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The problem with the Left 

By Ali Sina

Dearest Mr. Sina,

I'm really glad that I came across your website. It enlightened my view about Islam, and made me see things in a different perspective. As a person who not very long ago belonged to the side of the politically correct extreme left, I have managed to enlighten myself with a series of articles of various writers and columnists, whether Right or Left, liberals or conservatives. The truth about Muhammad I've finally accepted after reading your site. Thank you so much! Thank you! It makes me feel so much better! Enough political correctness! Time to call a spade a spade!

I live in Israel , which is currently in a struggle against that very satanic force of Islam which you speak so loudly against in your site. Not long ago, I believed that the terror attacks are a result of Israel 's policy in the territories. After reading a series of articles, I realized there is much more behind that, and that the extreme left simply twisted the facts, to make Israel look bad, regardless of the actions of the Palestinian side. Although I believe Israel should withdraw from the territories, and shouldn't have occupied them in the first place, because it brought only trouble upon my country, I believe the so called religion of Islam should be denounced in any non-violent way possible.

Today I've sent a link to your site to an extreme left person, with whom I've been corresponding online via PMs in a forum for a while now, and he stated that your site contains enough lies and falsifications to kill an elephant, and is probably, “propaganda of the American extreme-right". When I tried to explain him that your goal is not to monger hatred towards Muslims, but to save them from the clutches of the evil that possesses so many of them, he stated that exiles from Islamic countries (Like yourself) who escaped the clutches of the tyrannies are not reliable, because you might have fabricated everything in order to promote hate against the Muslims and classify them all as terrorist. When I explain him that the root of Islamic terrorism is Muhammad, whom
people like Ahmadinejad and Bin Laden want to imitate, he states that Muhammad's life has nothing to do with that, bringing up tu quoque arguments about Christians and Jews. I'm all hope I'll be able to enlighten that person about Islam, because the more people realize the dangers of that evil religion, the better it is for the sake of humanity. If you have any advice how I can enlighten that person, I will really appreciate it.

While I fully support your cause in persuading people to leave Islam, I don't think you should exclude people such as Irshad Manji as allies. Even though you argue that Islam cannot be modernized, and I already read why you think so, while she believes it can be, I think we should encourage any person (With the exception of people who monger racist hate against people just because they are Muslims, and incite to destroy them physically) in the world who speaks against the evils of Islam in order to make this world a better place. After all, yours and Manji's goals are the same: To set the Muslims free from the chains of the evil Sheikhs, Mullahs and Imams. This battle should be won non-violently, and with enough power, we will succeed!

I will greatly appreciate if you respond to my comment and publish it on your site for the world to see. I still have lots to discuss with you, so I'll write you more after your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Matt:  

Thank you for your letter. It is encouraging to see that even someone from the Left can see the light. This is however as rare as a Muslim seeing the truth. So, let us pat ourselves on the back because you and I are among the smart ones. 

Marxism is another sickness affecting mankind. In Iran during the time of Stalin era and after him, the leftists were treacherously supporting the Soviets and openly working against the interests of their own country. You won't believe that they organized a big commemoration when Stalin, that butcher of millions of Russians died. During the Islamic revolution of 1979, they completely supported the Islamists in their revolution and participated in their atrocities until they themselves were crushed by Khomeini. So the leftists are not only traitors they are also fools. Today they have sought refuge in the West particularly in the USA and are working against the West and are mortal enemies of America . This is mind boggling. Some of them claim to be anti Islamists but use the exact same rhetoric against the West that the Muslims use. In India the leftists are the ones who are supporting the Islamists and in Israel it is the leftists that undermine the interests of their own country, constantly criticizing Israel even siding with the terrorists.  

Why is that so? It's because Marxism does not recognize nationality. According to their twisted interpretation of history, all wars are economically driven and are fomented by the capitalists to sell arms. This is their childish definition of all human conflicts. Based on their utopia, the proletariats of all nations have common interests and won’t raise arms against one another. History proved them wrong. The Soviets and the Chinese were in a state of cold war for decades and during the WWI and WWII the European workers took arms against each other and killed one another. Despite the evidence that communism is a failed paradigm, leftists can’t give up their dogma easily.  To them this is a religion.

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