. Eight Arab countries attacked Israel before occupation. The reason there has not been other attacks on Israel since then is because they fear Israel. The problem of the Middle East has nothing to do with occupation. They have to do with the fact that Israelis are Jews. It is not about what they do, but who they are. Arabs have been killing one another and occupying each other's lands constantly and no one even thinks about that. That is the most natural thing since Islam started. 

I don't think unilateral withdrawing from the so called occupied territories is a good policy. Muslims should not receive any concessions unilaterally or they interpret it as the sign of weakness and become emboldened. They do not give concessions, they only demand them. Have you seen the signs saying "don't feed wiled animals"? Or "a fed bear is a dead bear"? It's because by feeding wild beasts, they don't become grateful but rather they come after you. If you want animals to respect you, you must make them fear you. The Muslims' brains work very much like that. There would be no peace unless Muslims fear us. We will go through the WWIII and billions would die for the world to see this truth. Political correctness is stupidity. People are not equals. If they believe in evil ideologies they become evil and do evil. Those who want to kill you should not have the same rights as those who want to live with you in peace and harmony.


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